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Full Name: Max Flash
Nationality: British
Organization: DFEA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jonny Zucker
Time Span: 2007 - 2009


Max Flash is an agent with the DFEA.

That acronym new to you? It should be. We are there when Flash is introduced by his parents to a woman named Zavonne who explains to him that "the DFEA stands for the Department for Extraordinary Activity. You won't have heard of it. You won't have read about it. You won't have seen it on TV. It is a very secret organization. The only people who know about it are the people who run the department and our undercover agents in the field". By 'extraordinary' she means "situations or events that can't be explained. Things that the government, security services, the police, and the army could never handle".

When Flash inquires as what sort of things these might be, she tells him of missions to handle a "street sweeper who was possessed by the soul of the great Egyptian ruler Tutankhamen" or of "disabling an ambulance that kept time-traveling back to the French Revolution in Paris". He was stunned, as you can imagine.

But not as much as he would be when he learned that his parents were and had been for all his life DFEA agents. He couldn't believe it! Mom and Dad were, well, just Mom and Dad!

Granted, they were not your typical parents even without that shocking news. Dad was Montgomery Flash in his private life but on the stage he was the Great Montello and Mom was Carly Flash as well as Mystical Cariba. They have been extremely gifted illusionists who have defied cynics for twenty years, 

And their young son, Max Flash, was a prodigy (my word but if he understood what it meant, he would agree). He watched all their shows and figured out how they worked. He tried them himself. And after some time, he was perfect. "But Max wasn't just good at doing magic tricks. He had been born with a rare double-jointedness. His body was remarkably flexible and bendy. He could slide through the narrow park railings. He was never found during hide-and-seek because he could hide in impossibly tiny spaces. He had remarkable physical traits and dedication. These things had made him a first-class escape artist, contortionist, and illusionist".

After a bit of subtle testing, his parents and their boss, Zavonne, decided it was time to let young Flash in on the truth and then in on the assignments. As for Max Flash's opinion, well, he loves it. Lots of action, excitement, danger, and best of all, really cool gadgets. What was not to love?

Oh, did I mention how old Max Flash is? Nope, I didn't, because I am not sure. I've looked through the recorded adventures and found nothing. Lots of great illustrations showing him to be around 10 or so but I could be wrong. Let's say give or take two years.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2007
Last Appearance:2009

1 Game On Game On
Written by Jonny Zucker
Copyright: 2007

"Meet Max, explosive escapologist and master magician. When the top secret Department for Extraordinary Activity discovers that an evil computer game character has escaped from the virtual world and is intent on causing chaos, they know the time has come for Max's first mission."
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2 Supersonic Supersonic
Written by Jonny Zucker
Copyright: 2007

"Max, explosive escapologist and master magician, is back for his second mission—and it's out of this world! The Department for Extraordinary Activity tells Max that there's a vicious alien race preparing for a revenge attack on Earth, and he must blast off into space to defend the planet. Has Max got what it takes to battle evil aliens and save his fellow humans from slavery?"
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3 In Deep In Deep
Written by Jonny Zucker
Copyright: 2008

"A remote island in the Pacific Ocean has been flooded by a freak surge of water, and sinister forces are suspected. There's no time to lose—Max must dive straight into a perilous adventure. Will Max defeat his terrifying underwater enemies and discover the dark secrets of the deep?"
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4 Grave Danger Grave Danger
Written by Jonny Zucker
Copyright: 2008

"The Department for Extraordinary Activity tells Max that the Sorcerer's Venom , an ancient Egyptian papyrus, has been stolen. Legend has it that the papyrus holds the power to raise the dead, so Max must prepare himself for a gruesome battle. Can Max defeat the mummies and save the world from grave danger?"
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5 Subzero Subzero
Written by Jonny Zucker
Copyright: 2009

"Max, amazing escapologist and master magician, is off on his coolest mission yet—to the Antarctic. The Department for Extraordinary Activity wants him to investigate a distress signal from a ship that has been trapped in the ice and whose crew has mysteriously vanished. Could this be connected to sightings of strange beasts in the area? As the temperature plummets, can Max foil a chilling plot and save the world from a deadly new Ice Age?"
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6 Short Circuit Short Circuit
Written by Jonny Zucker
Copyright: 2009

"Futuristic robots have been spotted at large on the streets of London, and the Department for Extraordinary Activity is sending Max to investigate. He must follow the robots back to their own world, where they are making their final preparations to wage war on humans. Can Max uncover the sinister cyborgs' deadly state-of-the-art new weapon and save the world from total meltdown?"
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The idea of an adolescent being invited to become a secret agent and risk his life and limb out there in the nasty world is, well, obviously unrealistic. Since these adventures are designed for young readers, that illogic means absolutely nothing. Hey, kid, wanna be a secret agent? Sure, sounds like fun.

Just as I am teasing about the concept, I am also honest enough that had I been a 10-15 year old reader, I would have gladly taken a copy of these tales for a spin and would certainly have enjoyed them. Lord knows, as a much older person, they were still fun.


My Grade: B


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