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Full Name: Fangs Enigma
Nationality: Unknown
Organization: MP1
Occupation Agent

Creator: Tommy Donbavand
Time Span: 2013 - 2014


Fangs Enigma is an agent with the MP1.

That acronym stands for Monster Protection, 1st Division. No word on how many divisions there are in the whole organization. Enigma answers to a particularly gruff boss named Phlem, "the only swamp beast ever to have survived away from the murky depths of the legendary black lagoon". It would seem that unhappy is a near constant state for Phlem to be in but then again, having to police the entire world of nasty dangerous monsters of all shapes and sizes and types can do that to a creature, especially one already predisposed to be sour.

Phlem has the lovely Miss Bile as his personal secretary, a middle-aged banshee who has lost all of her teeth and who has a major long-time crush on Enigma, one not reciprocated though Enigma is always sweet and kind to her.

We are told that "supernatural creatures do exist. They have just spend centuries hiding away in dark castles and moldy dungeons because humans kept attacking their homes, armed with pitchforks and flaming torches. But that's all history now. Ever since the supernatural equality laws were passed, people of all shapes and sizes have lived happily side by side". That description is followed by the admission that "the supernatural [world] has its fair share of bad guys and it's the job of MP1 to track them down and catch them - to protect the world from the very worst criminal monsterminds".

Fangs Enigma is touted in the blurbs for his adventures as the "World's greatest vampire spy" which may or may not be accurate but even if it is, since I have no idea how many other vampire spies there are in the world in which Enigma operates, how much bragging rights that gives him is questionable. He definitely has an impressive track record for getting the job done and he has an undeniable flare about him. The way he can use his ever-present cape as a fashion statement as well as a handy weapon is noteworthy.

As would seem a requirement, Enigma has one weakness - beautiful women. To have one around him is to make sure his attention is not totally the problem, something his junior partner is sadly aware of.

Speaking partners, he has one in the interesting Puppy Brown, a young woman who is not a vampire; she's a werewolf. Now, most werewolves, we are reminded, are "perfectly normal people - apart from every full moon when they change into terrifying wolves". Unfortunately for Brown, "something went wrong with my first transformation and I ended up permanently stuck as a werewolf - claws, fur, fangs, the lot". When the full moon comes, she changes back to a human for the night.

While they have been paired for only three months, they already seem to work well together. Brown proves she is far more than just a sidekick. She is a pretty impressive agent on her own.

In our initial meeting with Enigma, he is in a speedboat in pursuit of a zombie villain and his instructions from HQ giving him permission to apprehend the man also include, "try to keep the destruction down to a minimum this time, please!" That last bit says, apparently, a whole lot about Enigma's techniques. What happens immediately afterwards, culminating in a big explosion with Enigma's boat smashing into a bridge. Luckily, neither Enigma nor Brown were still in the vessel but the need to worry about destruction is verified.

Also playing an important role is Professor Hubert Cubit, aka Cube, is the head of MP1's technical division and comes up with nifty things for Enigma to use. These include his special fangs, one of which is a transmitter sending his voice back to HQ, turning a bright shimmering blue when doing so. The other fang is a receiver. Cube is a very clever individual.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2014

1 Operation:  Golden Bum Operation: Golden Bum
Written by Tommy Donbavand
Copyright: 2013

"Agents Fangs and Brown have been recruited by secret intelligence agency MP1 (Monster Protection, 1st division) to investigate some high-profile robberies. Can the world’s greatest vampire spy and his sidekick sniff out the thief before he puts his stinker of a plan into action?"

2 Codename: The Tickler Codename: The Tickler
Written by Tommy Donbavand
Copyright: 2013

"The Will Pill, an expensive mind-control technology, has been stolen by an ogre. But Snores is only a good for hire - who is the real culprit?"

3 Assignment: Royal Rescue Assignment: Royal Rescue
Written by Tommy Donbavand
Copyright: 2013

"Agents Fangs Enigma and Puppy Brown are assigned to protect Princess Tiara after a series of failed kidnap attempts by Bigfoot, aka Barry Sasquatch."

4 Target: Nobody Target: Nobody
Written by Tommy Donbavand
Copyright: 2014

"Nobody is a ghost with a taste for time travel and a fiendish plan to be brought back to life."

5 Project: Wolf World Project: Wolf World
Written by Tommy Donbavand
Copyright: 2014

"Everyone loves new ice-cream brand Furry Ices. In fact, they can't wolf them down fast enough. But these treats have a nasty side-effect... Howl will Agents Enigma and Brown stop the sinister Lucien Claw from turning the whole world into wolves?

6 Mission: Lullaby Mission: Lullaby
Written by Tommy Donbavand
Copyright: 2014

"Troll Derek Dopper has hired two unlikely henchmen to investigate criminal organization GLOVE - Agents Enigma and Brown. Working undercover can Fangs and Puppy catch head honcho Mr. Big?"


When I was first told this series existed and was shown the covers of the books, I thought they would be really short adventures, 30-40 pages each, meant for tykes 6-9 years old. I was wrong. These are more like 140 pages each and they are geared towards 10-14 year-old readers. They are definitely have more grown-up feels to them without straying too far. PG would not be a bad rating for them had they been movies instead of books with some parts wandering across the line into PG13 territory, especially when it comes to the mayhem.

As an adult, I would not (and did not) spend a lot of time with them but had I been, say, 11 when I learned of them, I would have definitely snatched all six up. Especially for the really bad puns that come out of Fangs Enigma's long-toothed mouth.


My Grade: B-


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