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Full Name: Jeremiah Creed
Series Name: Yankee Doodle Spies
Nationality: American
Organization: Presidential Agent
Occupation Agent

Creator: S. W. O'Connnell
Time Span: 2012 - 2022


Jeremiah Creed is an agent of the American President.

To clarify that slightly inaccurate statement, he is an operative working under the orders of the man who would become the first President. When Creed is first asked to take on such a role, the United States did not yet exist so the position of its leader also did not. And yet the description above seems reasonable.

At the time of Creed's activity as an operative, there is no government organization to list as his employer because there is not yet any government in existence. Of course there is one for the 'other side', i.e. the British Crown. But for the nascent would-be army fighting to create a new country in the American colonies, there is nothing established - just desired.

In the opening of the first recorded adventure, we are shown a letter addressed to the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, General Washington, in which the writer, Colonel Fitzgerald, urged the army leader to allow the formation of "a special Group who are loyal and dependable and will endure much for little or no recognition. They must be intelligent, remain undaunted in the face of adversity, and exhibit calm resourcefulness under pressure. And they must be brave..." He would suggest that "a small organization ... made up of men who can both spy and counter enemy spies [in order to] obtain necessary Intelligence in a timely manner".

So the question then becomes who might qualify for such a position as there were cache from which to choose; no list of ready-to-serve trained operatives. If experience in spycraft is not a reasonable gauge, as no one had any, then other criteria must be selected. Intelligent, quick-witted, able-to-think-on-his-feet are certain requirements. Athleticism would seem a prerequisite. And bravery. And patriotic to the new cause of independence.

Creed will meet all those needs and then some. New to the American Colonies having come from Cork in Ireland, Creed showed he possessed plenty of those last two qualities for he had boldly set off for a new life across the Atlantic. And the other desires were also in eminent display for when we meet him for the first time, he has already joined the Revolutionary Army and was made a Lieutenant leading a small company of men from his new home. "Not quite six feet, [he] had the build of an accomplished athlete and moved like one". Creed checked all the boxes.

Good Lines:
- Creed tells his men, "War is a terrible thing. It begins with excitement but too often ends in a whimper, with little but grief in between".


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2022

1 The Patriot Spy The Patriot Spy
Written by S. W. O'Connnell
Copyright: 2012

"British invasion! A spy's treachery. An army's defeat. New York's occupation. A nation's destruction. Desperate to thwart the British forces, General George Washington taps Lieutenant Jeremiah Creed to wage a different kind of war."
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2 The Cavalier Spy The Cavalier Spy
Written by S. W. O'Connnell
Copyright: 2015

"The City of New York is firmly in enemy hands. His army holds the upper island of Manhattan by only a hair. The Royal Navy controls the waters around New York. And now the American spy Nathan Hale is trapped behind enemy lines. He turns to his young cavalier, Lieutenant Jeremiah Creed. Sent behind enemy lines, Creed’s small band faces British regulars, angry Tories, and unscrupulous traitors as they weave through the chaos of occupied New York. But Creed’s mission meets with shocking results."
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3 The Winter Spy The Winter Spy
Written by S. W. O'Connnell
Copyright: 2020

"January 1777
The Jerseys are aflame in a deep winter-war!
Backs against a frozen river and facing a column of crack redcoats intent on their destruction, George Washington’s army has a serious gut-check. They must outfight or outwit the British to preserve the faltering struggle for independence. With the help of the winter spy, General Washington intends to do both…"
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4 The North Spy The North Spy
Written by S. W. O'Connnell
Copyright: 2022

"Summer 1777: Jeremiah Creed is handed his most audacious assignment yet – to assume the identity of a British officer, with the mission of subverting the plan of an ambitious general and an army of British Regulars, German professionals, Canadian woodsmen, and Iroquois warriors. If he fails, the war for independence could be lost."
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This is a very well crafted historical spy series which takes us with ease and skill to the American Revolutionary days. It presents to us a young eager patriot ready to fight and likely die for his new country and then being surprised to find his Commander in Chief has another need for him. The fact that he had no training in such things is irrelevant because virtually nobody did.

I find it interesting that the first adventure came out just over a decade ago, the next one took three years, the one after that five, and then just two before the fourth. Considering how I enjoyed these, I hope a fifth is coming and without too long a way. Then again, maybe I should just let the author do what he needs to do to get it right like the others.


My Grade: B+


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