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Full Name: Jayne Robinson
Nationality: British
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Andrew Turpin
Time Span: 2017 - 2023


Jayne Robinson is a freelance agent.

When we first meet her in the initial recorded adventure of CIA operative Joe Johnson, she is an agent with MI6 and she will remain with them for quite some time and a good number of missions before going off on her own. Once she becomes a free agent, she will continue her association with that organization while also going on a good number of assignments for the CIA. Like her friend, Johnson, she might be considered a private investigator of sorts but considering the work she primarily does for both MI6 and the CIA, freelance sounds more accurate.

That first contact revealed she had been quite active in late 1980s in the highly dangerous regions of northern Pakistan and, despite the attitude of most men in that area towards women, has established some very impressive sources of intelligence. Some time later we learn she had been transferred to the much nicer region of Buenos Aires where she again was able to set up a considerable number of contacts about the Argentine regimes. This was followed by a few years in the ever-changing political world of the Balkans during the early 2000s, working especially hard in the prosecution of war criminals. After her cover was blown by a foolish reporter, she had to leave that region; her new assignment put her in Northern Ireland for a while.

As mentioned, she plays a major role in all the earlier Joe Johnson adventures, starting with a mission in Afghanistan taking place in the late 80s. Since we can postulate she attended college before her MI6 service and she had already been in country for a couple of years, we might reasonably estimate her to be in her late 20s when we first meet. We are then able to catch up with on a spotted basis over the couple of decades up to the point where she decides to leave the SIS after 26 years and go out on her own.

Jayne Robinson is described back in the first meet as a slim, tanned woman with short dark hair and a white smile. When she spoke, it was with a "whiskey-low voice" that seemed to be especially seductive to most men. Even with the many years of action she had accumulated before she can still spark interest when she enters the room and her devotion to maintaining her physical conditioning has come in handy more than once when she has had to vacate that room in a hurry. Over the years she will mature but based on Joe Johnson's reaction throughout all that time, her beauty and grace has not diminished.


Number of Books:11
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2023

The character Jayne Robinson was introduced in the first Joe Johnson adventure and remained prominent in all 6 of that man's stories as well as the prequel which described in better detail how Robinson and Johnson became so close.

After quite of few years, Robinson was given her own set of adventures. In them, Joe Johnson is frequently mentioned and has a cameo appearance in several spots but otherwise the (so far) four books are primarily Robinson.

1 The Afghan The Afghan
Written by Andrew Turpin
Copyright: 2019

Book 0 in the Joe Johnson series.
Joe Johnson is a CIA agent who is given the tricky assignment of both capturing a Soviet helicopter in Afghanistan as well as making better contacts with the mujahideen. This will earn him a very bitter KGB enemy.
This adventure describes how Jayne Robinson and Joe Johnson became acquainted.
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2 The Last Nazi The Last Nazi
Written by Andrew Turpin
Copyright: 2017

Book 1 in the Joe Johnson series.
Joe Johnson is a former CIA agent and a war crimes investigator who is intrigued about the connection between a missing Nazi train, hidden by them at the end of WWII, and the financing of a Republican presidential candidate in 2012. Looking into it will put him up against an SS killer.
In this adventure Joe Johnson heads to Argentina where he is reunited with Jayne Robinson now stationed there.
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3 The Old Bridge The Old Bridge
Written by Andrew Turpin
Copyright: 2018

Book 2 in the Joe Johnson series.
20 years ago during the trouble in the Balkans, a cache of secret documents that links the Serbians and the White House went missing. Now Joe Johnson is on the hunt for it as well as a Bosnian army officer who disappeared after several gruesome murders.
Yet again Joe Johnson's assignment takes him to an area where MI6 agent Jayne Robinson has recently been working.
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4 Bandit Country Bandit Country
Written by Andrew Turpin
Copyright: 2018

Book 3 in the Joe Johnson series.
The Troubles in Northern Ireland are supposed to be over but a series of bombings and sniper attacks has caused one business owner to ask Joe Johnson to come to Belfast to help find the ones responsible.
After having been outed by a overzealous reported, Jayne Robinson has been transferred from the Balkans to Northern Ireland.
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5 Stalin's Final Sting Stalin's Final Sting
Written by Andrew Turpin
Copyright: 2019

Book 4 in the Joe Johnson series.
The consequences of the mission to Afghanistan that brought about Joe Johnson's leaving the CIA has returned to plague him. Now a mujahideen is out for revenge and a Russian oligarch close to Putin would like his history kept quiet, no matter who has to die.
Jayne Robinson is drawn into the matter because Johnson is not the only one the Afghan and Russian are unhappy with.
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6 The Nazi's Son The Nazi's Son
Written by Andrew Turpin
Copyright: 2019

