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Full Name: Harper Cambridge
Series Name: The Genesis Files
Nationality: American
Organization: Genesis
Occupation Other - Student

Creator: Bonnie Synclaire
Time Span: 2018 - 2018


Harper Cambridge is an agent with Genesis.

Well, she will become one soon after our introduction to her - which itself will come not long after she learns about Genesis in the first place. When she is finally informed about it, she is told it is an FBI project that "recruits and trains the most elite spies, undercover cops, agents, and assassins in the country" and it is so hush-hush that "the President doesn't know it exists".

When we meet her for the first time, she and her twin sister Joanna ('Jo') are 16 years old and deeply concerned about the disappearance of their only parent, their mother, who disappeared four days before. While Jo is anxious to call the police to report her missing, Harper is adamant in her refusal: "No police, you know that". That statement gives a good inkling into the mystery that surrounds this family. The girls' only other family relative they have is their aunt, Veronica, and "even she is reserved and mysterious and won't tell us a thing about our family".

Harper gets her first introduction to existence of 'the Genesis Project' when a handwritten note is left on her doorstep with a cryptic warning the this mysterious project was in danger "and so are you, your sister, and your mother. Your family's past has caught up with us all and none of us will be able to escale what is about to happen". The note warns her "do not trust anyone after reading my letter. If you do, I cannot guarantee your survival in this. Nor my own".

The Cambridge sisters are in a quandry when this unfortunate set of events take place and in no condition to be abandoned. Harper is not old enough to legally drive and Jo suffers badly from multiple sclerosis which is escalating again. They have lived a very sheltered life so far and Harper realizes that she has no idea what it is that her mother did for a living. The mysteries will just get adding up.

Now it is time to introduce Skye. This young lady is also 16 years old but unlike the Cambridge girls, she has no parent. She was living in an orphanage when Genesis came to the facility when she was 13 and pulled her and several others out to go into specialized training. Her specialty was slated to be that of assassin and she has been given a good deal of training over the past 3 years to make her a formidable weapon. Then she broke free.

So now we have Skye and a mystery man known simply as 'D' joining up with Harper to go up against Genesis who may or may not be bad guys after all. Genesis is being challenged as well by a successor organization named Scorpion which may or may not be even worse.

It is all a bit confusing.

But Skye is fun to follow.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2018

1 Rogue Rogue
Written by Bonnie Synclaire
Copyright: 2018

"Twins Harper and Joanna Cambridge don't know Genesis: their family's FBI project with a shameful past. In fact, they don't know their family at all, only their mother, who is quiet, paranoid, and won't tell them anything. But when the twins' mother disappears one day, Harper knows that some things just aren't adding up. She quickly learns that she and her sister have been kept from the family business of espionage, and she must uncover a life's worth of secrets in order to piece together her mother's sudden vanishment. But finding her mother will come at a cost."
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2 Incognito Incognito
Written by Bonnie Synclaire
Copyright: 2018

"Harper learned her first lesson of espionage the hard way: trust no one. After a shocking betrayal and abandonment from D, Harper and Skye are stranded hundreds of miles from home. Joanna is now being held captive by Scorpion, and if she doesn't get medical attention soon...Harper doesn't want to think about what will happen."
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I closed the About The Series section stating the two books are "a bit confusing" which is true but that could just have been me - it often is. I also say that "Sky is fun to follow" and I definitely stand by that. She is a hoot - not that she is amusing, just highly enjoyable.

I doubt we will see any more in this series and I find that unfortunate because it is highly enjoyable and well worth the few hours each adventure takes to read. And who knows, maybe the author will read these thoughts and decide, what the heck, let's do some more!


My Grade: B+


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