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Full Name: Brady Kinin
Nationality: American
Organization: DSA
Occupation Agent

Creator: R. T. Rye
Time Span: 2016 - 2021


Brady Kinin is an agent with the DSA.

That is the Defense Security Agency, "a civilian agency of the Department of Defense. They conducted intelligence gathering around the world. Their primary focus was to go out on the local economy around U.S. military bases worldwide. They were looking for direct threats against base or personnel. The DSA conducted very few operations, usually only if something fell in their lap."

That said, we are told the DSA "did offer support to the CIA if there was an operation that may need military support. Brady was assigned these types of missions more and more, as he was good at thinking on the run and quick improvisation. He would not be involved in the mission but he would be as close as possible, usually teamed with the CIA agent in charge of the operation. Brady knew all of the military units and their capabilities within the area of the mission. And as usual, operations seldom went as planned and the needs often changed rapidly.  Being with the DOD gave Brady more rapid access to military assets. The CIA was very reluctant to share any more information about an operation than was necessary. However, usually the agent he teamed with was very sharing of information. This field agent knew that if things went wrong there would not be much time to explain the whole picture well enough for Brady to make the best decision."

Kinin comes to the DSA by way of a lengthy career in the U.S. Army which he joined in 1972 fresh from graduating college. A brief time in Officer Candidate School was followed by a stint in Vietnam. At that point his skill in Spanish and French got him transferred to NATA headquarters and work under the command of Commander Andy Phillips, an Intelligence Officer. This is significant as Phillips would over the next few years teach the young Kinin the ins and outs of intelligence gathering.

When Phillips made the transition to the DSA, he would soon bring Kinin in as well and for the past few years, Kinin has been one of those few DSA field agents.

The skill with languages mentioned came from his childhood. He gained a near-native ability at Spanish thanks to being best friends with a Cuban neighbor kid when he was growing up in Houston. He also has a firm grasp of French thanks to a Cajun ancestry and a grandmother who was a fluent speaker.

Kinin is single and as far as I can determine never had a lasting romantic relationship although he will become quite close to and good friends with a female CIA agent he met as 'Sofi'. A woman in her mid-thirties with black hair and a black complexion, she could pass easily as either of Mediterranean or Hispanic descent. Her real name is Jennie Rice but she used the name 'Sofi' as her covername. In each of the recorded adventures we have of Kinin, she will play a key role.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Last Defector The Last Defector
aka The Cuban's Caper
Written by R. T. Rye
Copyright: 2016

The year is 1987.
"The Iron Curtain is crumbling. As a desperate grasp at former glory, Soviet military leaders urge their Cuban allies to a daring infiltration and theft of highly classified United States military intelligence.
Brady Kinin, a covert government agent learns of this scheme through a classified source. Rather than prevent the raid of American intelligence, however, he hatches an elaborate counter plan. Can Kinin transform this theft into an advantage for the United States? Or will his daring attempt at an international 'sleight of hand' draw the ire of Communist China, Venezuela, and the KGB?"
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2 The Last Recourse The Last Recourse
Written by R. T. Rye
Copyright: 2020

The year is 1991.
"Saddam Hussein's Gulf War hijinks have left a hole in the world order.
The demand for tactical weapons on the global black market has never been higher...
...and where there is such great demand, someone is bound to step in to fill the void.
American special agent Brady Kinin is on the hunt for a stockpile of nuclear weapons, stolen by a team of rogue KGB agents. His unlikely partner in trying to recover this dangerous cache?"
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3 The Last Nuke Mission The Last Nuke Mission
Written by R. T. Rye
Copyright: 2021

The year is 1991.
"The world is safe from nuclear war......for now.
Finally, on the way home after narrowly surviving a successful mission, Agent Brady Kinin discovers a second shipment of rogue nuclear warheads.
Where are they heading? He doesn't know, yet, but he must track them down, or risk pushing the Doom."
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4 The Last Hope The Last Hope
Written by R. T. Rye
Copyright: 2021

The year is 1991.
"There is an important job to do, but first, he must overcome tedious government red tape before he can take another death defying mission.
Back with another death defying mission, Brady Kinin must pull disparate agencies and personnel together to prevent a dangerous insurgency. From high tech CIA bunkers to the lawless jungles of Central America, "The Last Hope" forces the ever resourceful agent to balance a precarious tightrope just to stay aliveā€¦ and subdue another threat to national security."
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The Brady Kinin we meet in this series is a veteran in more ways than one, having served in Vietnam in the Army and then in another government agency from where he was sort of poached. I enjoyed the teacher-student relationship we are shown between Kinin and his mentor, Phillips.

I also enjoy the bond between Kinin and Sofi. She made the series especially interesting as she showed herself to be very self-sufficient and capable and, IMHO, quite deserving of her own adventures. I would definitely be at the front of the line to buy them.


My Grade: B+


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