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Full Name: Eden Klein
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Linn Strang
Time Span: 2022 - 2023


Eden Klein is an agent with MI6.

When we first encounter her, being an operative for anything would seem out of the question. She showed then a distinct lack of ability or desire to leave her home and when she did it seemed to just be to feed the feral cats living in the area. She not only provided tasty morsels on a near daily basis, she talked to them and it looked like they were actually communicating.

Over a bit of time of following her we observe her slowly leaving the confines of her home and gradually extend her area of operations, each time feeling relief to return to home's security, even if it meant looking at the gorgeous piano whose keys she refused to touch.

Eventually, of course, we will come to know about this very attractive woman, likely in her mid-30s who had at one time two separate and challenging careers. She had been a rising star in the concert halls of the world renowned for her skills with the ivory keys and welcomed to do performances all over the world.

This helped provide an excuse for her to be in different places without drawing any suspicion - being there for reasons other than music, provided to her by MI6 in cooperation with the Israeli Intelligence community.

Eden holds British and Israeli citizenship. Her English father was Jewish though he was very secular in his actions. Her mother was of German descent but whose family had moved to Israel long before it became a country. Though Eden felt her whole life neither really English nor Israeli, she makes her home in Jerusalem and loves it.

Her classical music aspect of her life comes from a life-time to loving it and from having extraordinary skills at the piano. Her intelligence aspect comes from her required time in the IDF where she worked in Military Intelligence Directorate and showed impressive abilities there. So it was that she came to work two jobs.

It was on a joint task force assignment six years earlier that a horrible car accident left her severely injured with her hands taking particular punishment. She would withdraw from literally everything to become virtually a shut-in cat lady; barring only the facts that the cats did not live with her and that she could, little by little, actually leave the house.

This will change and she will eventually return to somewhat the person she once was.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2022
Last Appearance:2023

1 Crack of Dawn Crack of Dawn
Written by Linn Strang
Copyright: 2022

Subtitled: An Eden Klein Short Story Collection.
This is indeed a series of short stories but which work from the beginning to tell the whole story of who Eden Klein is and how she returned slowly to the intelligence work what she once did for British Intelligence.
Note: I have chosen to treat this as a book and not a collection as each story builds on the previous one. Each story is, though, pretty fascination.
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2 Shadow Asset Shadow Asset
Written by Linn Strang
Copyright: 2023

"When Eden Klein heads to Vienna on a mysterious assignment she has no idea what mayhem awaits her. The enemy weaves a sticky web of deception that fools law enforcement and Eden quickly runs out of both time and options.
Can Eden keep herself and her friends alive when events spiral out of control?"
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I loved the beginning of this series as the author had me intrigued albeit stumped by the fact that the main character - the star of the storyline - had so much trepidation just leaving her house. That left me wondering how anything was going to happen and yet, all the while nothing was going on, I was mesmerized.

Once things did start to occur and Eden Klein did begin to regain some of her old self, I was already routing for her and that made her emergence all the more appreciated. I hope that the author, Linn Strang, will give us more time to spend with Ms. Klein.


My Grade: B+


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