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Full Name: Max Geller
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: James A. Scott
Time Span: 2020 - 2023


Max Geller is an agent with the CIA.

Well, okay, was is a far more accurate description of his employment status. We learn the discrepancy right away in the first recorded adventure as we meet Geller as he sits at just past three in the afternoon in a bar called Lenny's nursing a scotch and "wondering how my career, my love life, and my country could have been ruined by just one man-the President of the United States".

He had been a employee of the Agency for a full decade and had thought that there would be an almost war in the bidding for his services but he had been proven wrong; "maybe the rumor that the Agency might revoke my top-secret clearance was the reason".

Geller's release from his job at Langley came as a result of his very strong disapproval of the current Chief Executive. That in itself would not be enough to be let go, assuming a person kept his opinions to himself. Geller did not, though to be fair to him he voiced his vehement opinions to his live-in girlfriend Claudia. Unfortunately she was a reporter and she got them published and since it was easily shown that Geller had foolishly used his official company email account to correspond with her, his subsequent appeal for wrongful dismissal was, as he was told, dead-in-the-water.

So we have Geller in a bar with no immediate prospects. Then he gets a visit from a lawyer who represents people who would like him to investigate the validity of the "Ironside Dossier", widely rumored in DC to show the President's intimate connection with Russia. They are willing to pay a very large sum for positive, certain proof.

Geller says yes. And soon he learns that his old boss at the CIA, Rodney, wants the same thing from him, as do a group inside Langley. Suddenly Geller, formerly with the CIA, is sort of, in a weird way, back with them. Or not.

Of course, in addition to the normal set of problems expected in stealing very top secret intelligence from the powers that be in the Kremlin, there will be a not-inconsequential matter of a man named Zabluda, a top Russian assassin, who is making it his life's work to destroy anyone who posed any sort of threat to the security of that document. Geller will be placed at the top of his list of targets.

Good Lines:
- When a lawyer talking with Geller assure him he is not a threat, Geller replies, "Every lawyer is a threat".


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2023

1 The President's Dossier The President's Dossier
Written by James A. Scott
Copyright: 2020

"Disgraced, ex-CIA Russia expert Max Geller is hired for a tough mission. Go to London, Moscow, and Panama. Find evidence proving the US president is a Russian agent. Don't trust your employer, your girlfriend, your partner, or the Russian mafia. And watch out for Kremlin assassin, Zabluda; he has orders to kill you and destroy your evidence.
Even if Max gets back to Washington with evidence, will those who hired him want it? Max discovers he is just one pawn in a larger game. He needs to discover the game and the players before it's too late."
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2 The Blood of Patriots and Traitors The Blood of Patriots and Traitors
Written by James A. Scott
Copyright: 2023

Max Geller is enjoying his new rich life with his new girlfriend when the CIA comes to call. His old boss, Rodney, is using Vanessa as blackmail to get Geller to do another mission in Moscow. This assignment is smuggle out  a defector who knows of a secret Kremlin war plan. Since Geller is wanted by the Russians, it is going to be tricky.
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In America, a lot of people do not like whoever the sitting President is. Been that way for, probably, as long as there has been a President (maybe excluding Washington). There is always a bunch who has nothing good to say about whoever the Chief Executive is. Not many have as much reason to really, really despise the chair holder as Max Geller, though perhaps if he had kept him mouth shut ...

Ah, but then if he had we would not have such interesting adventures to follow and that would have been a shame because these are quite enjoyable. I hope Mr. Scott gives us more opportunities to enjoy Geller in the future.


My Grade: B+


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