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Full Name: Laura Messier
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Lawrence Scofield
Time Span: 2017 - 2020


Laura Messier is an agent with the CIA.

When we first meet her, we learn that while she is working out of the Paris office of the Agency, she has proven to be "a constant irritant" to the Station Chief there. "The CIA had embedded her inside the French Foreign Ministry in Paris where she worked directly for the Minister himself." On the plus side, "She was brilliant in that role and her information was some of the best material that came out of Western Europe" while on the other side of the ledger, "she was a bit rebellious at times which gave her boss .. something of a challenge.  Laura Messier didn't play by the rules [a fact that] often put her in conflict with her boss".

Messier is a former runway model with exceptional charm and grace. Hailing from "a lower middle class background in Des Plaines, Illinois", she is "stunningly beautiful and had one of the best minds at the agency". Her skill at speed reading and retaining tremendous amounts of data was exceptional, her abilities with languages top-notch, and her interesting knack at being able to read upside down all made her a danger to the other side in any meeting.

Dealing in a largely male-dominated world of espionage, Messier has learned long ago that most men saw her captivating beauty and not the keen intelligence behind her lovely eyes. She also knows that just because they do not recognize it, that does not stop her from making the best use of it that she can. They also frequenly fail to realize that her rebellious nature was not coming from pique at not getting her way but from the fact that she often saw a much faster or better way of achieving the goals given her.

One of the more interesting aspects of Messier's time with the Agency is that despite her having accomplished a good deal in her few years with the CIA, enough that the KGB knew of her and dubbed her the 'She-Wolf" for the trouble she had caused them, the top floor at Langley, i.e., Director William Casey, chafed at her presence in the Company and insisted she be fired. It is her supervisor who, knowing how good she was, fought to keep her in. Conversely, she will bristle at the attitudes she faces and eventually will decide enough was enough. Even after she makes the move to get out, the need for her will pull her back in.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2020

1 Three Days In Tripoli Three Days In Tripoli
Written by Lawrence Scofield
Copyright: 2017

"Laura Messier, America's female super spy, infiltrates Libyan Military Headquarters in Tripoli seeking the launch codes to Libya's long range missiles before the U.S. bombing in 1986. The codes exist in one place, the personal briefcase of Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi. Can she come face to face with Gaddafi, steal the codes and escape his headquarters?"
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2 Two Days In Moscow Two Days In Moscow
Written by Lawrence Scofield
Copyright: 2017

The KGB very much want Laura Messier dead. They put their best assassin, Ivan Ilitch, on the trail. His first attempt fails and now she, working with a contact in French Intelligence is head to Moscow to eliminate Ilitch and rescue an endangered mole.
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3 One Day In Lebanon One Day In Lebanon
Written by Lawrence Scofield
Copyright: 2017

Two American diplomats are kidnapped after a secret meeting in Damascus with Syrian President Assad. The Americans turn to Laura Messier, a former CIA operative with contacts in the region.
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4 Four Days In Panama Four Days In Panama
Written by Lawrence Scofield
Copyright: 2020

A plane smuggling drugs to the States makes an emergency landing on an airstrip in the Bahamas owned by Laura Messier. She has the pilots arrested and drugs confiscated which angers the drug cartel leader responsible. He orders a hit on Messier. When she learns of this, she takes the fight to him.
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I really enjoyed the fact that the top brass are irked at her, well, all the time, and want her gone because she does things her way and that annoys them no end, especially since she pulls off minor miracles despite them. So they want to see the door close behind her for good but her immediate supervisor knows just how valuable she is.

Throw in the fact that author really knows how to tell a terrific story and you have a handful of highly enjoyable, very readable adventures well worth your time picking up the book (or e-reader),


My Grade: B+


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