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Full Name: Jason Wake
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Matthew Rief
Time Span: 2020 - 2023


Jason Wake is an agent with a private intelligence agency.

If that small but impressive organization had a real, official name, I have yet to find it. That fact would definitely please its members, especially its founder, Senator Scott Cooper, a former special forces operative who saw a need and knew how to put together the team to fulfill that need; that need being people able to take on some very dangerous threats to the free world and the willingness to act without the red tape that governments invariable entangle things. More on Cooper and his group later.

Picture in your mind a state-of-the-art private training facility deep in the middle of nowhere, said to be by those who who knew about it 'the most advanced, difficult, and secretive covert" establishment of its type in the world. It was to that place, called Tenth Circle as in Dante's trilogy, that a very determined Wake showed up unannounced, insisting to be taught. According to the head of that establishment, Wake was "one of the best fighters I've ever trained. Hand to hand, knives, handguns, rifles, explosives. Sprint, endurance, water, land. The kid's one of the best I ever had. And he's smart. I've had some of the top Rangers, Delta Force, SEALs, Force Recon - you name it - come to train here. The kid's one of the best all-around warriors I've ever forged in this crucible."

Wake's self-imposed training was definitely a first for that facility as it usually got its clients by way of the government or private organizations, not walk-ups, and certainly not a man who was secretly an heir to a few billion dollars. That last bit was not often mentioned because Wake not only did not want anything to do with that money, he decidedly wanted nothing to do with the man who amassed the fortune, his father Richard Wake, nor the massive Wake Corporation that the elder Wake built up largely with illegal or unscrupulous activities. As a boy growing up he knew nothing of his father's nefarious business practices but he and his mother knew plenty about the beatings that they routinely suffered.

But Wake's desire to learn everything that the Tenth Circle could teach him did not come from his hatred for his evil parent but from a burning desire to fight back at the terrorists who a year had attacked a train station in Europe and killed close to a hundred innocents. One of those victims had been Wake's fiancée and Wake had been close enough to see the destruction.

Wake is described as being 6'3" tall and just over two hundred pounds with an 'imposing' body 'hardened from years of rigorous exercise'. The dark haired handsome man is 25 years old at the time we first meet him.

While we do not meet Jason Wake prior to the first recorded adventure listed below, we get a major introduction to his disgusting father - the man Jason Wake despised for good reason - in one of the non-spy tales of an ex-SEAL turned marine adventurer, Logan Dodge, [Showdown in the Keys] when Dodge runs afoul of one of the elder Wake's many nefarious illegal and decidedly immoral enterprises. We learn that Richard Wake was "a billionaire businessman who owned one of the largest marine shipping companies in the world, aptly named the Wake Corporation. He was a murderer, and the mastermind behind an evil empire that cared little for anything except his own personal gain".

Back to Senator Cooper and his personal fight against terrorists and those who fund their activities or, like the elder Wake, make an obscene amount of money from their actions. Cooper saw in the younger Wake a person willing to put his life on the line fighting those same evils and having the financial wherewithal to fund the project. Wake found in Cooper someone with the same burning passion to strike at those evils whenever possible.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2023

1 Caribbean Wake Caribbean Wake
Written by Matthew Rief
Copyright: 2020

"On a cold winter morning, the promising young man could only watch as his fiancée was killed in a brutal act of terror that left fifty-seven dead. Fueled by burning passion and an incessant desire for retribution, Jason puts himself through hell at a grueling covert training facility to become one of the deadliest men on Earth.
When the ruthless terrorist group seeks innocent blood once more, the resolved American stands fearlessly in their way with one all-consuming objective: send the mass murderers to their maker, or die trying."
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2 Surging Wake Surging Wake
Written by Matthew Rief
Copyright: 2020

"In the Caribbean islands, a brutal and well-organized criminal operation has infested paradise. Together, with a former Special Forces commander and a newly formed team of covert operatives, Jason travels across the Caribbean to investigate a recent spike in human trafficking. His team quickly discovers that the cruelty and bloodshed are just the beginning if they can’t track down and put an end to the vile leader responsible."
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3 Avenged In The Keys Avenged In The Keys
Written by Matthew Rief
Copyright: 2020

Book 11 in the Florida Keys Adventure Series starring Logan Dodge.
"On a seemingly normal day in paradise, a local treasure hunter is murdered just hours after discovering the biggest find of his life. Sensing a storm brewing, former Navy SEAL Logan Dodge puts his island lifestyle on hold and takes a well-armed boat trip to the Upper Keys to investigate. Logan and his former mercenary wife quickly discover that an infamous white supremacist group is behind the murder, and that the ruthless band of criminals is out for more than just blood."
Joining them in this endeavor are Jason Wake and his friend and mentor, Scott Cooper.
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4 Relentless Wake Relentless Wake
Written by Matthew Rief
Copyright: 2021

"While investigating a series of underwater explosions in the Virgin Islands, Jason Wake and his team of covert operatives are attacked by a mysterious group of highly trained killers.
Fighting back and tracking their unknown enemies, they connect the dots to a vicious Russian oligarch obsessed with unearthing a famous lost treasure and spoiling a tropical paradise."
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5 Turbulent Wake Turbulent Wake
Written by Matthew Rief
Copyright: 2021

"When a team of scientists investigating a lost Viking shipwreck are murdered, government agencies worldwide scramble to uncover a motive and hunt down those responsible. Upon receiving an urgent request from the White House, Jason Wake and his team of covert operatives race to the land of fire and ice for answers. 
Forced to conquer unexpected dangers and fend off attacks at every turn, Jason and his team soon find themselves toe to toe with a powerful adversary who will stop at nothing to release a deadly virus capable of decimating the human population. "
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6 Furious Wake Furious Wake
Written by Matthew Rief
Copyright: 2022

"After Jason Wake foils a plot to release a deadly virus on the world, members of a secret, unrestricted warfare program contract deadly third-party assassins to hunt down the covert operative. Meanwhile, the world is on the brink of war after the United States is suddenly and mysteriously attacked. With global tensions high, Jason and his team race against the clock to uncover the truth and rain justice upon an enemy unlike any they've faced off against before."
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7 Perilous Wake Perilous Wake
Written by Matthew Rief
Copyright: 2023

"When a hostage situation off the coast of Panama goes awry, Jason and his team of covert operatives face off against their most vile and ruthless enemy yet—a warlord willing to murder his own people in droves for the sake of his cold-blooded mission.
With thousands of followers already joining the guerilla leader, Jason must find a way to defeat his newfound enemies on their own turf while battling to prevent a catastrophic attack."
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Give a character a reason to risk life and limb doing near-suicidal things and then let him loose to do it. That seems to be the attitude of the private intel company Jason Wakes heads to for a chance to get trained to take one those who took his love from him. That kind of incentive makes for really engaging adventures.

And when they are told in such an entertaining and exciting manner as these, well, sit back and buckle up.

I became a huge Matthew Rief fan with his action-packed Florida Keys Adventure series which almost qualified for membership in this compendium and may yet. I was thrilled, then, to find his Jason Wake tales so I could have an opportunity to sing the praises of this author.


My Grade: A-


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