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Full Name: Connor Sloane
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: M. A. Rothman
Time Span: 2021 - 2021


Connor Sloane is an agent with the CIA.

For a while. More on that later.

We learn early on that Sloane is 35 years old - still getting used to the fact that he is not as young as he used to be, demonstrated by being addressed as "Mister". He kept himself in excellent shape but the knowledge that his best days physically might be behind him was never far from his mind.

Those best days had been in the U.S. military. Prior to joining the Agency, Sloane had served for nearly a decade in the Army's Special Forces, too many of them fighting in Afghanistan. When he decided his time in the Service had come to a proper end, Langley had extended an offer and he took it.

Their reasons for their interest are pretty obvious once a look at his history is taken. "Connor was fluent in Russian, Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, and a few other languages. His parents, who'd fled from Iran during the revolution, had spoken a number of languages at home, and Connor had picked up more languages while in the army." This skillset would be one of the main reasons for his quick advancement through the ranks.

Oddly, though, despite his notable career in Special Forces and his impressive combat skills, he was being used as an analyst, albeit one with the ability to pick up on little nuances in speech and tone when reviewing phone intercepts of suspected terrorist activity. It would be one particular message that would spark a major amount of interest by him and one that would prompt more research - all leading to his suddenly not just sitting a desk anymore. But when he does see action, it will not be for the CIA but for the Outfit.

Exactly what that organization is remains a bit of a mystery. Its operatives do make it a point to make sure it is not mistaken for any of the more commonly thought of intelligence agencies. The Outfit will make itself known to Sloane and his desire for action will kick in and he will make the transition.

Playing as much a role in the two adventures we have of Sloane, and a considerably more intensive one, is a fascinating woman named Anastasia "Annie" Brown, another operative for the Outfit and one with an impressive resume.

"She was only thirty, but her first professional kill had been well over a decade ago. Annie had earned a nickname over the years, and it had become her nom de guerre, her professional name: The Black Widow. It was also a frame of mind that she put herself into when business needed to be done. She'd slice the man's throat in a second, without giving it a moment's thought."


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2021

1 Patriot Patriot
Written by M. A. Rothman
Copyright: 2021

"Connor Sloane, a CIA operations officer, uncovers a plot against the homeland that dwarfs anything that had occurred on 9-11.
After confirming that terrorists have finally gotten their hands on a nuclear weapon, all of his attempts at getting someone to do something are actively thwarted.
Realizing that politics are at play, even at the highest levels of the intelligence community, Connor faces two choices: move on, or go to the press with everything he knows."
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2 The Death Speech The Death Speech
Written by M. A. Rothman
Copyright: 2021

"If it's actionable, we act." That's the motto of the clandestine government organization that Connor Sloane works for, and he's called into action when an assassin attempts to remove several of Europe's political leaders.
Things take an unexpected turn when the president's brother, a nuclear weapons expert, is reported missing somewhere in central Africa.
Connor's attention is split between two continents when intelligence comes in indicating that the attacks in Europe were only a practice run for the real target, the President of the United States."
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The author, M. A. Rothman, is a very versatile writer who has penned adventures in several genres. He has even blended genres on occasion, something that is hard to do right but he really pulls it off.

It has been a couple of years since these two Connor Sloane adventures came out and Mr. Rothman has moved on to other characters and series but I would not mind it if he revisited Sloane or, even better, if he gave supporting character Anastasia Brown her own adventures. Sloane is interesting. Brown is ... scary. And I really like 'scary' - as long as it's on the pages of a book.


My Grade: B+


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