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Full Name: Pucci Lewis
Nationality: American
Organization: American Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Margit Liesche
Time Span: 2007 - 2009


Ruth Ester 'Pucci' Lewis is a part-time agent of the OSS.

Her day job in these days of the Second World War is a pilot for the Women Air Force Service Pilots, aka the WASP. This highly skilled and eminently qualified plane jockey normally spends her work hours ferrying factory-fresh aircraft from their creation to wherever they will loaded onto ships or heading back to the factory for repairs.

That is when she is not responding to a request for far more clandestine work, what she refers to once as "the occasional home front undercover girl assignment".

When we meet her, she mentions having just been at "spy school" a month earlier. She had then been returned to her transiting duties only to get a call for an assignment. Her WASP boss, herself a skilled pilot, was less than thrill with it, mumbling that "those OSS boys playing right into [her] independent streak".

That attitude extends to her appearance. At one point she is having to explain yet again to her boss why she wore her hair in a short, shaggy style similar to Amelia Earhart's (it was more convenient when having to fly coast-to-coast wearing a required leather helmet) and why it was a tabby orange color (it's fun!).

Lewis is 25 years old. The odd nickname came from her fascination at a young age with the stories being the operats by Puccini. The daughter of a pastor who had spent a good deal of her teenage years thinking about learning to fly and then, at 18 and meeting a famous woman pilot, working hard to earn her pilot's license. When she discovered to her dismay that her dream of transporting passenger on commercial flights around the world was never going to happen because she was female, she opted a degree in journalism where she might be able to make a living writing for magazines about flying.

Then the War came to America and the need to female pilots to take on the ferrying duties. And after that, the unexpected offer to occasionally do something just a little different.

Good Lines:
- Thought by Pucci about walking away from a curious situation, "An intelligence operative who minds her own business would be a contradiction in terms".


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2007
Last Appearance:2009

1 Lipstick and Lies Lipstick and Lies
Written by Margit Liesche
Copyright: 2007

"Women Airforce Service Pilot and undercover agent, Pucci Lewis, did not want to go to jail. But how else could she unmask Grace Buchanan-Dineen, an imprisoned countess-counteragent suspected of triple dealing and possibly putting our country's future at risk?"
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2 Hollywood Buzz Hollywood Buzz
Written by Margit Liesche
Copyright: 2009

"Pucci Lewis was used to ferrying fighter planes and undercover work.
But it's the dark hours of WWII, and Hollywood's biggest stars, studio moguls, and Washington bureaucrats are working hand-in-glove to merge entertainment and propaganda.
Pucci has been dispatched to the First Motion Picture Unit, where a make-or-break documentary on the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) is underway.
Pucci is stepping in for a sister-WASP, now hospitalized in critical condition after an all-too-deliberate plane crash. But who's the saboteur? Why the cover-up?"
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It has been nearly two decades since the author penned these two really, really enjoyable adventures so I am sadly certain we will not see more escapades by the ultra-likable Pucci. That is indeed a shame because I fell for her big time immediately.

This is even though she loves to do things with the aircraft she is piloting that I would never, ever want to be a part of. I have no fear of flying, per se. I do not know I could say that if I flew with Pucci. Luckily, most of her adventures are on the ground.

And terrific adventures they are!


My Grade: B+


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