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Full Name: The Artemis Team
Nationality: American
Organization: Artemis
Occupation Agency

Creator: Preston W. Child, Fran Connor
Time Span: 2016 - 2017


The ARTEMIS Team is an agency working for the President of the United States.

Okay, 'agency' is a major misnomer as this is a very, very small collection of people but they do in fact work for America's Chief Executive, With an interesting proviso: as he tells one of the key players in that group, "I don't want any current or advance notice of what you are doing, and as far as I am concerned, you do not exist. I have never heard of you."

That leader, President Laval, obviously wants plausible deniability but he definitely needs the team because of the proof they uncover of a major plan to unseat him and destroy democracy as the country has known it. And the powerful group behind the plot, I.O.A.G.I., is made up of a good number of very powerful and mega-rich people with their tentacles deep inside all the various governmental organizations in both the US and the UK - so much so that Laval admits he cannot ask for help from "the FBI, CIA, MI5 and 6" because "The simple answer to that question is that we don't know whom we can trust".

As the leader of ARTEMIS tells the President, "we have no way of knowing whom we can trust and who may be involved with [the other side]. We know that you are beyond reproach because they were trying to bring you down. The people around this table have all proven themselves to be reliable and free from the taint of that organization. We intend to carry out our mission for you, but we will not report to anyone, including you. Autonomy is vital to prevent any leakage or harm."

They named their group ARTEMIS after the mythological goddess of the hunt because their whole reason for existence is the hunt for, and dismantling of "a secret organization called I.O.A.G.I., which stands for the International Organization against Government Intervention. There are many influential people in this group from many countries in the West and East. Their raison d'etre is to make money and hold on to their power". That is a simple way of saying that the members are super wealthy and determined to keep what they have and make a whole lot more by destroying any government that looks like ti might be in their way.

The genesis of the group and their fight against that shadowy group started when Freya Jameson, wife of a presidential candidate named Charles learned that her husband was in deep with the group but had balked at their methods for unseating the current leader. Apparently qualms were forbidden and he was violently removed from the running (along with the women he was having an affair with). When Freya received an anonymous tip that there was a whole lot more to the murders than just a jealous husband learning of the tryst, she started to look into it.

Known for being a very intelligent woman, complete with a Ph.D., key players in I.O.A.G.I. went after her but underestimated her skills, tenacity, and luck. In doing so, they forced her to make use of total strangers which then put them in danger and gave them reason to join her fight.

The ARTEMIS Team is comprised of eight individuals"

Jack - Detective Chief Inspector until the 'official' formation of the team, he is the group leader and a highly skilled investigator who did not appreciate being used unknowingly by the enemy to put Freya behind bars to silence her - that and he quickly gained a major affection for the beautiful woman.
Freya - unofficial co-leader of the group, she brings to the group her expertise in economics coupled with her extensive contacts in the political area.
Deidre - a slim black woman in her thirties who "brings to the team her people skills and a good working knowledge of police procedure".
Alexander - an overweight white American male in his sixties, "an expert on anything mechanical".
Brady - a white American male in his probably late 30s and in very good shape providing the team "inside knowledge of the workings of the US security services".
Hassan - an Arab man who was a professor of mathematics in Tunis speaking several languages. He helped Freya when she desperately needed it.
Yvette - a slender French woman and until recently a prostitute who "has a talent for getting information from people".
Jeremiah - a teenage white American male, blond with freckles and sporting thick glasses, who is a nephew of Freya and a computer whiz recently released from jail for hacking the Pentagon.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2017

1 Operation Hydra Operation Hydra
Written by Preston W. Child, Fran Connor
Copyright: 2016

"A race across the USA, Europe and South America against the clock to thwart an international conspiracy to frame the US president with genocide and environmental crimes."
buy from Amazon

2 The Genesis Project The Genesis Project
Written by Preston W. Child, Fran Connor
Copyright: 2016

"IOAGI have a plan, The Genesis Project, to build a complex under an Irish mountain that will enable them to control the world’s communications for their own evil purpose. All that stands between them and success is their sworn enemy ARTEMIS and its oddball members. When IOAGI agent Ella defects, she provides the information and expertise to thwart her former employers. Their ruthless killers are on her tail and leave mayhem in their wake."
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3 The Alcázar Code The Alcázar Code
Written by Preston W. Child, Fran Connor
Copyright: 2017

"Secret IOAGI organiaation succeed in getting their man elected as the US president. They hold all the aces, controlled from deep beneath the Alcazar in Seville, Spain.
The body count rises. All is lost unless ARTEMIS agent Rita can discover the way in to IOAGI's lair and then destroy it …"
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I got a kick out of the idea of a Presidential-created group being told basically to do what you need to do but I want to know nothing about it. My amusement comes from the dilemma of what is worse: a governmental division with no official oversight - or one with it.

I decided from the first time I read about her that I was going to like Freya Jameson. She is feisty when she has to be, and it seems like the world wants to keep her having to be. She is resourceful and determined and a whole lot smarter than I am and she is smart enough to immediately pulling into her circle people who could do things she couldn't.

And the author is ... well, one of those who would seem cannot write a bad story.


My Grade: B+


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