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Full Name: Svetlana Ivanova
Series Name: San Diego Spy Games
Nationality: Russian
Organization: KGB
Occupation Agent

Creator: A. K. Waters, Craig Wessel
Time Span: 2012 - 2013


Svetlana Ivanova is an agent with the KGB.

The year is 1967 when we start to follow her career. In fact she has just finished training a few hours before we initially meet her. She is described as being tired by feeling "more alive than she ever had before". Being a loner all her life, she chose to celebrate her 'graduation' not with drinks with classmates or friend (the latter because she really had none) but by taking an evening job along the Moscow River. That tendency to strive for solitude will help her as she is accepted into the KGB and sent alone on a protracted mission to the States. "You will return to Russia only when we conquer America", her new boss, the Colonel tells her.

Described as having "sharp Russian features, with piercing blue eyes and long blonde hair", Ivanova possessed a "lithe, obviously capable body" but not one that most people would recognize as being a deadly weapon - such would be their mistake. She is the daughter of a hero from the battle of Stalingrad; his death at the end of that lengthy struggle in 1943 while she was still just a baby puts her birth in the second half of 1942, making her around 25 years old when we catch up with her.

Ivanova began her lengthy training when she was just 14. A recruiter for the KGB approached her, mentioned her heroic father and then instructed her to leave with him. Without so much as a goodbye to her aging mother, she did as she was told. The next morning her training began and it would continue without stop for the next several years. Instructions were both physical and mental and there was the constant language lessons such that by the time she reached majority at 18, she was not only a native speaker of English, she sounded American when she wanted.

Her mission in the San Diego would have her operate largely on her own. She would have a handler, naturally, but so for most part she was on her own and she was ready - "anxiety and nervousness had been nonexistent for years. She was the best of the best".


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2013

The author of the collection listed below and the three stories inside it is Craig Wessel. The creator of the series, however, is clearly marked inside the book as being A.K. Waters with the volume being produced by Zulu 7 Productions. LLC.

1 San Diego Spy Games San Diego Spy Games
Written by Craig Wessel
Copyright: 2013

A collection of three previously released novellas:
1968 - The Saga Begins
Soviet Snowstorm
Coronado Bridge

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Number of Stories:3
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2012

1 1967 - The Saga Begins 1967 - The Saga Begins
Written by A. K. Waters
Copyright: 2012

Episode 1 of 3 in the collection San Diego Spy Games.
"This episode follows Agent Ivanova as she travels to the beautiful beaches of San Diego on her first mission. While the mission details are vague, Agent Ivanova knows she must be wary of everyone around her, as traitors are abundant."

2 Soviet Snowstorm Soviet Snowstorm
Written by A. K. Waters
Copyright: 2012

Episode 2 of 3 in the collection San Diego Spy Games.
"KGB Agent Svetlana Ivanova has been in San Diego for two months, and is in love with the warm sunshine and sandy beaches. Her newest missions seems simple enough—enter a warehouse undetected and photograph new Sonar technology. Using a new weapons technology, the Soviets have the perfect cover for her . . . a snowstorm in paradise."

3 Coronado Bridge Coronado Bridge
Written by A. K. Waters
Copyright: 2012

Episode 3 of 3 in the collection San Diego Spy Games.
"KGB agent Svetlana Ivanova is on her latest mission, one involving the new construction of Coronado Bridge in San Diego. Along with her commanding officer, Doctor Yuri Volkov, Svetlana observes, and waits. Little does she know someone is looking for her."


I have a hard time putting into words my thoughts for this very short series. It is interesting and yet ... 

Perhaps if the authors had given us more, preferably in the same novella style as these three, expanding on her training and such, it might have felt less "gap-ish" (my word). Mind you, what was there was fun to read. I just felt we should have more. And this is from a guy who is always asking for less filler. 

Still, what we do have is very fast, enjoyable reading and so I would recommend it for someone wanting a quick taste of something different.


My Grade: B-


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