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Full Name: Peter Sinclair
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Iain McGregor
Time Span: 2011 - 2022


Peter Sinclair is a part-time agent of MI6.

His work with them is occasional because his day job is working with the British Telecommunications Services Corporation. That huge company had considerable dealings in Hong Kong (this is before the return of control of the Colony to China), mainland China itself, and surprisingly considering that last thing, with the island nation of Taiwan. Being an executive with BT meant frequent travels to all three areas for protracted times. It is no wonder that an intelligence gathering outfit like MI6 would love to make use of him.

When we first meet Sinclair as he was attending the funeral of his father, we learn that Sinclair had had that relationship with MI6 for a fair number of years, working closely with a handler named Rawlinson. We are told that the type of intelligence sharing that went on between the two was an interesting one.

Sinclair would relate his recent trips to any of the areas mentioned above, who was met with, what was discussed, and what was any projected outcomes. What type of equipment was any of the target parties buying or interested in buying, or having trouble using? What companies were likely to be providing that equipment? And so on. The uses the intelligence community found for such information was impressive and his efforts were very appreciated.

In return, Rawlinson would pass to Sinclair intel on what his competitors were up to, who was selling what to whom and what kind of budgets were involved, making it easier to know when to underbid or raise the stakes. Understandably this inside information was proving very profitable to BT and made Sinclair a very good and valued sales director.

Prior to our meeting Sinclair, these exchanges between he and Rawlinson were in the form of verbal exchanges, all done over a nice dinner with a very good wine; cordial chit-chat turning into more substantive intel as the evening progressed. As we watch, though, Sinclair will be asked to take a far more interactive role and suddenly things will not be so safe and secure.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2022

1 Secret Disciples Secret Disciples
Written by Iain McGregor
Copyright: 2011

"When a plot to smuggle embargoed weapons to Taiwan is uncovered, raising the prospect of a crisis with China, MI6, Britain's secret intelligence service scrambles to stop it. They have one man, Peter Sinclair, in position to do something. But is he close enough to penetrate and spike the plan?"
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2 Secret Brides Secret Brides
Written by Iain McGregor
Copyright: 2022

"In the dusty outskirts of Tashkent, as terrorists plan their next outrage, Peter Sinclair, businessman and occasional agent for the British Secret Intelligence Service MI6, plans his own recruitment of a highly placed spy in the Uzbek government.
As Sinclair weaves from London to Tashkent and Bukhara, his path crosses that of a Christian mission rescuing young women from a traffic in human misery that stretches from Central Asia to the fleshpots of Western Europe. But something seems amiss. The mission seems wrongly connected to the United States Embassy, and consequently its young workers, particularly two women, vulnerable."
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I seldom quote other sources for My Comments because this is section is meant for, obviously, My Comments. This time, though, I was impressed with this blurb about the series in general:

"The Sinclair Trilogy is an account of the descent of Peter Sinclair, the corruption of a well-intentioned man. Sinclair's journey from businessman to spy builds through this story and two subsequent stories, taking an increasing toll on his character as he learns to corrupt others and is in turn, corrupted by the process. It is a slow, sure descent, for the honour of duty to the state, into a personal and moral vacuum."


My Grade: B


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