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Full Name: Artemus Newton
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Retired Warrant Officer

Creator: Roger Blakely
Time Span: 2011 - 2019


Artemus Newton is a retired U.S. Army officer.

Chief Warrant Officer, to be exact. Addressed by one and all during his last few years in the military as 'Chief' as befits his final rank of CWo4. He is not a spy, has never been a spy, and would look at you oddly if you intimated he would become one. And yet...

We are told right away that "All Artemus Newton wanted after 32 years in the Army was a nice quiet retirement". He had put in his papers at long last and said goodbye to a life and a career that had taken up more than half of his life. He had joined straight out of high school as a Private, an E-1, as low as you can be as all new recruits are and over the next few years he would advance in the enlisted ranks until he decided to make the move to the Warrant program. 

Now at age 50, he was a civilian again, having just moved back to Illinois and set up a nice, comfortable apartment he would share with his 12-year-old cat, Gus. He would never complain about his time in the Service, enjoying immensely the people he worked with and the places he served. He might honestly say that most of his time in the military straight-forward and largely lackluster but he did those times honorably and faithfully.

But since much of his previous day job had been less than thrilling, he would not be adverse to things getting a little more interesting. He would later have second thoughts on that matter.

For a man his age, Newton is still in fairly good health. He exercises regularly and tries to eat nutritiously but he admits that with his height at 5'9", his weight should not be weighing a smidge over 200. He could still do an impressive number of push-ups but he does have to take daily thyroid medicine and a usual glass of Metamucil.

I think it is important here to point out that much of the above makes it sound like Newton is going to be a fish-out-of-water when the excitement starts happening around him. That is not the case. Newton is not a action-figure ready to blossom but neither is he a slapstick target. He is smart, observant, and not at all afraid to do what he feels it right. He is a fair amount unlucky to be in the wrong place at the right time more than once but he is also lucky enough to catch a few breaks.

One of those breaks is Alexis Lee, a thirty-something CIA agent who is an experienced member of its Clandestine Services division. This is a woman who knows how to take care of herself and does so on several occasions. She and Newton make a pretty good team.


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2019

1 Chief Chief
Written by Roger Blakely
Copyright: 2011

"Artemus Newton and his cat Gus have moved to a comfortable apartment at a far northwestern suburb of Chicago and he is looking forward to a peaceful retirement living off his Army pension, supplemented by a less stressful part time job.
Newton's quiet life doesn't stay quiet for long, though.
Sinister forces are planning the largest terror attack on American soil in history and they are converging on a target nearby.
Guess who has to stop them."
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2 Arena Arena
Written by Roger Blakely
Copyright: 2011

"One month after suffering a bullet wound to the shoulder, recently retired Army Chief Warrant Officer Four Artemus Newton is reluctantly thrown back into the fight, this time against sinister forces that may be unstoppable."
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3 Scoundrel Scoundrel
Written by Roger Blakely
Copyright: 2012

Artemus Newton has just gotten a new job at his local grocery story when he becomes entangled "in a battle with old enemies and new adversaries, more deadly than any that he has ever encountered and that the only thing that can save him and the entire country may be" relics from the Cold War.
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4 Knight Knight
Written by Roger Blakely
Copyright: 2014

"The fifty-two year-old retiree is in for the wildest ride of his life. Artemus Newton and nine others are trapped in a secluded castle in the Austrian Alps. One-by-one they are being killed and no one knows who will be next and who among them is the murderer."
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5 Turncoat Turncoat
Written by Roger Blakely
Copyright: 2014

"Artemus Newton and his faithful cat, Gus have moved from Arlington Heights, Illinois to Huber Heights, Ohio and he is dating a hot, young, Zumba-dancing rocket scientist.
What could go wrong?"
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6 Avenger Avenger
Written by Roger Blakely
Copyright: 2015

"All Artemus Newton wanted was a nice, quiet retirement. However, a Russian mobster and a group of even more ruthless adversaries have other plans.
ISIS has activated terrorist sleeper cells inside the U.S.A. and has armed them with Weapons of Mass Destruction.
But, a powerful someone with knowledge of the upcoming attacks has decided to take advantage of the situation and re-directs the killers after a target of his own choosing.
Army retiree Artemus Newton and C.I.A. contractor Jack Rigger are up to their chins in terrorists and assassins. If they can’t stop the upcoming attack an entire village in Ohio’s countryside will be wiped off the map."
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7 Accelerator Accelerator
Written by Roger Blakely
Copyright: 2018

"All he wanted after thirty-two years in the Army was a nice, quiet retirement. That’s not going to happen. As he recovers from grievous wounds incurred battling ISIS terrorists in AVENGER, Army retiree Artemus Newton decides to take a cross-country road-trip and get away from it all." It does not work out that way.
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8 Eye Of The Storm Eye Of The Storm
Written by Roger Blakely
Copyright: 2019

"It's 2022 and Artemus Newton and Alexis Lee are talking marriage, but villains, more vicious than they have ever encountered, arrive to upset their plans for marital bliss."
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I have a cat. I had a dog for 16 years until she passed away but my cat is still with me even though she is even older. I love my cat, which is why I took an immediate liking to Artemus Newton because he has a cat that is his friend and companion - as much as any cat can be.

Plus, I've been a fan of the name Artemus since the late 60s and The Wild Wild West television show's Artemus Gordon. This Artemus is not the gadgetry master of disguise but he is pretty entertaining nevertheless.

And truth be told, I would have liked Artemus Newton even if he did not have that cool first name and did not like cats. Newton may be a bit of a fish-out-of-water when it comes to spy things but otherwise the man really has it together and can handle most things tossed his way. I'd like to be Newton when I grew up if I weren't already older than he.

This is an enjoyable series with a pretty good list of supporting characters. Not sure if there will be anymore than the 8 adventures but should another come out, count me in!


My Grade: B+


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