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Full Name: Pierre Farag
Nationality: Egyptian
Organization: None
Occupation Private Investigator

Creator: Stuart Campbell
Time Span: 2017 - 2019


Pierre Farag is an agent with British Intelligence.

So is his wife, Zouzou Faris, at least once she meets Farag and then later marries him. 

When we first meet Farag, he is a private investigator living and operating in Cairo. He is, from the sound of things, quite good at his job and "had a clutch of chauffeurs in his shabkah - the network of snouts and stoolpigeons who kept his private investigation firm in business. Chauffeurs, waiters, doormen - these were the people who knew who was freshly arrived in Cairo, who owed money, who was visiting somebody they shouldn't."

His nationality was Egyptian even though his first name would lead people to think otherwise. "He'd spent his thirty-three years weaving a middle course between the Armenians on his mother's side and the Copts on his father's. He was Bedros to his mother's people, Boutros to his late father's. But to anyone with money to spend, he was Pierre Farag, and that's all you get, thank you very much."

For all his contacts and relationships, Farag remains a man who prefers to not be noticed. He consistently dressed in a conservative and unassuming manner so as to not draw attention to himself, giving him more opportunity to do the observing.

Farag is not a rich man; he does alright in his profession and certainly enjoys it but the money does not regularly pour in so like most of us, when a legal opportunity presents itself, he is seldom in a position to say no to it. This dedication to his work means, at least up until we meet him, he is single and has no steady love interest - the every two weeks visit to the older woman named Sandrine for 'practicalities' notwithstanding.

This bachelorhood will come to an end quite quickly after he is reconnected to the beautiful and tempestuous Zouzou Paris, a childhood sweetheart who had made a major name for herself in the European film industry. Their old flames will be rekindled and she will become nearly as important in his escapades as he is - certainly a good deal more attractive.

Farag does not ever go looking for cases which would put him in deep involvement with security personnel or spies or other such denizens of the shadows. He is a private eye and likes it and wants to keep doing it. Unfortunately, some of the cases that are handed to him will force his participation in their activities.


Good Lines:
- About an Egyptian police detective, "[His] paranoia about wire-tapping had reached a point where a normal telephone conversation was a masterpiece of obfuscation."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2019

1 Cairo Mon Amour Cairo Mon Amour
Written by Stuart Campbell
Copyright: 2017

"Cairo 1973.
British intelligence agent Lucy Vickers is on the run, her cover blown. Her colleague Mark Bellamy has just dumped a dead policeman and a Mercedes in the Nile.
Can the former lovers salvage the secret mission that has brought them together on the eve of war with Israel? Or are they throwaway players in a game of Cold War politics?
As Lucy and Mark are reeled into a net of treachery, there is only one person to turn to: The enigmatic Egyptian-Armenian private eye Pierre Farag, who seems to be a step ahead of their every move."
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2 Bury Me in Valletta Bury Me in Valletta
Written by Stuart Campbell
Copyright: 2019

"London, 1975.
Student Emma Stonehouse is about to prove she's got the guts to be a serious political activist. But her dad Ralph, a senior intelligence bureaucrat in Whitehall, has a dirty little secret. When Emma makes her move, Ralph's career implodes and a clandestine espionage operation is thrown into peril.
Egyptian-Armenian exile Pierre Farag is hired to salvage the operation, taking on the role of an enigmatic arms dealer to penetrate Colonel Gaddafi's stronghold."
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2 Bury Me in Valletta Bury Me in Valletta
Written by Stuart Campbell
Copyright: 2019

"Sydney, 1978.
While the beaches teem and the cold beers flow, a clandestine syndicate is planning to overthrow the Australian government.
They've commissioned dodgy businessman Kerry Rich to detonate a bomb at the Opera House on Anzac Day. He's passed the job on to Pierre Farag, a reluctant British sleeper agent dumped in Australia. But Pierre and his wife Zouzou want out — out of Sydney and out of doing other people's dirty jobs.
Meanwhile investigative journalist Liz Lanzoni has got a sniff of the bomb plot and sees the chance to break the story of the decade."
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Ash on the Tongue Ash on the Tongue
Written by Stuart Campbell
Copyright: 2019

"Cairo, 1972.
American student Dusty Abbott arrives in town to enroll at the American University. Soon she's enmeshed in a love affair with playboy Adel Shahata.
But Adel is engaged to marry the daughter of a wealthy industrialist, part of a business merger between their families. The affair with Dusty sets off a chain reaction that shakes Cairo's high society.
Pierre Farag is recruited to disentangle Adel from the affair. But is Dusty Abbott who she claims? Why is the Soviet Embassy suddenly interested in Pierre Farag? And who will pay the ultimate price for meddling in preparations for the coming war with Israel?"
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Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016

1 Cairo Rations Cairo Rations
Written by Stuart Campbell
Copyright: 2016

"In 1973 I travelled to Egypt to study Arabic at Cairo University for six months as part of the BA in Modern Languages at the Polytechnic of Central London. War broke out shortly after I arrived, and I spent a far more eventful study abroad than the Poly had planned.
This little book began as a memory jogger. I was planning a novel set in Cairo during the October 1973 war, but I struggled to recall the details. So during 2014 I wrote these nine essays, about one a month, publishing them on my website as they were completed.
Friends and relatives seemed to like them. I prepared this book by putting the original essays in chronological order and tidying up loose ends."
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From the words of the author regarding these adventures: "The Siranoush Trilogy comprises the novels Cairo Mon Amour, Bury me in Valletta, and The Sunset Assassin. The three stories are stand-alone episodes in the tribulations of reluctant British spies Pierre Farag and his wife Zouzou Faris. The couple are exiled from Cairo to London in 1973, and then to Malta in 1975, ending their quest for freedom and anonymity in the northern Australian tropics in 1978."

I personally found this character a fascinating man to follow and enjoyed them a lot.

I was also fascinated about the origin of the character and his relationship to real life.


My Grade: B+


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