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Full Name: Wade McCall
Nationality: American
Organization: Unnamed Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ryan Polito
Time Span: 2020 - 2023


Wade McCall is an agent with an unnamed American Intelligence organization.

He is also an actor working hard to make it in Hollywood.

As a blurb for these adventures puts it: "Wade McCall went to Hollywood on a whim, got into acting by chance, and became a spy out of boredom. Now he's a spy pretending to be an actor-or is it the other way around?"

The action for this series takes place just into the second half of the 50s. McCall has been living and working in Los Angeles for the past 3 years, ever since he has left the Marine Corps at the end of the Korean War. It was during a lull time during that conflict that a fellow Marine and friend, Ronnie, convinced McCall that his "good looks and natural charm made him a shoo-in". That was, unfortunately, when the lull ended and Ronnie took a bullet between the eyes from a Chinese infantryman. When it came time to say goodbye to the Corps and seek employment elsewhere, McCall thought of Ronnie and headed to Hollywood.

The three years had not been a rousing success; he had a fair number of small roles here and there but was seriously considering transitioning to stunt work instead of acting. Then a minor earthquake spooked a horse pulling a wagon on a movie set and the young actress in said wagon was unable to stop the racing animal and only the quick thinking and brave actions of McCall prevented serious injury to either steed or woman. It got him a few congratulatory slaps on the back and a very appreciative response from the lady and notice by a man named Roger Gates.

It was obvious to McCall that Gates, who came onto the set later and asked to talk with him, was not a fellow actor, or worse yet an agent, nor was he likely anyone connected with the studio. What he turned out to be was the head of a small group inside the Agency. As Gates puts it, "I run a small team of people with certain talents, such as yourself, to gather information around the world. We're always on the lookout for new talents to add to the team."

He would go on to explain, "Officially, we don't have a name. We only exist on paper as a small line item of the budgets of about twelve different federal departments". As to who he and his people answer to, he admits, "That's where it gets a little fuzzy. You see, no one really wants to take responsibility for us, but at the same time, no one's ever complained about the information we've given them."

The other members of the group were no strangers to McCall though they had never met before. Two of them were Davina Davis and Penny Rose, both very well known and popular film actresses. Another was the well listened to big band leader Tony Canetti. The fourth and last was Foster Stoudt, a popular barnstorming pilot from before WWII who was made even more famous when he enlisted after Pearl Harbor and was used by the government to sell war bonds.

Each of these people would use their fame to be invited to placed few others would be allowed to go and they would use training to look and see, listen and hear, ask and be told things that would be of great use in the intelligence field.

And to make his participation produce similar results, Gates would use his considerable influence to see that McCall would rise from a bit actor cum would-be stunt man into a star who also got invited places where he could look, listen, and ask.

Good Lines:
- Said to us in the first paragraph: "A successful spy is a better actor than any movie star in Hollywood. A spy needs to stay in character around the clock. Failing doesn't result in a bad review, it gets them a bullet in the head."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2023

1 Lights...Camera...Spy! Lights...Camera...Spy!
Written by Ryan Polito
Copyright: 2020

The year is 1956.
"After being recruited into a small team of CIA operatives, struggling actor and stuntman Wade McCall is thrust into the middle of a devious Soviet plot to destroy Hollywood and it’s relentless anti-communist propaganda machine. It wasn’t until a Russian assassin tried to take him out in West Berlin, that he realized how over his head he was.
Every second counts as he fights to stay alive and stop the Russians’ plan before it’s too late and Los Angeles is laid to waste."
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2 Lights...Camera...Revolution! Lights...Camera...Revolution!
Written by Ryan Polito
Copyright: 2020

The year is 1957.
"An island paradise, a missing agent, and the rumblings of a communist revolution. Who better to send to sort it all out than Wade McCall? 
Undercover shooting a movie on the island, McCall and Davina Davis jet to the Caribbean to search for the missing operative and finish the job.  Thrust into the middle of the island’s political intrigue, between a growing revolutionary force and the egotistical president, determined to conquer Davina and keep control of the island, McCall’s only ally is the beautiful journalist equally committed to getting to the bottom of what’s happening on her island.  The action gets dicey as McCall plays all sides of the coin against each other in a bid to learn the truth and stay alive."
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3 Lights...Camera...Revenge! Lights...Camera...Revenge!
Written by Ryan Polito
Copyright: 2023

"Undercover spy and movie star Wade McCall finds himself plunged into a treacherous world of organized crime, betrayal, and vengeance when he arrives in Tokyo. Reconnecting with his old Marine friend leads him to a chilling discovery: Jeff's brutal murder alongside a young Japanese woman. Determined to find answers and bring the killers to justice, McCall forms an uneasy alliance with the girl’s father.
As McCall delves deeper into Tokyo's seedy underbelly, he uncovers his old friend’s involvement in drug smuggling and human trafficking. Using his unique skills as an undercover operative and enlisting the aid of the enigmatic actress and fellow spy, Penny Rose, McCall sets a daring trap to dismantle the criminal empire led by the fearsome Raizu Sato while protecting the lives of those caught in the crossfire."
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I have always enjoyed tales taking place in the late 50s, a time I lived through but was a bit too young to remember much except my own childhood and way too young to have paid any attention to the world outside my environs. Therefore, reading what was really going on is interesting.

And so is the life that Wade McCall lives which makes the adventures a lot of fun, as does the fun, easy writing style the author employs. I want to stress that last part especially because the pages seemed to fly as I read these stories and when I stopped to take a break here and there, I invariably had a contented look on my face, if not a grin.

As the writer has just given us the third in the series, as of this writing, I can hope he will give us more in the future about the past.


My Grade: A-


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