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Full Name: Harry Tasker and Helen Tasker
Nationality: American
Organization: Omega Sector
Occupation Agent

Creator: James Cameron, Matt Nix
Time Span: 1991 - 2023


Harry and Helen Tasker are agents with Omega Sector.

That is a top-secret American intelligence agency which operates out of a computer hardware manufactoring and sales company. Most of the employees of that corporation have no idea at all that in special sections of their large office building, the clandestine activities of the true organization take place. Omega Sector is run by a no-nonsense, very hard-to-please female Director named Spencer Trilby.

When we first meet them, Harry is a very experienced and quite capable operative and has been for nearly two decades. He is part of a honed team and is decidedly the leader, able to plan meticulous missions and then improvised on the spot when things go wrong as they always do in any intricate operation. A few years after he started with Omega Sector, he met and fell in love with Helen; they married and soon gave birth to a daughter named Dana and then a son named Jake.

Since all that Harry does is classified and his cover identity as a computer salesman had already been long established, he has continued the deception throughout their marriage. His frequent absences to go on missions around the world are explained to Helen and family as client visits and seminars and trade shows and the like.

These trips have put a strain on the marriage as Helen craves a lot more excitement in her marriage than just her job as a language teacher and raising two now teenagers large on her own. She puts some spark into it with becoming very skilled in a lot of different languages and in becoming highly proficient in martial arts. One word repeatedly used for her in various blurbs about their lives is 'unfulfilled'. Harry is always bringing her guide books for far off places she would love to see but never does because there is always one more mission/trade show for Harry to have to go to.

At least up until Helen learns the truth about Harry and Omega Sector sees how good she is at those languages and kicking butt and suddenly the two become a team.


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:1994
Last Appearance:1994

1 True Lies True Lies
Written by Dewey Gram, Duane Dell'Amico
Copyright: 1994

Novelization of the movie. Follows the same plots as the film.


Number of Movies:2
First Appearance:1991
Last Appearance:1994

The highly successful English-language film that starred Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Swartzenneger was based on a French film from three years earlier. Both are mentioned below.

1 La Totale! La Totale!
Director: Claude Zidi
Writers: Simon Michael, Claude Zidi, Didier Kaminka
Actors: Thierry Lhermitte as Francois Voisin, Miou-Miou as Helene Voisin, Eddy Mitchell as Albert Grelleau, Michel Boujenah as Simon
Released: 1991

A secret agent uses his professional skills for tracking his family, and faces the unexpected consequences.

2 True Lies True Lies
Director: James Cameron
Writer: James Cameron
Actors: Arnold Schwarzenegger as Harry Tasker, Jamie Lee Curtis as Helen Tasker, Eliza Dushku as Dana Tasker, Tom Arnold as 'Gib' Gibson, Tia Carrere as Juno Skinner, Art Malid as Salim Abu Aziz
Released: 1994

Harry Tasker is an agent with Omega Sector but is believed by his wife, Helen, and teen daughter, Dana, to be a boring computer salesman always on the road. The truth comes out and a terrorist gang, Crimson Jihad, kidnap all three. Harry must let Helen know the truth about his lies and get her to help him stop Crimson Jihad from exploding a nuclear bomb in Miami.


Number of Episodes:5
First Appearance:2023
Last Appearance:2023

Steve HoweyHarry Tasker [ 1 ]
Ginger GonzagaHelen Tasker [ 1 ]
Annabella DidionDana Tasker [ 1 ]
Omar Miller'Gib' Gibson [ 1 ]
Beverly D'AngeloCaptain Spencer Trilby [ 1 ]

Just shy of three decades after the smash hit movie True Lies hit the big screen starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis, a revised television series about the Taskers is presented on the small screen via the CBS network.

The general concept is the same in that Harry Tasker has been a spy which is discovered by wife Helen and she is pushed into joining him in working for Omega Sector.

1 Pilot
Episode 1-1, first aired 03/01/2023
Director: Anthony Hemingway
Writers: Claude Zidi, Didier Kaminka, Simon Michael

"Helen makes the shocking discovery that her seemingly ordinary husband is leading an extraordinary double life."

2 Public Secrets
Episode 1-2, first aired 03/08/2023
Director: Unknown
Writer: Unknown

"Helen goes under cover with Harry and the team at an academic conference in Madrid to stop a bioweapon terrorist attack."

3 Separate Pairs
Episode 1-3, first aired TBD
Director: Unknown
Writer: Unknown

"Henry and Helen go undercover as billionaires when the Omega Sector team gets an opportunity to bring down a weapons dealer. Helen struggles to separate her home and new work life."

4 Rival Companions
Episode 1-4, first aired TBD
Director: Unknown
Writer: Unknown

[plot unknown]

5 Unrelated Parents
Episode 1-5, first aired TBD
Director: Unknown
Writer: Unknown

[plot unknown]


Number of Games:1
First Appearance:1994
Last Appearance:1994

1 True Lies True Lies
Game Type: video game
Published by: Acclaim Entertainment
Copyright: 1994

Developed by Beam Software. Four different versions of the game were released for the SNES, Genesis, Game Gear, and Game Boy. The portable versions were significantly different that the two console versions.
According to Wikipedia: "The player controls Harry Tasker, who is tasked with the duty of foiling the terrorist plot of Salim Abu Aziz. Each stage has a particular series of goals that the player must fulfill before reaching the stage's goal. Harry's abilities include the ability to keep his aim steady at one direction while shooting and a diving shoulder roll move that allows him to avoid enemy fire. The player has a health gauge and a limited number of lives, with power-ups available that restore health. In addition to enemies, there are also civilians that the player must not harm during shoot-outs. If the player kills three civilians in the same stage, he will be forced to restart the current stage at the cost of one life."


I wanted the television series taken from the awesome movie to be good. I really, really did. I loved the movie Tasker family and I started out liking the television Tasker family. Then I - sigh! - changed my mind.

In the TV episodes, Helen was way too nice way too often and Harry was a terrific agent but not a good agent-partner with his wife. And what about the daughter? When was she getting involved?

The television version did not last long and IMHO it did not deserve to. The book novelization and the movie, though, are still around to enjoy.

The movie deserves an A. The TV episodes a B at best. B+ is what the overall series landed on.


My Grade: B+


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