Book 5 in the Joe Johnson series.
A Russian defector is in Berlin. He has important insight into a bombing there in the 80's of a nightclub so Joe Johnson heads there to interview him. Former KGB agents and Stasi officers would rather he not talk and anyone listening to him is in peril.
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7 The Black Sea The Black Sea
Written by Andrew Turpin
Copyright: 2020

Book 6 in the Joe Johnson series.
The CIA calls upon their former operative Joe Johnson to look into the explosion in the Ukraine that took out a Malaysian airliner and its passengers. What he finds leads him not to Moscow but to Capital Hill back in D.C.
Johnson knows he needs the help of his old unofficial partner, Jayne Robinson.
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8 The Kremlin's Vote The Kremlin's Vote
Written by Andrew Turpin
Copyright: 2021

Book 1 in the Jayne Robinson series.
"Two top US officials are gunned down while visiting London. A trail of deception misleads the CIA. And former intelligence operative Jayne Robinson is viciously targeted during a high-risk foray into Russia.
Robinson, previously a long-term MI6 officer, is covertly deployed by the CIA in a deniable operation to handle one of its biggest assets in the Kremlin and to get to the bottom of a threat that seems likely to engulf the White House—just as the next presidential election looms.
The mission becomes deeply personal for Robinson when it emerges one of the victims is married to one of her best and oldest friends."
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9 The Dark Shah The Dark Shah
Written by Andrew Turpin
Copyright: 2021

Book 2 in the Jayne Robinson series.
"Robinson is sent by the CIA to find out who left the Secretary of State fighting for his life in Israel and why.
However, the Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad, has the same agenda.
Given their history, can she trust them?
As her investigation progresses, Jayne finds she needs all her skills and know-how if she is to avoid the same fate as her much-loved father—blown up more than twenty years earlier in a mystery attack by pro-Iranian Hezbollah terrorists in London."
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10 The Confessor The Confessor
Written by Andrew Turpin
Copyright: 2022

Book 3 in the Jayne Robinson series.
"Intelligence operative Robinson is deployed by the CIA to discover why the American cardinals were murdered on their way to a top-level government meeting—with a mysterious message they were unable to deliver.
At the same time, a British cardinal and key ally of the pope asks Jayne to help with his own line of inquiry—before it’s too late. 
The case becomes increasingly complicated as the Israeli intelligence agency, the Mossad, is sucked into the drama in a most unexpected way as the international political stakes rise."
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11 The Queen's Pawn The Queen's Pawn
Written by Andrew Turpin
Copyright: 2023

Book 4 in the Jayne Robinson series.
"CIA checkmated . . . A defecting oligarch meets a grisly death in London over a game of chess. CIA investigator Jayne Robinson is sent to Moscow on a high-risk mission to find out why. And the US president prepares for a crisis summit as Russia grabs a chunk of Ukraine.
The dead oligarch is apparently ready to pass on top secret information about the Kremlin’s increasingly hostile plans and strategy. But he never gets the chance.
Operative Robinson is dispatched to Moscow to extract information from a highly-placed asset in Russia’s foreign intelligence service."
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12 The Dam Keeper The Dam Keeper
Written by Andrew Turpin
Copyright: 2023

Book 5 in the Jayne Robinson series.
"As Moscow prepares to invade Ukraine, Robinson uncovers evidence of a Russian plot, masterminded by a mystery Kremlin puppet, to destroy a critical hydroelectric dam. But which one? As the young dam engineer disappears after hearing too much, apparently kidnapped by a dangerous Russian seductress, Robinson finds herself in a desperate race against time down the River Danube to locate him.
Nothing is what it seems: Robinson is forced to take on spiraling risks—urged on by a US President who is preparing for a visit to Kyiv to support his Ukrainian counterpart.
To make progress, Robinson gets involved in a high-stakes game of international poker with a top-level asset inside the Russian president’s inner circle—who was recruited under coercion."
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Okay, Jayne Robinson's adventures come to us initially from the pages of the highly enjoyable and entertaining Joe Johnson series. While having a blast following that fellow, I especially enjoyed whenever Ms. Robinson was on the scene because it just made things so much more interesting.

That is why I was so pleased to see that the author, Andrew Turpin, decided to give her a shot of her own and then decided, I am assuming here, to keep a good thing going. I hope he plans to let her stick around with us for some time to come.


My Grade: A-


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