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Full Name: Michael Alden
Nationality: Russian
Organization: KGB
Occupation Agent

Creator: Larry Cohen
Time Span: 1967 - 1967


Michael Alden is an agent of - well, therein lies the mystery.

Onboard a luxury liner just docked in New York City, a man who was noted as being called 'Gigot' is waylaid by a woman and two men with the proclamation that they knew what he was planning, that he had betrayed them, and they were decidedly unhappy about it. They drug him, take away all forms of identification, and then toss him off the ship in the river expecting him to die. He disappointed them and managed to make it to short but the only words he spoke initially were the cryptic 'Coronet Blue'.

It becomes clear to all including him that he has no recollection of who he is or how he got in water. Needing a name, he combined that of the doctor attending him and the hospital he was in, coming up with Michael Alden. He left the hospital prematurely and set off to figure out the truth of who he was, using as his only clue that interesting phrase.

Along the way of his investigations, Alden will find friendship with Max Spier and temporary part-time employment washing dishes at the man's restaurant, 'The Seeing I'. Alden also befriends a monk named Brother Anthony. Both men will assist in at times when he asks for assistance.

Making understand the facts about himself becomes a very urgent matter when it becomes clear that a group of people known as 'Greybeards' are out looking for him in the hopes of finishing his demise.

The man calling himself Alden is in his late-20s or very early 30s, best described as "a brawny, firm-jawed, sandy-haired" man standing 6'2" tall and in fairly good shape with a winning smile and manner.

Those viewers following his steps are never told the truth as to who Alden was or why he was being pursued but Wikipedia reports that the series creator, Larry Cohen, told his biographer: "The actual secret is that Converse was not really an American at all. He was a Russian who had been trained to appear like an American and was sent to the U.S. as a spy. He belonged to a spy unit called 'Coronet Blue.' He decided to defect, so the Russians tried to kill him before he could give away the identities of the other Soviet agents. And nobody could really identify him because he didn't exist as an American."


Number of Episodes:13
First Appearance:1967
Last Appearance:1967

Frank ConverseMichael Alden [ 1 ]
Joe SilverMax Spier [ 1 ]
Brian BedfordBrother Anthony [ 1 ]

According to "CBS ordered 22 episodes of Coronet Blue in January 1965, planning to air the show during the 1966-1967 season. The network later cut the episode order to 13 and then shelved it until the summer of 1967."

That source goes on to explain the crazy lifecycle of the show and how it sort of got on the schedule and then not and then could have come back except the star was already moving on to a different project.

One of the reasons, among apparently many, for the delays and then the rejection is shown in a review for the Los Angeles Times by Gary Mayfield who wrote: "Filled with everything but drama, the premiere episode was a study in confusion — from acting to script. With sequence after sequence of erratic and hardly relatable scenes, cliches tumbled forth without force or meaning, backed by a musical score out of a daytime soap opera."

1 A Time to Be Born
Episode S1-1, first aired 05/29/1967
Director: Paul Bogart
Writer: Albert Ruben

A man called 'Gigot' by an assailant is pulled from a river, but has no memory of his past except two words - 'Coronet Blue'. He is rehabilitated and gives himself the name 'Michael Alden' and begins his trek to 'find his past' but soon realizes he is targeted for assassination.

2 The Assassins
Episode S1-2, first aired 06/12/1967
Director: Lamont Johnson
Writer: Albert Ruben

Alden is reunited with people who claim to be his parents and fiance. But when certain things do not add up, he begins to wonder if they 'really are' who they say they are.

3 The Rebels
Episode S1-3, first aired 06/19/1967
Director: Sam Wanamaker
Writer: Robert Van Scoyk

At a college in New York, Alden is the focus of experiments to overcome amnesia, but he must share a dorm room with students and earn his keep by working shifts at campus security, but this puts him in conflict with protesting students.

4 A Dozen Demons
Episode S1-4, first aired 07/03/1967
Director: David Greene
Writer: Robert J. Crean

Brother Anthony is a young monk who may hold a clue to Michael Alden's real identity after he sees Alden's likeness in a painting.

5 Faces
Episode S1-5, first aired 07/10/1967
Director: Robert Stevens
Writer: Alvin Sargent

A mysterious photograph of a funeral reception for a murdered girl shows Alden present. Though a young man was convicted, and Alden has no memory of the event, he suspects he might be the actual killer.

