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Full Name: Horatio Fable
Nationality: British
Organization: The Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Adam Bonnard
Time Span: 1968 - 1968


Horatio Fable is an agent with the Agency.

Apparently that name is used for either the British Department of Security Intelligence or a division inside it.

A blurb on each of the four recorded adventures we have of him invite us to: "Meet the man who deals in danger - Horatio Fable."

"He was a tall man, with heavy shoulders and arms, narrow waist and a rugged handsomeness of face" complete with a clef in a strong chin. He has "a two-inch white scar running through the right eyebrow", not to mention "the half-dozen torso scars that were a legacy of his trade". From the images shown on his four recorded adventures, we can see that he has full, lush black hair combed straight back, thick eyebrows, and enough age-lines on his forehead to show the man has seen his share of bad things and make more than a few difficult choices.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:1968
Last Appearance:1968

1 Operation Counter-Spy Operation Counter-Spy
Written by Adam Bonnard
Copyright: 1968

"The mission took Fable deep into the torrid zone ... and to a sloe-eyed siren called Kismet ..."

2 Traitor Come Home Traitor Come Home
Written by Adam Bonnard
Copyright: 1968

"A deadly mission on his mind ... a million lives in his hands ... and a seductive spy in his arms!

3 Mission To Moscow Mission To Moscow
Written by Adam Bonnard
Copyright: 1968

"It was a simple assignment ... All he had to do was break into the Kremlin!" His mission is to get revenge on a Russian agent who had already eliminated an Agency operative. That and locate a secret weapon capable of detonating any nuclear weapon anywhere in the world.

4 The Psychedelic Spy The Psychedelic Spy
Written by Adam Bonnard
Copyright: 1968

"She set Fable up for an LSD trip of no return!"


I have not had the pleasure of meeting Horatio Fable in person - that is, holding any of the four printed adventures of this man. I tried but none are available via the Web. The intel I have on this man and his career comes from images I have found or, in the case of awesome covers of the first two books, from a man who has all four and was kind enough to send me jpg's. That and one fellow spy fan who took a photo of the first page.

If I ever get a copy, I will upgrade his.


My Grade: -


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