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Full Name: Missile Mouse
Nationality: Unknown
Organization: GSA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jake Parker
Time Span: 2008 - 2010


Missile Mouse is an agent with GSA.

That acronym stands for the Galactic Security Agency. These adventures take place somewhere in the Great Out There where travel to planets is swift and normal and intelligent creatures of all shapes and sizes and styles inhabit a gazillion planets. It is where lots of those people are very dangerous and want to steal from or hurt or control good people. It is the job of the GSA to seek out these bad people and stop them throughout the galaxy.

The best agent that the organization has is named Missile Mouse (MM) - whatever name he was born with, and I think we are safe to say it was not 'Missile", is never revealed to us that I could find. The last name is pretty self-evident because this "a rough, tough space hero" just happens to be a big-eared mouse. He is not the scamper around on four little feet, mind you. This somewhat height-challenged fellow walks on two legs and two fully functional arms complete with a fist each comprised of a thumb and three fingers.

MM is described in several places as "James Bond meets Han Solo". You can throw in more than a little of Jerry from Tom&Jerry fame as well. From the Bond side you get an operative who can be sent into any dire situation and trust that he will find a way to solve the problem and save the day. From the Solo side you get a fellow who is cocky and self-assured and sometimes a bit 'too much' but who you really do want on your side. And from the Jerry part, you have someone who will be quite amusing and entertaining to watch him pull off the impossible.

From the GSA point of view, however, you also have an agent who "prefers to do things the quick and messy way. This penchant for disruption has the GSA keeping close tabs on him."


Number of Stories:3
First Appearance:2008
Last Appearance:2010

1 The Guardian Prophecy The Guardian Prophecy
Published by Scholastic
Contributors: Jake Parker (writer and artist)
Copyright: 2008

Printed in Flight Explorer #1, March 2008, with 20 color pages.
"Missile Mouse crash lands on a planet to find he's just the guy to help save a small village from a monster...or is he?"
Click here to read the story.

2 The Star Crusher The Star Crusher
Published by Scholastic
Contributors: Jake Parker (writer and artist)
Copyright: 2010

First paperback graphic novel adventure for young readers.
"Missile Mouse must stop the evil Rogue Imperium of Planets from finding and using the Star Crusher, a device capable of destroying whole solar systems."
Click here to read the story.

3 Rescue On Tankium3 Rescue On Tankium3
Published by Scholastic
Contributors: Jake Parker (writer and artist)
Copyright: 2010

Second paperback graphic novel adventure for young readers.
"Missile Mouse is partnered with a security robot, whom he despises, but has to work with in order to save an entire race of Tankiuans from forced slavery at the hands of the evil king Bognarsh."
Click here to read the story.


When a very frequent contributor to this compendium told me about this series I was not sure what to make of it at first - a galaxy-traveling rodent complete with jet pack and ray gun? Hmmm. I am a huge fan of the outside-the-norm but, um, wow!

Then I got a glimpse of the artwork that the creator/writer/artist, Jake Parker, brings to this short series and I was super impressed. It is gorgeous and inventive and well deserving of attention. The stories are well thought out with really nasty bad guys and dialogue and descriptions that, in my admittedly untrained opinion, is best suited for the upper range of the 8-12 year old target audience. This reader with a lot more decades than that group was entertained.


My Grade: B


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