6 Man Running
Episode S1-6, first aired 07/17/1967
Director: Sam Wanamaker
Writer: Art Wallace

Alden unwittingly gets caught up in a plot to kill a political figure and his daughter.

7 A Charade for Murder
Episode S1-7, first aired 07/24/1967
Director: David Pressman
Writer: Andy Lewis

Anthony is lured to a strange apartment by a naval officer, where he finds a girl in a harem costume. Police later accuse him of murder, when the officer's body is found in the same room where his fingerprints are also found.

8 Saturday
Episode S1-8, first aired 07/31/1967
Director: David Greene
Writer: Alvin Sargent

Alden makes arrangements to pay a man $2000 for his true identity, but both are pursued by ruthless hit men. A troubled boy joins him hiding out in Central Park, unable to face home responsibilities after his father dies.

9 The Presence of Evil
Episode S1-9, first aired 08/07/1967
Director: Sam Wanamaker
Writer: Robert Crean

A reluctant girl is used as a medium in a magic act, and a blue coronet is part of her costume. This intrigues Alden and Anthony, who are then unexpectedly drawn into a strange plot.

10 Six Months to Mars
Episode S1-10, first aired 08/14/1967
Director: David Greene
Writer: Stanley R. Greenberg

Feds want to exploit Alden's amnesia for simulating a mission to Mars. Brainwashed, he and a partner are placed into a drug-induced simulator. His partner's breakdown aborts the mission, just as Michael begins to remember parts of his past.

11 The Flip Side of Timmy Devon
Episode S1-11, first aired 09/04/1967
Director: David Greene
Writers: Albert Ruben, Sherman Yellen

Alden hears a pop tune on the radio, supposedly from a dead singer, yet never released until that moment - but he somehow knows the lyrics already, and surmises that he had to have been present at the recording session.

12 Where You From and What You Done?
Episode S1-12, Unaired
Director: Sam Wanamaker
Writer: Edward DeBlasio

In North Carolina, Alden is befriended by a cheery, ditzy blonde aspiring folk singer. Her imaginative fabrications gradually become strange and sinister, and he's forced to find out who she is.

13 Tomoyo
Episode S1-13, Unaired
Director: David Greene
Writer: Waldo Salt

Michael spies an Asian girl whom he believes he met with in his forgotten past. Following her leads to brutes, discovering he knows karate, a dojo instructor who mentors him, confused and cleared memories, with a martial arts finish.


Number of Collectibles:2
First Appearance:1967
Last Appearance:1967

1 The Theme To Coronet Blue The Theme To Coronet Blue
Item Type: .45 rpm record
Created by: Kapp Records
Copyright: 1967

.45 rpm single of the theme to the television show sung by Lenny Welch. It was released first to radio stations as a promo and then as a single. According to the discography on Wikipedia, it was released twice, both times as a Side B: first in 1965 (when the show was first about to be aired) with Side A being Run To My Arms and then again in 1967 (when the show actually aired) with Side A being I'm Over You.

2 Lenny Welsh - Two Different Worlds Lenny Welsh - Two Different Worlds
Item Type: LP Album
Created by: Kapp Records
Copyright: 1965

Lenny Welch's second studio album contained the theme song to Coronet Blue as the 4th song on Side 2.


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2024
Last Appearance:2024

1 Coronet Blue: The Series Coronet Blue: The Series
Written by Scott V. Palmer
Copyright: 2024

"This is a reference book on the 1967 TV series Coronet Blue. The book includes the 13 episodes in date order, complete cast lists, numerous photographs, directorial credits, and a story synopsis for each episode.
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I was 15 when this show aired and since it did so in the summer months, I doubt I ever saw it since I was busy doing teenage boys things (this long ago, who knows what those were and it is probably safer to not pry).

Had I watched it, I doubt I would have thought much about it as I had already one show our family watched about a fellow being pursed wherever he went, The Fugitive. Then again, I always did like Frank Converse, the man who portrayed Michael Alden, so who knows. 

Watching it now via streaming, I find it interesting and worth watching so obviously that kid back then didn't know too much.


My Grade: B


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