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Full Name: Jen Yates
Nationality: American
Organization: NSA
Occupation Agent

Creator: J. W. Clay
Time Span: 2021 - 2021


Jen Yates is the CEO and co-founder of Technical Access Group.

That is a private organization working under contract licenses with the American government. Its initial and primary role is "clandestine intelligence acquisition" using computer hacking skills to break into remote servers belonging to people and organizations targeted by their clients and stealing highly sensitive information without the hacked being aware of the intrusion.

Recently, though, it has moved into the lesser known and far more hush-hush field of Cyber-Kinetic Eliminations - a euphemistic way of saying TAG uses computers to kill their targets.

Think cars that are all computer operated and which have Internet access to better serve the driver and keep him/her safe. Think hospital equipment all computer controlled to make sure every aspect of a patient is monitored and every drop of medication promptly applied. Think elevators in every commercial building over a story tall. Think every home that has digital assistants like Alexa and Siri and Google.

Yates Was an NSA employee until she retired and started up her own company quite a ways west of Fort Meade, Maryland - out in Montana. There with the use of "the most powerful antennas, satellite dishes, and computer servers available", their technology would "allow them to reach out to any computer in the world as long as it was connect to the Internet". As Marcus, her co-founder, put it, they could "reach out and touch" a target without having to be close and thus in danger themselves.

We are told early in the first adventure that "Ms. Yates is a one-hundred-and-ten-pound, blonde-haired, green-eyed firestorm that hails from Texas. Max Yates, her father, was an Air Force pilot who flew during America's conflicts with the Middle East. Service is in Jen's blood, and she chose to uphold traditions. She earned a computer science degree from Virginia Tech and used it as a ticket into the National Security Agency, specifically Tailored Access Operations - the United States' most elite group of digital espionage experts. There isn't a computer the men and women in this directorate can't break into, extract information from, or control."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2021

1 Code Of War Code Of War
Written by J. W. Clay
Copyright: 2021

Jen Yates's new mission for her and her cyber team is "as dangerous as it is rewarding: the assassination of a People’s Liberation Army general responsible for reforming China’s armed forces. His goal is to create an armed force that can challenge the United States … and win. Jen’s goal is to stop him by any means necessary."
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2 Cyber Kinetic Cyber Kinetic
Written by J. W. Clay
Copyright: 2021

"Jen Yates and her Technical Access Group are tasked with surveilling, penetrating, and conducting Cyber Kinetic Assaults on elements of North Korea's nuclear weapons program. The targets are big, and the stakes are high.
While Jen and her Group are busy working in North Korea, China's Ministry of State Security has begun working in South Korea. They aren't looking to destroy weapons; they're looking to use weapons. They have only one goal in mind: change Asia permanently."
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3 Partition Theroem Partition Theroem
Written by J. W. Clay
Copyright: 2021

"The United States and the People’s Republic of China are at odds, and it’s tearing the world in two. Economic tensions are at a breaking point, placing the two nations on a path to war.
Jen Yates is in the middle of it all. The conflict started with the Cyber Kinetic Elimination of General Hu Shang, and traveled to the Korean Peninsula, where the two great nations faced off between their proxies: The North and the South. Now it’s time for the final battle, and it will carry Jen Yates into China’s capital: Beijing."
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2021

1 Zero Day Zero Day
Written by J. W. Clay
Copyright: 2021

Venezuela is in tatters. A despotic government is strangling the country, and it’s on the verge of collapse.
One man is pulling the strings from the shadows. Comisario Hector Ruiz, the senior officer in charge of the National Police Action Force, Venezuela’s secret police. Without regard for the law, basic human rights, or international norms, Ruiz has arrested, tortured, and murdered thousands of Venezuelan citizens. It’s made him a target.
Jen Yates has recently retired from the National Security Agency, ready to escape into the fringes of the U.S. government. The murky world of contracting, where she’ll ply her new specialty: Cyber Kinetic Eliminations—assassinations carried out remotely, via computer.
There’s a problem: The federal government won’t acknowledge the capability, nor will they grant her a contracting license."
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I've said for a couple other series in which computer hacking plays a major role in the skillset of the main character, I am particularly fond of them because it allows me to live out a bizarre fantasy, seeing as I, like Jen Yates, have made my living with computers. Like her, I was the head of a computer company (for a while). So it is fun to sort of pretend that I am in her shoes (so to speak and without any heels). Except when the bullets start flying and people start dying. Then I turn the show over to Yates and her creator, J.W. Clay.

And those are some quite capable hands, too. The books are well written and the plot extremely exciting and I have a blast with the time I spent in Yate's universe and would not mind going back there in the future.


My Grade: B+


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