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Full Name: Spencer Garmond
Series Name: The Mission League
Nationality: American
Organization: The Mission League
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jill Williamson
Time Span: 2012 - 2018


Spencer Garmond is an agent with The Mission League.

That organization, according to Prière, the man who comes to Garmond to recruit him in the first recorded adventure, is "an international intelligence organization that does the Lord's work". He is telling Garmond this because "you've been chosen for the Juvenile Agent Development Program". That man's name is 

Garmond, a teenager with a major attitude, observes that this was some sort of "churcher thing" and he complained that "I've got better things to do than hang out with a bunch of Jesus Boy Scouts".

The recruiter counters with his opinion that "God has plans for you, Garmond. You're smart, athletic, and your family has a history in the organization". Garmond argues the first point, noting that he is getting C's in school, agrees with the second one, and then balks upon consideration at the third. He then rejects the whole joining a spy organization idea because he a) had his own plans for his future which entailed practicing until he was good enough for the NBA and b) ?spy organization? - for real? No!

Garmond lives with his Grandmother. He considers himself a near-orphan with his father having run off abandoning his wife and son and then his mother passing away. He loves his grandmother a lot though he could definitely do without her constant church-going and such. He is not a big fan of having to attend the Pilot Point Christian School, either, though considering the amount of trouble he routinely got into, he knows a transfer to the Carlsbad Military Academy was his only other choice.

After a long night of thinking, Garmond was loathe to admit it but he knew that he would be agreeing. This Mission League, whatever it really was, was better than military school and it admitted girls! Who knows, maybe they had a basketball court.

Which is all how Garmond came to be the New Recruit and how he found that, all joking aside, the Mission League really was a bunch of spies and he had just entered training camp.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2018

1 The New Recruit The New Recruit
Written by Jill Williamson
Copyright: 2012

"Stumbling onto a case involving a gang of homeless boys, a chilling tattoo, and the always beautiful Anya Vseveloda, Spencer struggles to find the faith needed to save the Mission League from enemy infiltration."
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2 Project Gemini Project Gemini
Written by Jill Williamson
Copyright: 2013

"After an exhausting school year, Spencer is thrilled to discover that the summer training mission will take him and his fellow agents-in-training to Okinawa, a tropical paradise. But there's little time for R & R as Spencer must attend school, volunteer at a local martial arts training facility, and track and report a mysterious girl named Keiko. Spencer thinks he knows exactly what to do, but the more he discovers about Keiko, the more questions he has. All he really wants to do is protect Keiko from her ex-boyfriend and stay out of trouble, but where Spencer Garmond is concerned, trouble is never far away."
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3 Broken Trust Broken Trust
Written by Jill Williamson
Copyright: 2016

"In the midst of training for the outdoor survival trip to Alaska, Spencer is distracted by a mysterious young woman—Nick's new girlfriend. He's not just wondering how someone that gorgeous would waste her time on a jerk like Nick, he recognizes this girl from her bit part in one of the cultish Jolt movies he's been investigating. She's up to something, and Spencer is determined to find out what. As he gets closer to the truth, it becomes harder to know who to trust. Things are getting dangerous. Can Spencer figure out what's going on, or will this mystery leave him M.I.A?"
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4 The Profile Match The Profile Match
Written by Jill Williamson
Copyright: 2018

"When Spencer Garmond’s friend is kidnapped, the young Mission League agent-in-training decides he’s had enough. Determined to stop the criminals he suspects are responsible, he petitions the Los Angeles Field Office to give him the lead on the case. Now he’s investigating his favorite actress, the movie director who pretended to be his dad, and even his own uncle. Weird much? As he struggles to find the connections between this unlikely group of suspects, he uncovers a clue that could create a worldwide scandal."
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Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2014

1 Chokepoint Chokepoint
Written by Jill Williamson
Copyright: 2013

"Ever since I returned from Moscow, life is a full court press. Mission League field agents are everywhere. All the time. Watching. Waiting for me to fulfill a sixty-year-old prophecy. When some baddies try to guy-nap me, the field agents threaten to move me and Grandma Alice to some random hick town, to give us new fake identities until the prophecy is fulfilled.
Not going to happen."
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2 Ambushed Ambushed
Written by Jill Williamson
Copyright: 2014

"All Spencer wants in life is an NCAA scholarship to play D-I college basketball. He visits universities when he can and works hard at his goal of taking his team to the state basketball championship.
When disaster strikes, Spencer’s desperation sends him to the one person he was determined to ignore: his father."
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I got a kick out of the phrase used by Garmond concerning those in the Mission League, namely "bunch of Jesus Boy Scouts". To be honest, I was worried that was what this series was going to be. I have a hard enough time getting lectured at from the pulpit when my wife and I head to church (too infrequently in her opinion). I do not want it in my reading.

Well, there is some but it is deceptively and pleasantly filled in with a lot of good characters, exciting action, and interesting plots. I especially like the training camp part of the tales.


My Grade: B


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