Full Name: Bruno The Kid
Nationality: American
Organization: GLOBE
Occupation Agent

Creator: Joel Madison
Time Span: 1996 - 1997


Bruno the Kid is an agent of Globe.

That is apparently not an acronym. Calling their private number, you will hear, "Thank you for dialing Globe, the world-wide super-secret peacekeeping organization". Of course, calling that secret number is difficult since it is, well, secret.

Globe was in the need of a replacement agent since their last great agent, 86, got 86's by the forces of T.H.U.G.S. Luckily they received a fantastic dossier via email for one incredible secret agent now looking for work; Bruno.

Now we need to step back and explain something.

Bruno is really a kid. He's not yet a teenager even, being in the 6th grade and being "not quite 12" (he's 11!). He is a pretty normal kid except for a wild imagination and a special love of computer games. And that is where "Bruno the Kid" comes into play. While preparing to play more online games, real kid Bruno uses a software package to create a new persona, complete with a realistic looking avatar. He feels it necessary to tweak the credentials, adding such things as that fake Bruno, definitely not a kid and looking amazingly like Bruce Willis, speaking 6 languages, having seen a lot of action during the Cold War, last stationed in Peking, that sort of thing.

When called to dinner, real kid Bruno accidentally pressed the Send button which somehow transmit the 'dossier' to Globe HQ (how? who knows and does it matter?). Returning to the keyboard, real kid Bruno discovers that Globe has accepted fake agent Bruno and given him his first assignment. Thrilled and eager for excitement, real kid Bruno shows up at the assigned place (local airport) to meet his contact. And that is how super-secret agent Bruno the Kid became real - well sort of.

Here two points to remember. One, the people running Globe think their agent is a grown, highly experienced male operative and since whenever real kid Bruno communicates with them, they see fake Bruno the Kid avatar so they do not learn the truth. Two, the couple of agents that Bruno the Kid will interface with in person have no idea that HQ does not know their agent's real age and they figure HQ must feel it is alright so why should they make a scene.

Meanwhile, real kid Bruno's parents, a music composer dad and a successful real estate agent mom, have no idea their son is galivanting around the country and the globe fighting really bad bad guys and saving the world on a weekly basis. Bruno is having too much fun to correct either their misunderstanding or HQ's. That is why and how the short blond-haired diminutive and bespectacled real kid Bruno is called time after time to go into action as fake Bruno the Kid - secret agent.

Two taglines worth noting on the activities of this fellow: 1) "When the fate of the free world is at stake, there is only one super-secret agent for the job. He's licensed for laughs and his codename is Bruno", and 2) from his own theme song: "no time for kid's games; no time for girls. Helping the good guys; saving the world. Call on Bruno, yeah, call on the kid. When you've got a problem, call on Bruno the Kid".

And concerning the acronym used above for the main bad guys Bruno the Kid will face many times, T.H.U.G.S. stands for "The Home Underworld Group Society". This band of would-be killers and thieves and extortionists and terrorists and all sorts of other -ists is really a does-not-play-nice-with-others sort of club. But at least they have diversity nailed down, proving that men and women of all races can be naughty.

And another comment or two about his 'partners' at Globe. Jarlsburg is the fellow Bruno will spend the most time with. A tall, brawny black man with a thin mustache and a whole lot of experience, he was determined to check in with HQ concerning this pipsqueak kid until that kid saved his life a couple of times at which point Jarly (as Bruno calls him) figured HQ must know what they are doing. And there is Harris, a super brainy inventor working for Globe who is always coming up with nifty albeit sometimes odd gadgets which Bruno the Kid somehow manages to find a great use for.

Oh, in case you were wonder what real kid Bruno's last name is - not a clue!

Good Lines:
- Said by a classmate and fellow game player female friend of his, "Bruno, pretending you're someone you're not can get you into a lot of trouble", to which he responds, "You think?"


