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Full Name: Ben Drummond
Nationality: British
Organization: GCHQ
Occupation Agent

Creator: Tomas Black
Time Span: 2019 - 2024


Ben Drummond is a computer security expert.

I had started this entry with his being an agent with GCHQ and that is often the case but since he runs his own small company, I felt that was more accurate. But technically he is 'attached' to that British intelligence organization though he also does work for other departments in the government as needed; case in point, when we meet him in the first recorded adventure, he is called into a case by the National Crime Agency in London. When he shows up at the scene of an upcoming raid, all the people he is meeting know about him is that he is someone in 'Computer Forensics' - that and he was considered important or vital enough to tell the NCA boots on the ground to leave their normal computer guy back in the office because Drummond would take his stead.

But as I said, he has his own business as a "specialist contractor' working out of a small corner property 'tucked just below Tower Bridge with a view onto the river". It isn't much but it fit his needs and that of the couple people who work for him.

Drummond ('Drum' is his preferred way of being addressed) has been a 'tech' guy for quite a while by the time we encounter him. This includes a few years serving in the British Army holding the rank of Captain in that organization's Signal's Intelligence. His service jacket shows he has definitely seen some action including two tours of duty in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. That was all a decade before our meeting, and though he "had worked hard to lose some of the rough edges that armed service had ground into him", "the Military had a way of leaving an indelible mark".

While Drummond's experience could have lead him into all manners of intelligence gathering, especially SIGINT, he had allowed his interests to evolve into the newer field of cyber warfare. In that discipline he is considered very proficient and quite in demand and he enjoys "a security clearance that's off the chart".

He is joined in his work by Alice Pritchard - "if that was ever her actual name" - shortly after our introduction. Pritchard works as his office manager and keeps his appointments straight and helps in a wide assortment of ways. This woman who is in her 60's has a fair amount of mystery surrounding her background with Drummond certain "that she had spent a considerable amount of time working for British Intelligence". "Alice's history and contacts in the security service had been invaluable to him over the past year."

Drummond is likely in his late 30's and is considered good looking by most of the women he encounters. He keeps himself in impressive condition which is very useful to him in his professional life because Drummond has found that being able to break through firewalls and server encryptions and discover hidden intel on all manner of computers from laptops to mainframes tends to upset those trying to keep the data hidden - and they are not at all reluctant to show their displeasure.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2024

1 The Omega Sanction The Omega Sanction
Written by Tomas Black
Copyright: 2019

When six tons of gold from a high security London bank vault goes missing, Alex Fern from the NCA calls upon Ben Drummond for help figuring out how the thieves got in and got the gold out. Trying to learn that, they will find out there are some high up who will do anything to keep them from succeeding.
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2 The Tau Directive The Tau Directive
Written by Tomas Black
Copyright: 2021

A very good computer hacker has broken into a top secret Chinese facility and making off with a huge amount of data. The breach is tracked to a tech company in Cambridge, England. What method did the hacker use to break through the firewalls? Both American and Russian Intelligence want that method. The Chinese want payback. Ben Drummond of GCHQ is sent to learn the truth for the UK.
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3 The Rho Redemption The Rho Redemption
Written by Tomas Black
Copyright: 2022

Ben Drummond learns from his friend Harry that the Mexican cartels have reactivated its global money laundering scheme called Omega and they are out to get payback for what happened to it the first time. This involves putting a hit out on both of them. To stay alive, they have to join up and take Omega down again.
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4 The Alpha Affair The Alpha Affair
Written by Tomas Black
Copyright: 2024

Ben Drummond and Alex Fern are pulled into a very complicated matter which will involve a dying female French operative asking for Drummond's help, a Russian currently living in the UK has a missing daughter and he is told to ask help from Drummond, and the PM learns that a top-secret nuclear installation has been breached and he needs the help of Fern. Somehow there is a connection.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2020

1 Drumbeat Drumbeat
Written by Tomas Black
Copyright: 2020

A prequel adventure of Captain Ben Drummond taking place ten years ago. The mountains in the Helmand Province is the site of a new communications array suspected of being the cause for a number of drones lost in the area. The SAS is going in to investigate and they need a mission specialist to go with them to analyze the array up close. Ben Drummond is that specialist.


I love spy series in which a main character is a computer geek. That makes it easier to identify with the man or woman - at least until people start shooting at them or throwing a hood over their heads before tossing them into a van, I am not so anxious for that to happen to me.

So I was looking forward to these tales and was not at all disappointed with them once I started. I liked Drummond and liked that sort of troubles he found himself in and the way he and others got themselves out of it. I look forward to more adventures from the author, Tomas Black.

I am curious if he is planning on doing anything with the four Greek letters he skipped when going from Omega to Tau and the Sigma he left behind on the way to Rho. Of course I can understand dropping two of them as having Psi and Phi is a whole different genre. My apologies, Mr. Black.


My Grade: A-


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