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Full Name: Jane Knight
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Leon M. A. Edwards
Time Span: 2018 - 2021


Jane Knight is an agent with British Intelligence.

There is no department name to the agency she works for because at the time she starts her current employment, it has no name. It does not really even exist, yet. It is a dream project of two experienced intelligence spymasters, Mary Johnson of MI5 and Miles Stones of MI6; the dream being a small group whose mission would be "to gather information and evidence of companies supporting terrorism, so interested governments around the world, including the UK, can act upon the data."

Operatives for this proposed bureau would "have some form of training in defending themselves, in how to avoid being captured and how to escape. The civil servant field agents will be given numerous identification tags, so they can enter various business offices and manufacturing plants to gather photographic evidence and any soft copies on [USBs]."

When they present their idea to the Foreign Minister, he is less than skeptical and insists on a proof-of-concept. It then falls on Miles to take the initiative to pick one person to be the first unofficial agent for this as yet non-existing department. That person will be Jane Knight.

Knight is 33 years old when we first meet her. She is employed by a company specializing in tax and forensic accounting; her position there being a worker-bee making use of her degree in Accounting. Her work there had been exceptional but owing to her very timid demeanor and decidedly low self-esteem, she had not yet demonstrated the fact that she is a genius when it comes to numbers.

She had "a slim face and nose with light visible freckles on her cheeks, chin and forehead". She wears her hair in a ponytail most of the time and virtually never wears makeup because she had been learned how to apply it.

If you were to picture a female operative, you might come close in some areas to Knight - she is a very attractive blonde-haired woman with an hourglass figure - and far in other areas - she is quite short (4'10") and consistently dressed in conservative apparel. 

And more unusual for a would-be agent is, as she tells it, "I am a very introverted, timid and shy person in front of strangers and work colleagues that I do not know very well. I can also be very intimidated by strong characters, but I am not scared of them". Having been bullied mercilessly from ages 6 to 16, including not-infrequent physical abuse, by three fellow schoolgirls, she suffers from depression on a regular basis and often has thoughts of suicide.

This will make for some very unusual missions.


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2021

1 Rogue Officer Rogue Officer
Written by Leon M. A. Edwards
Copyright: 2018

"Tasked with untangling the details behind the Salisbury chemical-weapon attack, Jane soon uncovers traces of a far-reaching criminal conspiracy. But as she and her ex-MI6 partner follow the clues towards their source, they awaken a vengeful foe. Can timid Jane take charge of her new identity in time to avoid becoming the next victim?"
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1 Fair Game Fair Game
Written by Leon M. A. Edwards
Copyright: 2018

"When MI6 request her personally to track down a prisoner, she goes on a dangerous mission to find her. Teaming up with a suave agent, they go after a ruthless woman. The game is on, but are they getting a fair chance? However, she fears her suicidal tendency will impede her job. Can Jane stop her dark thoughts from surfacing to carry out her assignment? Will it be a fair game to stop VIPs from being slaughtered?"
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3 A Spy Among Us A Spy Among Us
Written by Leon M. A. Edwards
Copyright: 2021

"Tasked with finding a politician’s daughter, Jane soon uncovers the true extent of a secret society she has tried to bring to her boss. As she and her ex-MI6 partner follow the clues that lead them to Switzerland and Cuba, they are thwart with danger. Secret society planning to take over the world. Secret documents can reveal their plans. Can an brilliant forensic accountant find where they’re kept?"
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4 Tomorrows World Tomorrows World
Written by Leon M. A. Edwards
Copyright: 2021

"Tasked with tracking down one of their own, an organization is planning world domination. Their journey takes them to Africa. While on the hunt for their missing colleague and friend, Jane and her ex-MI6 partner finally discover how the organisation plans to create tomorrows world.
Can timid Jane take charge of her new identity in time to avoid becoming the next victim?:
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I always want to start, if possible, with good points to a series. Unfortunately those are not easily found with this series, but here is the one that I did find:

The main character's constant struggles with depression are written quite realistically, so much so that I could see certain family members of mine in their battles with dark thoughts mirrored in Jane Knight's comments. 

Too bad this fairly negative positive point is presented to us in present tense format and shakily at that.

I found I had to leap here and there to the next section just to be able to try to maintain interest.


My Grade: C


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