Number of Movies:1
First Appearance:1997
Last Appearance:1997

1 Bruno the Kid - The Animated Movie Bruno the Kid - The Animated Movie
Director: Unknown
Writers: Doug Chamberlin, David Garbet, Bruce Kalish, Chris Webb
Actors: Bruce Willis as Bruno the Kid, Tony Jay as Jarlesburg, Tim Curry as Lazlo Gigahurtz
Released: 1997

Apparently a combination of the three-parter into one long adventure with flashbacks from other episodes tossed in.
Facing his greatest adventure without his closest friend, Bruno has to save the world and his own skin. But Bruno thrives on action, and he has some surprise tricks up his sleeve to trounce the terrible trio and get Jarlsburg back in the game.


Number of Episodes:36
First Appearance:1996
Last Appearance:1997

Bruce WillisBruno the Kid [ 1 ]
Tony JayJarlesburg [ 1 ]
Mark HamellHarris [ 1 ]
Tim CurryLazlo Gigahutz [ 1 ]
Bronson PinchotGeneral Armando Castrato [ 1 ]
Kenneth MarsProfessor Von Trapp [ 1 ]
Rene AuberjonoisLeonard DaLinguini [ 1 ]
Matt FrewerBooby Vicious [ 1 ]

In the mid-90s, highly successful and much in demand action movie actor Bruce Willis joined with Film Roman and several other companies to create this pretty enjoyable and totally unbelievable (but who cares!) animated action and comedy series.

It would sadly last only one season, producing 34 adventures (36 episodes since one adventure lasted three episodes), each being 22 minutes in length (30 minutes with commercials).

This show may not have had legs, as they say, but boy! Did it have talented mouthpieces. Take a look at the impressive list of actors, especially the bad guys!

Note: Wikipedia lists David Garber as the writer for this series. IMDB lists a wide variety of writers for most of the series. When no name is given by IMDB for a particular episode, I use Garber's.

Note: The plots listed for these episodes come from Wikipedia.

1 The Adventure Begins
Episode S1-1, first aired 09/23/1996
Director: Unknown
Writer: Bill Braunstein

Colonel Muckbar buys the BLAP disk from Lazlo Gigahertz and threatens to blow up the Hoover Dam unless he gets 2 billion dollars.

2 Spies, Lies & Bavarian Pies
Episode S1-2, first aired 09/30/1996
Director: Unknown
Writer: David Garber

Von Trapp steals the BLAP disc from Jarlsburg and plans to hold the world hostage.

3 North by Southwest
Episode S1-3, first aired 10/07/1996
Director: Unknown
Writer: David Garber

Mister X buys stolen Russian warheads and plans to blow up Mount Vicemore at the unveiling ceremony.

4 Take Me Out to the Bomb Game
Episode S1-4, first aired 10/14/1996
Director: Unknown
Writer: Monica Piper

Castrato steals a nuclear missile and detonator, and plans to use it unless he receives 50 billion dollars and the New York Yankees.

5 High Tide
Episode S1-5, first aired 10/21/1996
Director: Unknown
Writer: Bruce Kalish

Cy Cologne plans to melt the world's icebergs, which will cause an enormous tidal wave that will destroy half the world.

6 Moonbeam & Other Strangers
Episode S1-6, first aired 10/28/1996
Director: Unknown
Writer: Michael Berlin

Dr. Moonbeam steals DOGSLED defense weapons and threatens to destroy national landmarks.

7 Give Pizza a Chance
Episode S1-7, first aired 11/04/1996
Director: Unknown
Writers: Bean Batali, Rob DesHotel

Lazlo Gigahertz kidnaps several European leaders and uses Bruno to replace them with robots.

8 Chip Happens
Episode S1-8, first aired 11/11/1996
Director: Unknown
Writers: Pamila Hickey, Dennys McCoy

Ramon Ramon shoots down the GLOBE satellite and steals the chip inside, which will enable him to control all electronic communications in the world.

9 Mind Over Matter
Episode S1-9, first aired 11/18/1996
Director: Unknown
Writer: Mark Hoffmeier

Von Trapp kidnaps Profession Wisenstein, creator of a mind-reading machine, and builds one of his own. He plans to use it on Swiss bankers to get the combinations to their vaults.

