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Full Name: Alex Reeve
Codename: Operative 66
Nationality: American
Organization: SC9
Occupation Agent

Creator: Andy McDermott
Time Span: 2020 - 2023


Alex Reeve is an agent with SC9.

That is the official designation for a department in the British intelligence community that does not exist. It is described simply as "an elite security service with a remit to neutralize the country's most dangerous enemies". "SC9 was the very tip of the nation's spear. Britain's enemies, at home and abroad, were not bound by the law. So neither were SC9's members - the Operatives. They fought fire with fire, taking any actions required, up to and including assassination. Such acts were necessary to protect the country".

Recruits are pulled from the various special operations groups that the military had such as SAS and SBS and then put through training that is even harsher and more demanding than its new would-be members ever imagined. Few make it as evidenced by the fact that though it had been around for more than a few years, Reeve's codename in the organization when he finished that horrific indoctrination was Operator 66.

That is not to say that there were 65 other agents out in the field. There were far fewer as many of those that came before him had died in the line of duty. The one absolute that each of the operatives were taught was that "the mission took priority. Always. That had been drummed into them from the start. Everything else, even their own lives, was secondary."

Reeve did not come into this world with that name. He started as Dominic Finch. "The son of a violent father - the man who murdered his mother. After his father was imprisoned, he was alone. He drifted through foster homes before eventually joining the army. That finally gave the young man a goal: to be the best. It was a goal he pursued arduously. And he succeeded. His single-minded focus, determination and skill drew the attention of the special forces. He was recruited into the elite Special Reconnaissance Regiment. His task: work undercover to protect the realm. He mostly operated alone, adopting new roles, new identities. Despite the danger, he'd enjoyed it. The more time he spent as someone else, the less he had to be himself".

When he was recruited by SC9, he chose a new identity, that of the Alex Reeve we meet - the one who would earn the designation Operator 66.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2023

1 Operative 66 Operative 66
Written by Andy McDermott
Copyright: 2020

"Alex Reeve is in the firing line. Accused of treason, Reeve is forced to flee as his team is instructed to eliminate the 'rogue asset' at any cost. Reeve must survive, alone and under the radar, with the full power of the state arrayed against him. He doesn't know why he's a target. Or who betrayed him. But if one man has the skills necessary to uncover the is Operative 66."
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2 Rogue Asset Rogue Asset
Written by Andy McDermott
Copyright: 2021

"Falsely accused of treason, Reeve was condemned to live in the shadows as the merciless killers he once trained alongside were ordered to terminate the 'rogue asset'. But tricked into revealing himself, Reeve is dragged into a deadly international conspiracy involving the British state, shadowy Russian agents... and his own father, a violent murderer newly released from prison."
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3 Ghost Target Ghost Target
Written by Andy McDermott
Copyright: 2023

"For a chance of a normal life, Reeve must expose and dismantle the sinister SC9. So when a series of brutal killings in Germany have all the hallmarks of an SC9 tactic - the murder of 'ghost targets', decoys to camouflage the true intended victim - Reeve finally sees opportunity for revenge.
Sucked into shadowy conspiracy involving dark global powers, Reeve will risk his life to save others - and to secure his freedom. But if there's one man with the skills to do so... it is Operative 66."
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I became a fan of author Andy McDermott with his exciting and always interesting series about archaeologist Nina Wilde and her bodyguard turned boy friend turned husband, ex-SAS operative Eddie Chase. I keep waffling as to whether to invite the pair to join the compendium. As of this writing, I have not made the move but considering how much I have enjoyed those tales over the years, who knows.

The difference between those exciting tales and these exciting stories about Operative 66 are quite extensive and yet without a doubt the skills of the author stay in plain sight. These Alex Reeve escapades are fun.


My Grade: B+


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