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Full Name: Bernie Dingledorf & Splat
Nationality: Unknown
Organization: Unknown
Occupation Agent

Creator: Bill Myers
Time Span: 2002 - 2021


Bernie Dingledorf is an agent of ... well, we don't know!

That's right, we do not know who Dingledorf works as an agent for and neither really does he. He knows it is the government because they pretty much told him and government people don't tell fibs. But exactly who they are is something that Dingledorf does not know.

Which is sorta fair when you consider that they don't know who Dingledorf is, either.

Okay, they know he is Dingledorf. They just think he is Ralph Dingledorf and Ralph is the country's best secret agent and since he is a master of disguise and can make himself look like just about anyone and anything, Bernie Dingledorf could be Ralph Dingledorf and how would we know? The world was in trouble - again - and the great secret agent Ralph Dingledorf was needed and the computers and stuff the government has pointed them to Bernie Dindledorfand now you know!

Dingledorf attends, when he is not out doing secret agent stuff, a student in Mrs. Hooplesnort's fourth-grade class. That is what he was doing when we meet him in the first recorded adventure. Actually, he was coming home from school when the helicopter swooped in and snatched him and his overweight dog, Splat, and hauled them both off the Headquarters. Dingledorf and Splat had no idea where they were headed at the time since, as I said, Dingledorf was just a 4th-grader and Splat was just a dog.

It was at HQ that Dingledorf learns of the whole Ralph/Bernie confusion and he learns that he is expected to once again (for Ralph - first time for Bernie) save the world! Bernie kinda whimpered at that - "we're not exactly the brave type", Dingledorf tells us. Brave or not, Dingledorf does manage to save the world and since Ralph never showed up and Bernie got the job done, you can imagine who they come calling for from then on!

I want to take a moment to point out that the adventures which we have been allowed to read all mention they are about "Secret Agent Dindledorf and his trusty dog SPLAT". I do not use that long title because it is, um, long, but I want you to know that I know that it is there.

Dingledorf is a pretty normal kid - other than his being asked to be a secret government agent. He is a tall, lanky kid who enjoys wearing baggy pants and a long-sleeve tee-shirt (both always wrinkled, of course) and the ever present white baseball cap, brim cocked to the right about 10 degrees. And sneakers, naturally. Of course, once he starts doing the secret agent stuff, some of these get some pretty nifty enhancements with secret agent gadgets and such. Risking his life saving the world all the time is kinda not so cool but that gadgets are.

Dingledorf has as his best friend and confident fellow student LQ (not his full name, of course, but that's what we know). The first thing we learn about I.Q. is he is not very good at sports "Unless the sport involves turning on the computer, reading a billion books, or finding the cure for cancer". I.Q. is pretty smart.

He also has as friend, but not as close because she's a girl, Priscilla. since Dingledorf is just ten and hasn't learned yet that girls can be interesting. She's important because she is very handy when it comes to kicking butt as she "has a black belt in karate, kung fu, and egg-fu-yung". That makes her cool in Dingledor's mind.

Neither of these two are secret agents like Dingledorf but they both know he is now one, which Dingledorf likes because the whole 'secret' part of 'secret agent' is not a lot of fun.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2002
Last Appearance:2005

1 The Case of the Giggling Geeks The Case of the Giggling Geeks
Written by Bill Myers
Copyright: 2002

"Ten-year-old Bernie Dingledorf is recruited as a secret agent to fight Dr. Chuckles, who is forcing smart people to laugh uncontrollably so that they will be what he wants them to be instead of what God wants them to be."

2 The Case of the Chewable Worms The Case of the Chewable Worms
Written by Bill Myers
Copyright: 2002

"The earth is being invaded by worms! They're everywhere...crawling on kid's toothbrushes, squirming in their sandwhiches, making guest appearances in Mom's spaghetti dinner. And worst of all, people find them...tasty! But is it really an invasion or the work of B.A.D.D. (Bungling Angents Dedicated to Destruction)?
Only Secret Agent Dingledorf and his trusty dog, Splat, can find out and save the day...while also realizing the importance of doing good and helping others."

3 The Case of the Flying Toenails The Case of the Flying Toenails
Written by Bill Myers
Copyright: 2002

"Ten-year-old secret agent Bernie Dingledorf tells a lie and helps expose the world to a dread cold that makes jets of flame come out through the victim's toenails."

4 The Case of the Drooling Dinosaurs The Case of the Drooling Dinosaurs
Written by Bill Myers
Copyright: 2003

"In The Case of the Drooling Dinosaurs, the museum's dinosaurs have come alive, and they're on the move, slobbering everywhere. Something must be done! But what? How could these museum relics come to life and threaten an entire city, and possibly the world? Only Secret Agent Dingledorf and his trusty dog Splat can find the answer and save the day."

5 The Case of the Hiccupping Ears The Case of the Hiccupping Ears
Written by Bill Myers
Copyright: 2003

"Ten-year-old secret agent Bernie Dingledorf flies into action when the boys of B.A.D.D. try to take over the world again, this time by mixing up brain waves and causing the bodies of children and teens to do weird things."

6 The Case of the Yodeling Turtles The Case of the Yodeling Turtles
Written by Bill Myers
Copyright: 2005

"In Secret Agent Dingledorf's sixth top-secret case, everyone's pets are going crazy! Cats think they can sing opera. Dogs think they're country-western stars. Even Priscilla's turtles think they can yodel! Only Secret Agent Dingledorf and his trusty dog, Splat-created by the outrageously funny Bill Myers-can solve the case and save the day. Black-and-white illustrations bring the mystery to life as everyone learns a little lesson about the importance of treating pets and animals with kindness."


Number of Movies:1
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2021

1 Secret Agent Dingledorf and His Trusty Dog Splat Secret Agent Dingledorf and His Trusty Dog Splat
Director: Billy Dickson
Writer: Bill Myers
Actors: Zackary Arthur as Bernie, Paul Johansson as Agent 001/2, Jason Dolley as Wing Nut, Shiloh Nelson as Lens Cap, Cooper J. Friedman as IQ
Released: 2021

Subtitled The Case of the Giggling Geeks
"Using quirky inventions from a spy backpack, young Bernie Dingledorf, his dog, and two best friends, are the only ones who can save the world by facing bullies, thwarting circus clowns and destroying Dr. Chuckles evil laugh generator."


This half-dozen youngster series is designed for 6-10 year old kids and is chockful of pretty cool illustrations. The stories are meant to entertain kids and I would imagine they do since I am a kid-at-heart and definitely still immature. They are also intended to teach Christian values of loving and sharing and caring and so one and I was impressed that they did so without, IMHO, coming across at all preachy. Good for them!

These books are short enough (70+ pages or so) to not lose a young kid's attention and to be read in likely one sitting.


My Grade: C+


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