10 Searching for Booby Vicious
Episode S1-10, first aired 11/25/1996
Director: Unknown
Writer: Ron Lux

Former chess champion Booby Vicious builds a device to take out radar systems. Bruno must win a game of riddles within 24 hours, or he will destroy the major cities of the world.

11 The Fission Mission
Episode S1-11, first aired 12/02/1996
Director: Unknown
Writer: George Zateslo

Mister X kidnaps world leaders, and the ransom is the uranium he needs for his atomic warhead detonator device.

12 The A-maze-ing Adventure
Episode S1-12, first aired 12/09/1996
Director: Unknown
Writer: David Garber

Lady Di Archer steals a ceremonial scepter so that war between Jumai and Bakare will continue and diamonds cannot be mined.

13 Jungle Bogey
Episode S1-13, first aired 12/16/1996
Director: Unknown
Writer: Mark Torgove

Dr. Benny Butterfinger steals the Thelma – a silent, undetectable plane – and will start bombing world capitals unless he receives 3 billion dollars.

14 Bruno-palooza
Episode S1-14, first aired 12/23/1996
Director: Unknown
Writer: Michael Price

Armand Geddon steals the explosive Ultra-Blastite, to be triggered by Slather's high notes at the upcoming "Peaceapalooza" concert.

15 Fade to Bruno
Episode S1-15, first aired 12/30/1996
Director: Unknown
Writer: Aubrey Tadman

Hollywood director Stuart Pede puts subliminal messages in a movie that will make teenagers kill world leaders and do whatever else he tells them.

16 The Spy Just Like Me
Episode S1-16, first aired 01/06/1997
Director: Unknown
Writer: Mark Hoffmeier

Von Trapp has built a large "Grosse Gun" and will bombard oil fields unless OPEC gives him all of its oil. He uses a ""kinder-spy"" of his own to anticipate Bruno's every move.

17 Shake, Rattle & Roll
Episode S1-17, first aired 01/13/1997
Director: Unknown
Writer: Bill Braunstein

Lazlo Gigahertz creates an earthquake-causing machine, with which he plans to destroy the world's largest cities.

18 Book 'Em Bruno, Murder One
Episode S1-18, first aired 01/20/1997
Director: Unknown
Writers: Doug Chamberlin, Chris Webb

Ho Don Po develops a plastic explosive that allows him to set off dormant volcanoes; the lava flow will turn the ocean property he owns in Hawaii into beachfront property.

19 Dr. Nozone
Episode S1-19, first aired 01/27/1997
Director: Unknown
Writers: Spencer Green, Mary Williams-Villano

Sunblock manufacturer Chick E. Love steals CFCs in order to eliminate the ozone layer and sell more sunblock.

20 The Unfriendly Skies
Episode S1-20, first aired 02/03/1997
Director: Unknown
Writers: Chris Goeke, Dan Spahn

Ann T. Mayhem and her sons hijack plans and steal their parts to build a super-plane. They then threaten to bomb countries unless they receive a ransom.

21 My Dogs Are Killin' Me
Episode S1-21, first aired 02/10/1997
Director: Unknown
Writer: Michael Short

Lazlo Gigahertz gains control over the dogs of the world, and plans to sic them on their masters unless he receives 1 billion dollars.

22 Meteor Showers Bring No Flowers
Episode S1-22, first aired 02/17/1997
Director: Unknown
Writer: Noah Taft

Mad inventor Leonardo Linguini builds a "Cosmic Hole Puncher" which he will use to punch the atmosphere so meteorites can reach the earth's surface. He will destroy every major world capital unless he receives 1 billion dollars.

23 Revenge of the Giganerd
Episode S1-23, first aired 02/24/1997
Director: Unknown
Writer: David Garber

Eugenie Scuzzybus uses Lazlo Gigahertz's technology to send a hypnotic signal through electrical wiring, making a zombie out of anyone who looks at a monitor or TV screen. Lazlo joins Bruno and Jarlsburg on their journey to stop Scuzzybus.

