Full Name: Jonathan Vance, Amanda Webb, Marcus Miller
Nationality: American, British
Organization: Unnamed Agency
Occupation Agency

Creator: Evan Katz
Time Span: 1998 - 1998


The 'Three' are agents of an unnamed agency.

Unnamed because officially it does not exist. It is not even fully governmental, as the enigmatic and a tad pompous individual who represents this organization will tell the Three upon their first meeting. It is a mutual first for all of them from just as they had never met or known of that individual, mysteriously only referred to as 'The Man', they had also never heard of each other before they were 'invited' to the inaugural meet-and-greet.

The term "Three" is used to denote the trio as one because just like the organization for which they will be pressed into service, they have no name for their union. Being each very independent people, they would not have wanted a name anyways. Each of these people are approached in fairly compromising conditions legally speaking and handed invitations to that meeting with the implied understanding that failure to appear would be very bad.

The 'Three' are, in no particular order (description provided by The Man):

Jonathan Vance - "born to an American father and British mother; a ladies' man, bungee jumper, rock climber and most important, high end art and jewel thief." Vance is a tall, slender white male with very long curly light brown hair, handsome and around 35 years old.
Amanda Webb - "orphaned at a young age, raised mostly in the streets, a master of the martial arts and the short con, your victims - always men, always left in ruins, financially and emotionally." She is a slender quite athletic white female with very short blonde hair, very attractive and alluring and in her late 20s.
Marcus Miller - aka 'The Candy Man',  "the man who changed the CIA's webpage to read the Central Stupidity Agency, a hacker Robin Hood who uses his computer to steal from the rich to give to the poor." He is a medium height black male with short dreadlocks, virile looking (especially for a computer hacker) about 30 years old.

All the above is recounted by 'The Man' who found proof of enough crimes of each of the three to force their participation in his endeavor. He tells them that "I represent a mix of government and business interest - at higher levels there is no difference. We help quietly when no other agencies can or will intervene to maintain the status quo. What's best for the country usually coincides with what's best for the wealthy and powerful". When pressed what any of that had to do with the three of them, he stated, "You are each the best at what you do. Our simulations have determined that together you form the perfect team to help us a problem".

He then goes on to let them know that should they decide to not help in that problem, that proof would be turned over to the proper authorities. When Miller points out that amounted to blackmail, The Man happily replied, "Absolutely!" He would add that the deal would be an all-or-nothing; should any of the three decline, all would pay the price.

With great reluctance and virtually no friendliness towards each other, the Three agree. That problem that they were brought to help solve would not be the end of their usefulness to The Man.

Good Lines:
- When Amanda promises she will work with the other two, saying she gives her word, Marcus chuckles and points out, "You're a con artist. You lie to people for a living".


Number of Episodes:13
First Appearance:1998
Last Appearance:1998

Edward AttertonJonathan Vance [ 1 ]
Julie BowenAmanda Webb [ 1 ]
Bumper RobinsonMarcus Miller [ 1 ]
David WarnerThe Man [ 1 ]

Said to be It Takes A Thief meets an adult Mod Squad, this show aired on the WB network but not for long, being pulled before the final episodes of the one and only season were aired.

1 You Are Cordially Required
Episode S1-1, first aired 02/02/1998
Director: Michael Katleman
Writer: Evan Katz

"A famous jewel thief (David McCallum) steals a diamond from a museum."

2 Hope
Episode S1-2, first aired 02/09/1998
Director: Lee Bonner
Writer: Tracey Stern

"A famous jewel thief steals a diamond from a museum."

3 Blink of an Eye
Episode S1-3, first aired 02/16/1998
Director: Allen Coulter
Writers: Tracey Stern , Clifton Campbell

An experimental device proves tempting for Jonathan, Amanda and Marcus.

4 Like Felon, Like Daughter
Episode S1-4, first aired 02/23/1998
Director: Robert Ginty
Writer: Tom Ropelewski

The gang attempts to locate stolen goods.

5 Avatar
Episode S1-5, first aired 03/02/1998
Director: Oscar Costo
Writer: Scott Smith

An elusive genius plans a nuclear strike in some U.S. city.

6 The Item
Episode S1-6, first aired 03/09/1998
Director: Oscar Costo
Writers: Tom Ropelewski , Scott Smith , Tracey Stern

The gang tries to retrieve a secret catastrophic device.

7 Buyer Beware
Episode S1-7, first aired 03/16/1998
Director: John Kretchmer
Writer: Scott Smith

An arms dealer hijacks a shipment of experimental weapons.

8 The Games
Episode S1-8, first aired 03/23/1998
Director: John McPherson
Writer: Tracey Stern

Jonathan hunts for a missing multimillionaire who has been recruited for a high-stakes game using humans as game pieces.

9 You Must Remember This
Episode S1-9, Unaired
Director: Michael Katleman
Writer: Wendy West

[plot unknown]

10 Now You See It
Episode S1-10, Unaired
Director: Jorge Montesi
Writer: Scott Smith

[plot unknown]

11 Break Out
Episode S1-11, Unaired
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Writer: Javier Grillo-Marxuach

[plot unknown]

12 Emerald City
Episode S1-12, Unaired
Director: Jorge Montesi
Writer: Javier Grillo-Marxuach

[plot unknown]

13 Uncontrolled Urge
Episode S1-13, Unaired
Director: Lee Bonner
Writers: Tom Ropelewski, Tracey Stern, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Wendy West

[plot unknown]


When this series came out, the computer game company my wife and I were running was growing and we were super busy and I remember watching one or two of the episodes and then not being able to watch any more. Apparently I was not alone in that because not too many actually got aired and then the series was gone.

Now I have a much slower life and would love to be able to see what I missed but finding these has been a challenge. I especially would love to see more of the Amanda Webb character because not only is she very interesting, she is portrayed by the always fun to watch Julie Bowen. No reason better than that!


My Grade: B


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