Full Name: Emma Hill and Charlie Nicoletti
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Julia Cohen
Time Span: 2023 - 2023


Charlie Nicoletti is a con-man. Emma Hill is an agent for the CIA.

Together they make up the lead pair of The Company You Keep.

First a bit about Emma Hill since she is the spy which qualifies this series for membership in this compendium. She is an operative with the Agency and has been for some time although she has been very quiet about her true occupation with her family, knowing it would definitely become an issue. Her efforts to conceal it will finally falter during the first couple recorded adventures and this will become troublesome considering her brother is a sitting U.S. Senator who is running for reelection and needs all his family to help out. Meanwhile Hill is just learning that her significant other has been cheating on her for some time.

Regarding Charlie Nicoletti, he is the most active of a family of con-artists. His father, Leo, and mother, Fran, were fraudsters for quite a few years and taught Charlie and his older sister, Birdie, the trade when they were quite young. Birdie runs the bar they all own together when she is not helping with a con. Charlie is engaged and his fiancée is one of the team but during a particularly impressive con against a major mobster, one which will let them all retire from the scam business, the fiancée goes on the lam with the money, which is bad, and then the mobster's impressive lawyer/operations leader, Daphne Finch, comes calling wanting the money back plus a penalty of $5m.

Hill and Nicoletti will find their lives intertwined when they meet in a bar, both dealing with the perfidy of their former partners. They hit it off and end up spending three glorious days in a hotel room. Neither intended the other to ever learn the truth of their occupations.

Unfortunately, their professional worlds will very definitely collide with their personal ones.


Number of Episodes:3
First Appearance:2023
Last Appearance:2023

Milo VentimigliaCharlie Nicoletti [ 1 ]
Catherine Haena KimEmma Hill [ 1 ]
Sarah Wayne CalliesBirdie Nicoletti [ 1 ]
Polly DraperFran Nicoletti [ 1 ]
William FichtnerLeo Nicoletti [ 1 ]

This show, created by Julia Cohen, was based on a South Korean television adventure series called My Fellow Citizens, with some important differences.

In that light-hearted drama according to Wikipedia, the male character, Yang Jung-kook, is "a skilled fraudster who is the third-generation of a family of con artists. He gets involved with a loan shark in order to earn big sum of money for his marriage, only to get scammed by his ex-girlfriend who runs off with the marriage funds." Kim Mi-young is "a police detective who catches her ex-boyfriend cheating on her, but fatefully meets Jung-kook. The two become close and soon begin dating. She chooses to lie about her job to keep their relationship and finally decides to confess her true life to Jung-kook on their wedding day".

The big difference between the two shows is that in the Korean version, the daughter of a major crimeboss who dies of a heart attack shortly after Yang cons him, tracks Yang down and gives him the choice of dying painfully or running for a seat in the National Assembly, with her pulling the strings.

1 Pilot
Episode 1-1, first aired 02/19/2023
Director: Ben Younger
Writer: Julia Cohen

The Nicoletti con family, led by Charlie, rip off a major arms dealer for $10m but Charlie's fiancee, takes off with the money. Emma Hill is a CIA agent just learning that her significant other is having an affair. Emma and Charlie meet in a bar and immediately hit it off. Soon their two lives, of which the other knows nothing will collide but turn scary when the enforcer for the conned man learns of their identity.

2 A Sparkling Reputation
Episode 1-2, first aired 02/26/2023
Director: Kevin Mock
Writers: Julia Cohen, Phil Klemmer

To start getting the money to reimburse the syndicate, the Nicolettis target a valuable necklace being auctioned. Emma Hill has family issues when her brother, a US Senator running for reelection, asks for all family members to help with his campaign, causing trouble for Emma because of her very low-profile occupation.

3 Against All Odds
Episode 1-3, first aired 03/05/2023
Director: David Straiton
Writers: Morgan Faust, Johnny Richardson

[plot unknown]

4 All In
Episode 1-4, first aired 03/19/2023
Director: Unknown
Writer: Unknown

[plot unknown]

5 The Spy Who Loved Me
Episode 1-5, first aired 03/26/2023
Director: Unknown
Writer: Unknown

[plot unknown]


This show did not survive for a second season and I am likely at fault. Okay, I do not have that sort of pull anywhere but it seems over the last, well, forever, that if I like a new series on television, it is as good as gone.

And I did like this one. I liked the con artist family and I liked the CIA agent and I even liked the chief bad lady who was turning out to be, well, still bad but maybe not as bad as her family members.

The cons that were pulled were a bit elaborate and a whole lot of fun. The spy business part was sort of subdued - it could have just as well been FBI - but the agent was super cool. And the main bad guys - the really bad ones - were deliciously bad.

Oh well. At least I had one season.


My Grade: A-


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