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Full Name: Florence Fairweather
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Russell Cooper
Time Span: 2021 - 2022


Florence Fairweather is an agent with British Intelligence.

She is already a part of the clandestine service during the still early days of the Second World War - January of 1940, to be exact. War had been declared on Germany by Britain and France three months before but hostilities had not yet erupted; the press often referred to it being a 'phony war'. While some still believe the Chamberlain approach of appeasement was the right way to go, Churchill led what many called the 'war-hawks' who were certain there was only one way to stop Hitler.

A close friend to Churchill and someone already putting in considerable time studying the matter, Fairweather very much shares his beliefs, as does her beloved older husband, Sir Henry, a contemporary of Churchill and the man running British Military Intelligence - although as Churchill points out, it is Florence who starts running things when she comes up with a plan she believes in.

She is an accomplished pilot with many years of training and practice and we watch her fly a Spitfire from France back home to England and Sir Henry in a nasty snowstorm. She is well aware of the problems with those conditions but she is often secure in her abilities. This is a trait she will demonstrate many times in the course of her adventures.

Her reason for being in France during those conditions shows she is already no stranger to playing a personal role in the covert world; she had flown across the Channel in the first place to deliver an important, confidential package on behalf of Churchill. And it is she who will voluntarily "forge a team of female spies and turn them into a fighting force".

Fairweather is a tad over 40 years old, based on the fact she mentions the loss of her first husband during WW1 with her being 18 at the time of the short marriage and his death coming 23 years before the current events. She would remarry to Sir Henry after she allowed herself a decent time to mourn. It will be through her backing him and guiding him that he will rise in influence and authority but now with her country at war, she steps forward.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2022

1 Milton Park Milton Park
Written by Russell Cooper
Copyright: 2021

"In a spy-versus-spy thrilling high-stakes chase, Florence faces the impossible to outsmart Germany’s most brutal agent. It's New Year’s Day 1940, and snow-covered Europe is in the grip of a harsh winter. A German spy, whose face is bandaged from reconstructive surgery, parachutes into southern England to impersonate the one man who holds the key to Britain winning the war. Only Florence can stop him, but her deadliest rival is the one enemy she cannot see."
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2 Aubrey Hall Aubrey Hall
Written by Russell Cooper
Copyright: 2022

"The one man who can save Britain from annihilation is held captive in a prisoner of war camp. In the summer of 1940, the war is on a knife-edge. In a world away, a small island has been ravaged with a chemically enhanced strain of the plague. A young boy’s body proves to be the only evidence of this unspeakable Nazi experiment. Archibald Hamilton-Spraggs, Britain’s leading virologist, has been taken prisoner in Germany. Florence and her team face impossible odds to break him out and return him to his lab to create an antidote."
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3 Red Cottage Red Cottage
Written by Russell Cooper
Copyright: 2022

"Chartwell, England 1940: An assassin, a sleeper spy, and a scientist must be found at any cost. Lily, Germany’s most lethal wartime assassin, targets British radar engineers to make way for an imminent firebomb attack on central London.
Meanwhile, Britain’s sleeper spy in Berlin reveals a plot to steal Winston Churchill’s painting to hang on Hitler’s wall. Can Florence stop the assassin, the sleeper spy, and the scientist who are determined to destroy London and eliminate Britain from the war?"
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The older I get the more I enjoy reading about older operatives. Mind you, I still love reading (and viewing) stories where the people are fit enough to do all sorts of exciting and often unlikely stuff. But the occasional foray into the lives of people who are not quite so young and immortal is fun.

Fairweather is not exactly in her dotage yet but she can probably see it on the horizon, especially when she is piloting one of her airplanes. That seasoned quality makes her especially fun to follow and I hope the author, Russell Cooper, gives us more opportunity to tag along with her on her next excursion.


My Grade: A-


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