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Full Name: Ryan Lemmon
Nationality: American
Organization: American Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Patrick W. O'Bryon
Time Span: 2013 - 2022


Ryan Lemmon is an agent with American Intelligence.

The time frame for Lemmon's covert work on behalf of the United States starts in 1938, three years before the U.S. would be pulled into the Second World War by Japan on December 7, 1941 and have war declared on it by Germany four days later. Though open hostilities had not started, it was surely coming and America knew it needed to know more. Since intelligence gathering was still in its infancy in that country, those in control who knew the need existed looked to any outsider who could help. Lemmon was one such potential asset.

In the first recorded adventure, the time frame goes briefly even further back so we can see a much younger Lemmon as he is being sent in 1929 to Germany to study international finance by the Irving Trust Company for which he had recently begun working. We will watch the passage of the next few years quickly from the viewpoint of Lemmon as the Depression hits the world and his career gets some forced adjustments.

He would describe himself a couple years later as a "former impoverished banker, now student of history and doing my own bit of journalism on the side". That reporting would be for the Kansas City Times, matching his Midwestern heritage. He is on hand in Germany when the rise of the Nazi movement got its start and clashes with those non-members, especially Communists, were growing more frequent and more violent every day.

A return to the States and returning to college for a doctorate in business and a teaching position at a "small town college" in Kansas would lead to his having a teaching profession before a request in 1938 from his older brother, Edward, who was working for the State Department, for a meeting with the head of the German and Austrian Affairs division.

"Dr. Lemmon, We think you can do us a great service by returning to Germany for a spell. Frankly, we need to get in touch with the grass roots. What you learn over there might help provide us with intelligence to defuse tensions a bit, or just change a few isolationist minds over here. Influential minds. And should we have to get involved-that's what Secretary Hull and President Roosevelt expect-you'll have made our job a helluva lot easier." He would agree.

Lemmon is told by a woman who was admiring him that he possessed a smile and rakish look that gave him "the image of the archetypal hero", though she did say he needed a thin mustache to nail the look. Another woman with whom he will get quite close thinks of him as "the shining movie star of films, all dark hair and flashing teeth, bronze tan and witty banter".

Good Lines:
- Thought by Ryan Lemmon after encountering a beautiful and interesting lady, "There was always something new to be learned from an attractive woman".


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2022

Starting in 2013, the author, Patrick W. O'Bryon, crafted over the course of two years what he dubs the Corridor of Darkness trilogy.

A handful of years later he returned to the shadowy world of Ryan Lemmon with a couple of follow-on adventures.

1 Corridor of Darkness Corridor of Darkness
Written by Patrick W. O'Bryon
Copyright: 2013

Book 1 in the trilogy.
The years are 1929 - 1934 and then 1938.
"Young American reporter Ryan Lemmon intends to savor every thrilling moment and loses himself in the dark underbelly of the German capital. Then a violent death brings him face-to-face with the growing Nazi menace. As Hitler's stranglehold further grips the nation, Ryan helps an ex-lover steal intelligence which may save innumerable lives, but only should it reach the right hands in Washington. First they must escape a nightmarish pursuit by a sadistic foe and his all-powerful Gestapo."
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2 Beacon Of Vengeance Beacon Of Vengeance
Written by Patrick W. O'Bryon
Copyright: 2014

Book 2 in the trilogy.
The years are 1938 - 1941.
"As America edges closer to engagement in Hitler's war, reluctant operative Ryan Lemmon returns to Nazi Europe. His covert assignment targets Reich operations in Paris, but a cry for help from friends in a fascist internment camp must take priority.
Occupied France teems with dangers: an agent of British Intelligence whose help may prove deadly, a beautiful partisan whose cold heart threatens his mission, a former lover trapped between Gestapo persecution and the violent Parisian underworld. But most threatening of all, a ruthless personal enemy lurks, awaiting his moment of revenge."
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3 Fulcrum Of Malice Fulcrum Of Malice
Written by Patrick W. O'Bryon
Copyright: 2015

Book 3 in the trilogy.
The year is 1941.
"Leaving his friends to fight the Nazis in Occupied France, Ryan Lemmon returns to wartime Berlin. Deep in this ominous city of shadows, the American agent conspires with a powerful German spymaster to subvert Hitler's state.
His personal goal: save the life of a loving friend. But threading his way through the menacing streets with a target on his back, Ryan suspects he may have to buy her release with his own death."
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4 Echoes Of Silence Echoes Of Silence
Written by Patrick W. O'Bryon
Copyright: 2019

The year is 1941.
"Targeted by enemies and abandoned by allies, agent Ryan Lemmon has a serious problem. His American handler hopes he will fail.
The Gestapo has posted his image across the Reich. And the Criminal Police have already picked up his scent. His hands are tied and his options few.
Then, from a tram on crowded Alexanderplatz he spots a ghost from his past. Faced with a chance to acquire valuable intelligence, he joins a criminal enterprise rife with danger where his failure could undermine the entire British was effort."

5 Crucible Of Deceit Crucible Of Deceit
Written by Patrick W. O'Bryon
Copyright: 2022

The year is 1942.
"While a bloody struggle engulfs Europe from the Atlantic to the steppes of Russia, covert agents of both belligerent and neutral nations are put to the test. American operative Ryan Lemmon seeks to repatriate a scientist trapped in fascist Italy, while others will stop him by any means.
In France, partisan leader René Gesslinger goes deep undercover tasked with thwarting the torture and murder of resistance fighters, but he too faces treachery at every turn.
And in the heart of the Reich, a seductive woman code-named Klara, trained to destroy enemies of the Reich, receives new orders certain to roil this cauldron of deception."


One problem with a trilogy is what can you do when you are done.

Assuming you did a good job on the three adventures that made up that trilogy, it is likely that you resolved all the pertinent loose ends and that's the end of that.

Luckily life would go on and there is a reasonable likelihood that other, different problems would crop up.

Both cases are evident here. The trilogy was well-crafted and ended satisfactorily, such that I as the reader was pleased. And then new problems arise and Dr. Lemmon must again put himself in danger - bad for him but great for we readers.


My Grade: A-


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