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Full Name: Sam Harper
Nationality: American
Organization: U.S. Army
Occupation Military - Officer

Creator: Thomas Sewell
Time Span: 2019 - 2021


Sam Harper is an officer in the U.S Army.

He's a proud member of the elite Army Rangers.

He is definitely not a spy and does not want to be and if given a choice would almost certainly bow out of anything remotely related to the sort of activities he now routinely gets himself volunteered for. Volunteered, you see, by Michelle. [Note: no doubt Michelle has a last name but nowhere in any of the recounts of his adventures do I find it.]

Who exactly is this powerful Michelle who has such control over him? Well, at times he refers to her as a friend but other times, and far more often, he says she is his ex-girlfriend. If we take that latter on face value, it would seem that she and he are no longer an item but the influence she has over him is pretty impressive. And she does not do it through wheedling really so much as just gentle, subtle but effective persuasion.

And why does this Michelle want to get him involved in all the clandestine activities that we watch the two of them risking their necks in? Just her being an old acquaintance from his high school days would not be enough. Did I mention she is an agent with the CIA?

Harper is first and foremost an electrical and mechanical engineer and a darn good one at building interesting doo-dads. He got to college and became an officer via ROTC but would have likely served as an engineer instead of the Rangers except that Michelle wanted him to work with her on a little project she and the Agency had going in Korea (North, wouldn't you know) and to do that he had to be with the Ranger Military Intelligence Platoon so that meant he had to become a Ranger. It was tough but so was he (except for dealing with Michelle, apparently).

And that is how a smart surfing-loving 1LT Sam Harper gets involved in a lot of CIA activities.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2021

1 Techno Ranger Techno Ranger
Written by Thomas Sewell
Copyright: 2020

"1LT Sam Harper, surfing engineer, tries to fit in on his new job. He'll risk everything to prevent mass destruction.
Sam's intelligence analysts identify security vulnerabilities in a government lab in Seoul, causing the locals to lose face and their patience with him.
Meanwhile, his CIA ex-girlfriend complicates his life with her spy priorities.
A desperate North Korean general sends a naive Special Forces lieutenant and his team across the DMZ to steal nuclear materials technology."
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2 Covert Commando Covert Commando
Written by Thomas Sewell
Copyright: 2020

"After the events in Techno Ranger , 1LT Sam Harper and CPT Schnier's Ranger Recon Platoon gets sucked into a sniper shoot-out in the government sector of Manila.
Where they aren't supposed to be operating.
Michelle is around to complicate their lives with CIA shenanigans, but it's when Schnier runs into his own ex-girlfriend that everything becomes infinitely more complicated. Terrorist and military threats to the Philippines turn personal for everyone."
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3 Terrorist Interrogator Terrorist Interrogator
Written by Thomas Sewell
Copyright: 2021

"What really happened to Sam's parents?
After the events in Covert Commando, Sam Harper and his CIA ex-GF Michelle are ordered to join a newly formed task force. As part of the deal, Sam receives access to the CIA's codeword-only file on his parent's death in a terrorist bombing.
What they learn drives them underground and on the run in a thrilling battle against old enemies and newly discovered traitors."
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Ranger Selection Ranger Selection
Written by Thomas Sewell
Copyright: 2019

"Lieutenant Harper, surfing Army Engineer, must pass the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program (RASP). He's promised Michelle, his ex-girlfriend CIA Officer, to be one of the few selected for the coveted 75th Regimental scroll. She's recruited him to back her up by commanding a Military Intelligence platoon in Korea, but he has to be selected as a Ranger first. "


Okay, with friends like Michele, who needs enemies? I mean an old girlfriend asks you if you want to go, oh, maybe hiking, sure. Or maybe something a lot more adventurous and potentially dangerous like mountain climbing or cave crawling. Who know, maybe you say yes. I wouldn't but maybe you would. 

But to say, hey, I could use a bit of help in this sneak into North Korea and do these very illegal and highly dangerous things. You up for it? I would blanche and back away swiftly. Sam Harper, however, says, sure, why not? And since I need to be better prepared, I take Army Ranger training.

One thing for certain. I am NOT like Harper.

I did enjoy reading about him, though.


My Grade: B+


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