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Full Name: Will Revill
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: John Pilkington
Time Span: 2022 - 2022


Will Revill is an agent of British Intelligence.

There being no real government agency with that designation back in the late 1500's, it is more accurate to say that Revill is working for Sir Thomas Heneage, an influential force in Queen Elizabeth I's retinue and a man known for being ambitious and successful at gaining and keeping power. It is important to state that while Heneage might or might not have been a spymaster in the traditional sense, he was not only friends with an acknowledged expert in that field, Sir Francis Walsingham, he knew the ins and outs of intrigue and how best to make use of it to protect the Crown and his own station.

A key word to describe Revill's work with that spymaster, shown in the title of adventures of Revill, is 'reluctant' for Revill has no desire at any time to handle the unpleasant work that Heneage will force upon him. Revill will become party to that man's machinations only to protect his own family from major disaster.

Revill's real line of work is that of an officer in the British Army's Artillery Corps. Holding the rank of Captain, Revill has already spent considerable time in that capacity and is known for being quite good at commanding his one hundred plus men and if Revill has his way, he would continue as such for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, Heneage has need of someone of Revill's intelligence and tenacity, not to mention his "intemperance" and will use any means to get it, including threatening Revill's sister's safety. Thus Revill becomes an unofficial operative.

Revill's exact age is not mentioned (that I could find) but I would estimate it to be in the late 20s or very early 30s. He is a good looking man in quite good shape, a fellow who catches and keeps the eye of several youthful women and more than one not so young; while he is not immune to their qualities, he is decent enough to be mindful of Jenna, his young Cornish 'paramour' who waits for him back in London.

Traveling with Revill and serving as his right hand is Sergeant Tom Bright, an older man described as wiry and little and a man who has become quite close to Revill since the time a year before we first meet them when in a battle in the Netherlands they, under orders, fought a horrific battle that left most of their forces decimated and themselves permanently scarred. Professionally they remain Captain and sergeant but personally, they are close friends.

Good Lines:
- Said by Heneage concerning an enemy of the Crown, "A drowned Spaniard is as good as one who's been shot."
- Said by his Cornish lover, Jenna, "Remember this. An Irish main is only a Cornish maid who can swim."


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2022
Last Appearance:2022

1 A Reluctant Assassin A Reluctant Assassin
Written by John Pilkington
Copyright: 2022

The year is 1589. Will Revill is ordered by spymaster Sir Thomas Heneage to head to the mansion of Sir Abel Stanbury in Surrey and kill him. The reason is confusing but the alternative is not; Revill's sister is married to a Catholic and in this era of anti-Pope sentiment, that could be disastrous for her is Heneage wanted to make trouble and he vowed to unless Revill killed his target making it look like an accident.
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2 A Reluctant Traitor A Reluctant Traitor
Written by John Pilkington
Copyright: 2022

The year is 1590. Will Revill is back with the British Army as Queen Elizabeth has sent a force to France to support the protestant King Henri IV as a civil war rages between that side and the Catholic League. The unit is about to be recalled home when Sir Thomas Heneage again forces Revill to perform a secret mission. The task is to head to Paris to determine if the English ambassador is in fact a traitor. The mission will not stop there.
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A piece of well written historical fiction is always a wonderful change of pace for me and that is what I found with this series. Throw in, of course, the fact that the main character is a spy! Well, what more can you want.

There are other spy series out there with agents who work for - or have to work for - Sir Francis Walsingham but it is fun to see how an author is going to answer the question of how the operative came under that famous/infamous spymaster. In the cast of Will Revill, it definitely is a matter of not wanting to but having to and it was handled pretty darn well.


My Grade: B+


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