24 Send in the Clones
Episode S1-24, first aired 03/03/1997
Director: Unknown
Writer: Michael Price

Von Trapp uses DNA samples to create an army of clones of infamous people throughout history, who will help him take over the world.

25 Who's There?
Episode S1-25, first aired 03/10/1997
Director: Unknown
Writer: David Garber

Dr Nick Knock develops a "Weather Anomalizer" that can alter the weather. He plans to use it to exact his revenge on the scientific community at a reception for Nobel Prize winners.

26 For Your Snake Eyes Only
Episode S1-26, first aired 03/17/1997
Director: Unknown
Writers: Jordana Arkin, Gary Carlson

Former Las Vegas magician Snake Eyes kidnaps 12-year-old religious leader Rama Rama, and will sacrifice him, causing mass riots and chaos, unless Rama Rama orders his followers to leave the scared Temple of Paneer.

27 Funworld
Episode S1-27, first aired 03/24/1997
Director: Unknown
Writer: Aubrey Tadman

Vorga Lopez plans to overthrow her brother's government in Brazuela. She holds his son hostage at an amusement park, with the entire Brazuelan treasury as ransom.

28 Soda Jerk
Episode S1-28, first aired 03/31/1997
Director: Unknown
Writer: David Garber

Koos Koos manufactures a soft drink that contains a violence-inducing chemical. He plans to capitalize on arms sales when he starts an unstoppable world war.

29 The Last Christmas
Episode S1-29, first aired 04/07/1997
Director: Unknown
Writer: Bill Braunstein

Mad toy inventor Klaus Von Claus puts computer chips inside a popular type of doll, allowing him to bring them to life. He plans to use them to destroy the world on Christmas Eve at midnight.

30 Bye Bye Jarly: Part One
Episode S1-30, first aired 04/14/1997
Director: Unknown
Writers: Doug Chamberlin, Chris Webb

The bad guys, with Von Trapp as president, get together to take over the world. Their first step is stealing a new secret radar system. Jarlsburg loses his confidence and retires from GLOBE, leaving Bruno to deal with a new partner.

31 Bye Bye Jarly: Part Two
Episode S1-31, first aired 04/21/1997
Director: Unknown
Writers: Doug Chamberlin, Chris Webb

Continued from Part One.

32 Bye Bye Jarly: Part Three
Episode S1-32, first aired 04/28/1997
Director: Unknown
Writers: Doug Chamberlin, Chris Webb

Continued from Part Two.

33 Bullet Train
Episode S1-33, first aired 05/05/1997
Director: Unknown
Writer: Eric Estrin

A man calling himself "the Engineer" takes over a new computerized rail system and threatens to derail every train on the planet.

34 Dead Boy Walking
Episode S1-34, first aired 05/12/1997
Director: Unknown
Writer: David Garber

Melbourne and Sydney G'Day plan to infect the world with a deadly virus, then sell the antidote and rake in the money.

35 Virus
Episode S1-35, first aired 05/19/1997
Director: Unknown
Writer: Bruce Kalish

Castrato brings down the GLOBE jet, equipped with a computer full of secret GLOBE information. Bruno retrieves the computer, but must take it back so Castrato can download a virus that will erase all the secret information he has learned.

36 You Go, Girl
Episode S1-36, first aired 05/26/1997
Director: Unknown
Writer: Bill Braunstein

Medusa has a "Molecular Reorganizer" which can turn water into gold and vice versa. She plans to steal the world's supply of gold in order to control the world. Leecy sneaks along on this mission and finds out about Bruno's secret life.


I am pretty set in my ways concerning some actors; if he or she is in it, I am big time predisposed to like it. Even if it is animated and the actor's voice is the only thing we have. That is the case with Bruno The Kid who is voiced by the always entertaining Bruce Willis. 

The concept of a kid being a secret agent is silly and the concept that his age is not known by his bosses is a hoot - albeit a ridiculous one. But Willis pulls it off with the dry wit delivery that he is known for.

I never knew about this show because I was swamped with work and Nickelodeon was not one of my normal channels. That is a pity because I would have liked it at the time. I certainly liked it recently when I found it for this entry.


My Grade: B


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