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Full Name: Sebastian Starchild and Isis Nile
Nationality: Unknown
Organization: S.C.I.
Occupation Agent

Creator: Doug Moench, Paul Gulacy
Time Span: 2002 - 2002


Sebastian Starchild and Isis Nile are agents with S.C.I.

That acronym stands for Special Covert Investigations though everyone refers to it by the letters, not the name. The organization is run by an entity known as Motherbank, a controlling intelligence running S.C.I. (if not the entire government) who is said to have once been human but who now exists in the cyberworld.

The year is 6138. The location is the Arcturus System of planets, said star being the red-orange colored giant 36 lightyears from Earth and 25 times the size of Sol, not to mention being 100 times as bright.

According to a database entry given readers at the beginning of the adventures: "One thousand years after the destruction of Earth, the remnants of humanity found refuge on 17 planets in the Arcturus System. Only 5 of the 17 planets have been fully Terraformed to ideal human living conditions. The other 12 planets - the Outer Worlds - have achieved only partial Terraforming to marginal life-sustenance levels. This is seen as oppressive by most of the Outer Worlds and has been the cause of consistent tension throughout the last 50 years. All attempts to defuse the situations have only lead to further escalation and outburst. Previous protests and riots have begun to flare into overt terrorism and sabotage, threatening the entire Arcturus System's safety. The militant fundamentalist ShadowBlack is suspected to be behind recent attacks and is likely funded by Outer World Authorities."

The description is ended with the statement that "S.C.I-SPY agent involvement is necessary to avoid further escalation."

That is where Starchild and Nile come in.

Starchild is the main star of the series. He is a fascinating individual who, in an era where physical and mental enhancements to the human form are common, has eschewed all those to remain as human-pure as possible. According to Motherbank, 27 Earth-years ago, a trading ship came upon a "mystery capsule drifting through our Arcturus system - the discovery of a neo-Moses in the 'cosmic bullrushes'. To this day we don't know where the capsule's cryo-frozen baby came from or how long he floated in suspended animation, even what distance that capsule may have traveled. But the child was fully human, somehow one of us, and I elected to raise him myself, shaping his mind and body alike toward a single goal from day one - the best agent possible." That explanation ends with the fact that Starchild has "matured in every .. way into a superb specimen. And now, as stubbornly flesh-pure as he remains, the Arcturus System's greatest mystery man is also S.C.I.-Spy's perfect agent".

Starchild is an operative who insists on working alone, accompanied only by an artificial intelligence housed in a floating sphere around the size of a softball but with some very powerful tricks inside. The agent, as indicated, is in excellent physical shape and is ruggedly handsome with spiky unkempt black hair and a fondness for good spirits and beautiful women.

Isis Nile is one such gorgeous female who is also an S.C.I. agent who far prefers to work alone and who bristles at being told she has to work with Starchild. She is also in superb physical shape with an athletic body routinely encased in a short bodysuit which shows off all of her excellent conditioning, topped with almond-shaped eyes and a short silvery head of hair. Her history is not explained but she readily shows just how capable and lethal she can be.


Number of Stories:6
First Appearance:2002
Last Appearance:2002

1 Starchild Starchild
Published by Vertigo/DC
Contributors: Doug Moench (writer), Paul Gulacy (artist)
Copyright: 2002

Printed in S.C.I. Spy #1, April 2002.
"Starchild sets off to battle space pirates, stop a legion of world-eating hunger bugs, and uncover an intergalactic mystery, aided (under protest) by sexy and deadly super spy Isis Nile and by his own trusty cybernetic sidekick, Orb."

2 Inferno Inferno
Published by Vertigo/DC
Contributors: Doug Moench (writer), Paul Gulacy (artist)
Copyright: 2002

Printed in S.C.I. Spy #2, May 2002.
"Sebastian Starchild and Isis Nile go undercover and infiltrate the terrorist organization Blackside, to find the Hunger Bugs' power source and hopefully save the universe before these nano-tech bugs devour everything in their path."

3 Revelations Revelations
Published by Vertigo/DC
Contributors: Doug Moench (writer), Paul Gulacy (artist)
Copyright: 2002

Printed in S.C.I. Spy #3, June 2002.
"To stop the Nano-Tech Hunger Bugs from destroying all the planets of the inner worlds, Sebastian Starchild and his partner, Isis Nile, delve into the secrets of Shadow Black and who is behind it all."

4 Original Sin Original Sin
Published by Vertigo/DC
Contributors: Doug Moench (writer), Paul Gulacy (artist)
Copyright: 2002

Printed in S.C.I. Spy #4, July 2002.
"Sebastian Starchild learns the truth behind his origin, what the Hunger Bugs really are, and a secret Motherbank has been harboring for nearly a thousand years."

5 New Earth New Earth
Published by Vertigo/DC
Contributors: Doug Moench (writer), Paul Gulacy (artist)
Copyright: 2002

Printed in S.C.I. Spy #5, August 2002.
"Sebastian Starchild and Isis Nile return to Earth and find a ruined planet where the aliens who inhabit it are preparing to invade their homeworld in the Arcturus System. They are forced to team up with their enemy, Shadow Black, to stop the invasion."

6 Invasion Invasion
Published by Vertigo/DC
Contributors: Doug Moench (writer), Paul Gulacy (artist)
Copyright: 2002

Printed in S.C.I. Spy #6, September 2002.
"The aliens are coming! The aliens are coming! Can Sebastian Starchild, Isis Nile and the rest of the S.C.I.-SPY agents save the Arcturus System from the Xenos alien race?"


I enjoy an occasional combination of genres and the blending of spy fiction with science fiction is not done enough, IMHO. This series is one such and it does so in great style.

The stories, too few that there are, are good ones and the characters are very interesting. There should have been a lot more but as seems to be far too often the case, the good series dies young.

I would gladly have read more about Starchild and even more happily more about Isis Nile. There is a kick-butt woman who deserves her own series and I would have snatched it up in a heartbeat.


My Grade: B+


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