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Full Name: Garway Trengon
Nationality: British
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Writer

Creator: John Paddy Carstairs
Time Span: 1951 - 1967


Garway Trenton is a writer.

He is a very successful scribe of a number of best-selling romantic thrillers so wherever he goes, he often finds people who are fans of his works and his ability to get invited into any party or soiree no matter how high, or low, in society thse outings might take place.

It is important to state up front that Trenton is not a spy nor would he want to be. He is a storyteller and he enjoys being one and he even more enjoys the sort of life that being as good at it as he is affords him. He especially relishes the companionship of some extremely alluring and captivating women that his fame and his fortune provides him. It is these women that will invariably get Trenton involved in matters touching on the cloak and dagger world (sure, blame the women!). Either they have agendas quite different than Trenton's amourous bent or they are affiliated with other that do. And it is fair to say that Trenton tends to not pay near enough attention to where his wandering eyes take him. Paying too much attention to the scenery and not the situation gets Trenton in a lot of trouble a lot of times.

Trenton is a huge fan of his speedy and beautiful Aston Martin DB4GT and he does whatever he can to make sure that anywhere he goes, he takes it with him. Its small and swift lines allows for only he and one other person but since that passenger seat is often filled with a beautiful woman with whom Trenton is planning on spending quality time, he sees no reason for any more seats. [Looking at pictures of that gorgeous automobile and reading the extended descriptions of those female passengers, I would agree with Gar.] By the way, he named his car Ming II - "Ming I and I once ran out of road", he explains.

Back to the matter of Trenton not being a spy, it is important to note that he is asked on several occasions to "help out" in little matters here and there, usually by Interpol in need of an outsider who can infiltrate places known agents could not. The speed with which he agrees to put himself into danger tells a lot about the man's love of excitement and adventure.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:1951
Last Appearance:1967

Starting in 1958, author John Paddy Carstairs produced seven enjoyable adventures about a very successful romance-thriller writer named Garway Trenton. Those books are listed below numbered 1-7.

As just shown to me by spy-fiction site manager Johny Malone - - six years before the first Garway story, the author had published a book about a playwright named Garfield Trenton. I list it below as #0.

Same fellow? Almost certainly not but still, I mention it here for completeness sake.

0 Call No Man Faithful Call No Man Faithful
Written by John Paddy Carstairs
Copyright: 1951

A luxury liner heading to New York has among its many passengers a small collection of strangers who will find their lives entwining in interesting ways during the journey. The author "unfolds a plot which is fascinating and full of rich observation humor". Chief among those people is "Garfield Trenton, the well-known playwright".
There is no reason to believe that Garfield Trenton is Garway Trenton but then again ...

1 Gardenias Bruise Easily Gardenias Bruise Easily
Written by John Paddy Carstairs
Copyright: 1958

"Bestselling author Garway Trenton wants to take a vacation - and where do great authors go on vacation? On the French Riviera! But he's hardly arrived when he's already being pursued. Not the way he wants it, no - no admirers. This time, cold-blooded killers are on the hunt for Mr. Trenton..."

2 No Wooden Overcoat No Wooden Overcoat
Written by John Paddy Carstairs
Copyright: 1959

An Interpol official named Shadrach asks Garway Trenton to help in an international matter in Tangier. Apparently all Interpol agents in the area have been blown and someone fresh and unknown is needed to help break up a drug smuggling operation. When he arrives, he finds his identity is also already known.

3 Touch A French Pom-Pom Touch A French Pom-Pom
Written by John Paddy Carstairs
Copyright: 1960

"Best-selling novelist Garway Trenton becomes involved in an amazing investigation as he probes the curious situation of four people with the same peculiar desire."

4 Pardon My Gun Pardon My Gun
Written by John Paddy Carstairs
Copyright: 1962

When his girl friend took a trip to Rome to meet a cowboy movie star, a miffed Garway Trenton decided to head to Corsica to meet up with another woman he had his wandering eye on. This sojourn will result in his getting caught up in a messy matter involving her, the police, and two competing groups of smugglers.

5 The Concrete Kimono The Concrete Kimono
Written by John Paddy Carstairs
Copyright: 1965

[plot unknown]

6 A Smell Of Peardrops A Smell Of Peardrops
Written by John Paddy Carstairs
Copyright: 1966

Garway Trenton [is] minding his own business - in the shape this time of lovely Venetia Carruthers - when he suddenly becomes involved in some astonishing chicanery - all because he decides to go to Tangier with Venetia and handsome, but crashingly boring Lord Beau Beverlow. It is in Gibraltar that the fun starts."

7 No Thanks For The Shroud No Thanks For The Shroud
Written by John Paddy Carstairs
Copyright: 1967

[no data]


This series comes really close to not belonging in the compendium because most of the thrilling situations that the character finds himself in are more criminal than espionage-related. However, since I have seen a couple of places over the years including Gar Trenton in lists of spy series, I decided to give him a try and found that, yeah, kinda, I can see it ... sorta.

The main thing that gets him admission is his international forays. The man loves to travel. This puts him in some exotic (for me) locales and up against some exotic (again, for me) women.

One description I read of Trenton was that he was a poor man's Simon Templar. Having read several of these now, I can see that comparison but with the caveat that Trenton is far more of a horny hound-dog than the Saint was.

As for the writing, Carstairs is a good writer with a very nice use of descriptions, especially those exotic ladies. He was not in the same league as Leslie Charteris, however. Fun to read, though.


My Grade: B


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