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Full Name: Quest Munoz
Codename: Q
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Schoolkids

Creator: Michael P. Spradlin
Time Span: 2008 - 2014


Quest 'Q' Munoz is a schoolkid.

He is not a junior agent - well, not in any real sense but considering the things he gets involved in, you have to wonder. Especially when he is around his new step-sister, Angela, who is a huge fan of spy adventures and is freaky good at observing and noticing and remembering things.

So neither one is an operative but both are in this compendium because of the things they get involved in and the troubles they finds ways of handling and most of all because of the really bad people that they find themselves almost constantly in conflict with, Ghost Cell.

Angela Tucker (girls first!) is described as having "shoulder-length black hair with bangs, olive-colored skin, and dark brown eyes, which she usually covers with sunglasses". She is fifteen years old.

Q (which is what his mother and so most everyone else calls him) has a much simpler description of "curly straw-colored hair, green eyes, lanky". He is two years younger (that's 13) but is already a tad taller than Angela.

Normally since these two become thick-as-thieves when it comes to those adventures I mentioned, they would be sharing title credit but probably for marketing purposes, Q gets the starring role. "I. Q". You get it. Plus Q is the one who narrates all those escapades.

Speaking of 'escape'-ades (my bad pun), Q is as fascinated with Harry Houdini and his magic and escape tricks as Angela is with spies. That will come in handy on a fair number of occasions.

So, the back story is that Q and his mother, Blaze, were living happily on their sailboat and had been for a few years. Blaze had been a professional singer out on the road a lot but when Q was born, she eventually decided to give it up to raise Q in a more normal environment. Then she met Roger Tucker who wrote songs and they hit it off and fell in love and started a rock band named Match and released an album that went double platinum overnight.

Blaze and Roger got married, which is how Angela and Q became related, and Match decided a tour of America was in order. Q and Angela would accompany their parents on their luxury motor coach and be homeschooled along the way.

It was while on this lengthy road trip that Q and Angela started noticing odd things (okay, Angela noticed them but Q listened) and soon they glam onto the fact that there was a terrorist organization called Ghost Cell and somehow there was a connection between it and them and Match's very acerbic manager, Buddy T., and the chief roadie for the group, Boone.

Hence, Q - and of course Angela - being in this compendium.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2008
Last Appearance:2014

1 Independence Hall Independence Hall
Written by Michael P. Spradlin
Copyright: 2008

"As Q and Angela settle into their new life and new relationship as siblings, they start to notice that certain coincidences don't seem coincidental. For example, how does a band roadie named Boone find them in the middle of a desert where their coach just happens to break down? Why does a man from their parents' wedding keep showing up in the same cities they..."
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2 The White House The White House
Written by Michael P. Spradlin
Copyright: 2010

The adventure takes us "to the White House where Q and Angela continue their quest to uncover the truth behind the supposed death of Angela's real mother--a former Secret Service agent--while trying to differentiate the "good guys" from the "bad guys."
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3 Kitty Hawk Kitty Hawk
Written by Michael P. Spradlin
Copyright: 2012

"The president's daughter has been kidnapped by the elusive and lethal Ghost Cell. Quest (Q) and Angela are in hot pursuit with vicious winds and blinding rain thwarting them at every turn. It's a desperate high stakes chase. But who is chasing whom? Are Q and Angela the hunters or the hunted?"
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4 The Alamo The Alamo
Written by Michael P. Spradlin
Copyright: 2013

"Fresh off a "too close" encounter with the terrorist group, the Ghost Cell, in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, Q and Angela head to San Antonio, Texas. As their parents' band, Match, prepares for a concert at the Alamo, the two discover that the Ghost Cell has its tentacles everywhere, including the Lone Star State. With each passing hour, Q and Angela uncover more clues and discover more leads. And the mysterious Boone and his SOS group leave them with more questions than answers, for there is much more to Boone than meets the eye. With time running out to stop another Ghost Cell attack, Angela and Q and the others begin to wonder. Are they following the Ghost Cell or is the Ghost Cell following them?"
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5 The Windy City The Windy City
Written by Michael P. Spradlin
Copyright: 2014

Since Q and Angela have "been busy fighting international terrorism, they’re behind on their school assignments. Their parents tell them if they don’t get caught up, it’s off to boarding school. But who can concentrate on homework when there is a mystery to solve and international terrorism to thwart?
Angela is obsessed with finding out more about the mysterious Boone. Q is more interested in not going to boarding school. But when Boone and his SOS crew are ambushed on their way to Chicago, it becomes abundantly clear. Someone inside their inner circle is feeding the Ghost Cell information."
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6 Alcatraz Alcatraz
Written by Michael P. Spradlin
Copyright: 2014

"Their parents are determined to continue the Match tour but for safety's sake, they have decided to send Q and Angela to boarding school. Not happy at the thought of being taken off the trail of the ghost cell, Q and Angela race against time with Boone and the SOS team to find Number One, the leader of the world's most feared terrorist organization.
It's the final showdown."
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I have a sister who is three years older than I and a whole lot more adventurous. Being a nut who wanted to tag along, I got into a few scrapes I would not have without her. She would certainly agree with a grin on her face even all these years later.

I mention this because I can understand Q's predicament, what with Angela being the main instigator of all the stuff the two get into. Mind you, I am blaming her just as in my mind I blame my sister when in fact I know the truth and I really loved it all back then and no doubt Q is having a blast as well.

Really fun stories for kids and adults who remember being a kid.


My Grade: B


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