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Full Name: Agent 917
Nationality: American
Organization: Unknown
Occupation Agent

Creator: Andy Holmes
Time Span: 2022 - 2023


Agent 917 is an agent with The Agency.

What 'agency' that might be is not specified. It could be the CIA since 'the Agency' is often used to refer to that governmental department but this is only conjecture so we are left with just knowing that he works for some group inside the American government which has taken upon itself the role of eliminator of perceived threats to the status quo.

"I don't have a name, only a number - 917. I'm here to kill someone and when it's done, I can go back to sleep."

Those are the thoughts that are with this operative at the moment he awaken. Every time he awakens. And each of those times, he had absolutely no recollection of who he was and what he has done or why he is likely lying on an unknown bed in an unknown hotel in an unknown city. "Whoever he was before this morning was dead. Only two things remained inside of him: the duty to complete his next mission and his professional instincts."

As that last part indicates, he is not totally oblivious to what is happening. He does not recall what his true identity is but he does knows that this has happened before and that it is the Agency that has done this to him and that it has done so an unremembered number of times before. This knowledge brings with it a fair amount of peacefulness knowing that he does not need to worry or fret or pay heed to what went on before, only on what is to be done now. This awareness comes with it understanding the procedure, as shown in the first recorded adventure, that upon awakening fully dressed onto of a nondescript motel room bed, he "scooped up the car keys and stepped out into the parking lot" where he would use the fob to determine the car and then to open the trunk to find the equipment he was allocated. This included a cellphone from which he would receive his instructions.

The description we are given of this man is: "His brown hair was trimmed short at the sides and his face was freshly shaven. A scar curled around his right forearm like a question mark. He lifted his shirt and was unsurprised to see dozens of scars weaving up and down his ribs and back." Other than that small amount of information, we are left with the understanding that he is a fairly average appearing man likely so he can come and go without attracting too much attention - aside from the fact that the leaving part means some target is no longer breathing.


Number of Stories:4
First Appearance:2022
Last Appearance:2023

1 Buried Alive Buried Alive
Written by Andy Holmes
Copyright: 2022

"A sadistic surgeon hones in on his next victim. Anyone who crosses Dr. Thomas Philtzer winds up dead or vanishes. One of them is a mother trying to protect her daughter. Jessica Cooper is nine years old and Philtzer is bloodthirsty.
In a dingy Motel 6 on the outskirts of town, an assassin sleeps. The dime sized implant beneath his pituitary activates. His mind awakens like the safety of a gun being flipped off. He has no memory of who he is or how he got here. He takes solace in the singular certainty that is always with him when he wakes up - I don’t have a name, only a number - 917. I’m here to kill someone and when it's done, I can go back to sleep.
An encrypted phone relays the details of his mission. Save the girl. Protect the mother. Put down Philtzer. The punishment must fit the crime."
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2 Abduction Game Abduction Game
Written by Andy Holmes
Copyright: 2022

"A kidnapper claims another victim. In the dead of night, a child is snatched from her crib. There are no clues. No leads. No trace of who abducted the child. The police are lost.
In desperation, the parents turn to an assassin with no memory. Agent 917 has no past. No future. An implant buried in his brain keeps dark secrets from forgotten yesterdays hidden away.
The amnesia charges him with singular purpose. His mission. Find the kidnapper. Get the kid home. Punish those responsible. But the wall of amnesia has cracked open. Will it stay closed long enough for 917 to finish the mission?"
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3 Murder Underground Murder Underground
Written by Andy Holmes
Copyright: 2022

"A maniacal billionaire. An unholy cult rampages in the underbelly of New York City.
A string of horrific murders have shocked New York City. The body count has been climbing. The Agency has uncovered a dark coven responsible for the killings. They are committing blood sacrifices, a satanic attempt to reach the underworld and uproot the city.
Agent 917 pursues the head of the snake. Like a scalpel, he's going to slice it off."
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4 Matchstick Matchstick
Written by Andy Holmes
Copyright: 2023

"The enigmatic 917 awakens on the west coast in San Francisco. A wave of terror sweeps through the City by the Bay as a pyromaniac leaves a trail of fiery death in their wake. The city is on the edge of chaos. As Agent 917 hunts the target, his artificial amnesia begins to crumble. Clues to his identity arise. The Agency interferes. His sanity begins to crack. Can 917 keep it together long enough to complete the mission?"
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This three-book (so far) series is a fascinating case of "I'd had to be him" coexisting with "I love following him". The Agency is a pretty stern taskmaster and if you are like me, you start off wondering what on earth would have prompted anyone like Agent 917 to agree to the kind of life he is living. Trying to learn more about what is behind it all is a great reason for continuing to read - that and the writing is pretty darn good.

And one other pretty important aspect to this series is that as bad as Agent 917's situation is, the people he is sent to eliminate are way, way worse.


My Grade: B+


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