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Full Name: John Spenser Larivière
Nationality: French
Organization: French Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Bernard Besson
Time Span: 2013 - 2016


John Spencer Larivière is a freelance agent.

He was for a few years an operative with French Intelligence but personal reasons caused him to leave government employ and start up, with the help of the love of his life, Victoire, their own company. It was named Fermatown and defined as a "strategic- and criminal-analysis company". Unfortunately for Larivière, the business was currently in the red, causing him to fret more than a little. "He had agonized over not being able to measure up" and she "rarely saw him smile these days".

That was likely to change when he and his company was offered a lucrative gig paying €100k. Naturally both he and she knew that no one offered that kind of money to a company like theirs without there being some sort of danger. However, paying the bills is pretty powerful incentive and Larivière is very interested in keeping the doors of their new firm open, not just for its sake but also to not be a failure in the eyes of his beloved Victoire. He largely saw himself as that failure - ever since what had happened in Afghanistan".

Regarding Victoire - last name not mentioned - she is a beautiful woman described as his "steamy Eurasian partner". Had Larivière been able to see himself through her eyes he might not have worried so much. Her interest was fixated on having a child, more specifically "a son who would look like his father, a good-looking hunk, five feet eleven, with irresistible blue eyes and the blond mane of a movie star". She is a daughter of a Cambodian survivor of the Khmer Rouge and a French diplomat and a woman who has learned how to take care of herself, especially if she is able to bring into play her considerable skills with karate.

Also a partner in Fermatown and playing a major role with his considerable skills at the computer is Luc - again no last name to be seen. For reasons no one seems to know, Luc's former boss in French Intelligence routinely called him "Little Luc" even though he stood 6'2". Luc and Larivière immediately hit it off when first meeting and the inclusion of him in the company was fortuitous to both; Larivière got the use of a tech genius and Luc got a place to go after deciding his "bisexuality and unconventional ideas" was not a great fit inside the structured government intelligence agency they had both worked for.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2016

1 The Greenland Breach The Greenland Breach
Written by Bernard Besson, Julie Rose (translator)
Copyright: 2013

"The Arctic ice caps are breaking up. Europe and the East Coast of the United States brace for a tidal wave. Meanwhile, former French intelligence officer John Spencer Larivière, his karate-trained, steamy Eurasian partner, Victoire, and their computer-genius sidekick, Luc, pick up an ordinary freelance assignment that quickly leads them into the glacial silence of the great north, where a merciless war is being waged for control of discoveries that will change the future of humanity. An edge-of-your-seat thriller that keeps the reader guessing combines with a terrifying look at a world (possibly) just around the corner."
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2 The Rare Earth Exchange The Rare Earth Exchange
Written by Bernard Besson, Julie Rose (translator)
Copyright: 2016

"Panic strikes at the highest levels of the French government when the former president is found hanging from the rafters in his home right after a terrorist attack at the airport. Is it suicide or assassination? Freelance operative John Spencer Larivière, his karate-trained partner Victoire, and their computer-genius sidekick Luc must find out what he was hiding. Quickly, the investigation turns into a globe-spanning confrontation in a world of high-frequency trading where manipulation and corruption reign. Larivière races against the clock to find out who is pulling the strings."
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I liked the character Larivière which is something I need to be able to do in order to enjoy the books (either that or if he be bad, make him deliciously so). I really like the two supporting characters, Victoire and Luc. I enjoyed her backstory and thought she made a very interesting and exciting addition to the tales. And I always enjoy a fun computer geek! As long as those two are important people in an adventure, I would buy more.

But there are not going to be any more books as it seems those were the only ones he penned before he passed away. So, enjoy these two.


My Grade: B+


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