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Full Name: Jeremy Brown
Nationality: British
Organization: M17
Occupation Agent

Creator: Simon Cheshire
Time Span: 1997 - 2010


Jeremy Brown is an agent with MI7.

That is a department inside the British intelligence community and deals with, well, unusual things. I say that because I do not believe it is ever mentioned exactly what its scope of interest is but it has to be pretty wide considering it deals retrieving a valuable satellite (sounds like normal spy stuff) to investigating with the undead in Egypt (definitely not normal) to heading to the planet Mars to battle slimy aliens (absolutely not normal).

One other aspect to MI7 is that is uses kids as its operatives. That's correct. Kids, as in youngsters who are normally in school annoying their teachers. In the case of Brown, the school is Grotside and in that facility Brown is just another student. People at the school do not know he is a government employee.

Brown is described as both "short and scruffy" and "weedy" - not sure what a weedy kid looks like. The description also mentions his wearing glasses but the images showing Brown do not have him wearing frames so who knows. It could be he only needs them to read or perhaps he has contact lens. More likely it is just a disguise so other kids will not suspect his true profession. The 'short' is pretty obvious from those pictures but then again, he is just a young kid. Scruffy? Yeah, that is definitely true.

Oh, one other adjective I have seen used for him on more than one occasion is 'typical' - don't believe it. Typical schoolboys do not receive coded messages in class and have to ask to be excused before heading off to save the country or the planet. Well, I do not think they do.

Brown is the agent of record, so to speak, and is the one getting the limelight, not to mention his name in the title of the adventures. Someone who is being decidedly snubbed there is Patsy Spudd, a curly ginger-haired young girl of the same age as Brown (10-ish?) who is probably best described as his sidekick though I would not do so when she is in hearing range. Brown has learned the hard way that is not a good thing to say so he is pressed often to come up with other ways to explain their relationship so as to not get her angry.

And angry seems to be a normal state for Spudd as she enjoys nothing more than when she is given a chance to either eat or beat up someone. She is pretty darn good at both - regarding the latter she is said to be a "mean lean fighting machine" - note the changing of the order of words in that one.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1997
Last Appearance:2010

1 Jeremy Brown of the Secret Service Jeremy Brown of the Secret Service
Written by Simon Cheshire
Copyright: 1997

"When a communications satellite falls out of the sky, Jeremy and his sidekick, Patsy Spudd, are called into action to find it. Meanwhile, the villainous Kenneth brothers. Sid Lime and the most unpleasant computer thief in the world are after the satellite too."

2 Jeremy Brown and the Mummy's Curse Jeremy Brown and the Mummy's Curse
Written by Simon Cheshire
Copyright: 1998

"Jeremy Brown may look like a short, scruffy schoolboy with weedy specs, but that's just a brilliant disguise. Really he's an MI7 agent working for the Secret Service. When his tie beeps he's on the way to Egypt with sidekick Patsy Spudd for a mission of sun, camels, curses and mummies."

3 Jeremy Brown on Mars Jeremy Brown on Mars
Written by Simon Cheshire
Copyright: 1998

"Secret agent Jeremy Brown, in his usual disguise as a weedy schoolboy, feels a strange buzzing in his shoe. M17 is calling with the news that the British University for Monitoring Stars (BUMS) has been destroyed and he must save Earth from destruction by tentacled, cheese-smelling, alien nasties."

3.5 Jeremy Brown - Secret Agent Jeremy Brown - Secret Agent
Written by Simon Cheshire
Copyright: 2004

A collection of all 3 books in the Jeremy Brown series mentioned above.

3.5 Jeremy Brown: Spy Jeremy Brown: Spy
Written by Simon Cheshire
Copyright: 2010

A second collection of all 3 books in the Jeremy Brown series mentioned above, self-published by the author.


This is a cute and fun three book series for young readers that was good enough to put out in a collection not once but twice. My guess is that it sold well enough to do it again but not so well as to entice the author (or someone else) to write more.

Of course, the whole concept of using kids as agents is ludicrous to anyone except other kids - or parents like me who want to believe it is outrageous but who still remembers, so many years later, some of the shenanigans my children got up to back in the day. I mean, there were times when I could almost believe ... well, never mind.

Amusing stories to hand to your spy-fi fan young readers.


My Grade: B+


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