Full Name: Ty Haringa
Nationality: American
Organization: State Department
Occupation Agent

Creator: C. C. Blake
Time Span: 2012 - 2012


Tyler 'Ty' Haringa is an agent with the U.S. State Department.

That is the likely employer but we are not told definitively that he is an employee, only that he and his partner had been sent by that government bureau. When we meet him again a bit later, he is on a small Mediterranean island working with a woman from the "Intelligence Department" so our guess about the employer is just that.

As we encounter him in the first recorded adventure, he is being introduced to a beautiful young woman who also happens to be a Princess and Haringa is able to land his foot solidly in his mouth in his opening words to her; he calls her 'Honey' right off the bat, winks at her leeringly, and then brags how "the State Department wouldn't send any but the best". Since his presence there was to provide the "best" in security and within two minutes of that chauvanistic introduction, his partner stumbles into the room dying of gunshots and the Princess is whisked away by kidnappers, his attitude seems a bit out of place. Certainly it is not the most auspicious way to meet a 'hero'.

Inside the next couple of pages, he meets a 19-year old waitress at a falafel shop, questions and beds her and then heads to a meet with a Russian hooker whom he questions and beds; both women are left panting with incredible satisfaction from the encounter. It is interesting to note that when Haringa winds up in the hospital not long after this, it is from gun shot wounds, not exhaustion.

The second adventure he is not as 'forthright' as he is in the first but then again, as we come upon him in that mission, he is suffering from a head injury and having a bit of a memory problem. As his recent memory returns, so does his swagger.

We do not learn very much about the history of Haringa from the two short adventures we have of him. The injuries he suffers in both stories notwithstanding, he definitely is able to get the job done.


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2012

1 Fatal Femmes Fatal Femmes
Written by C. C. Blake
Copyright: 2012

A collection of two novellas concerning Ty Haringa. The stories are:
Operation: Brunette
I Can't Remember!
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Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2012

1 Operation: Brunette Operation: Brunette
short story
Written by C. C. Blake
Copyright: 2012

The State Department hires Ty Haringa, his partner and others to provide protection for a visiting Princess but with two different groups out after her and both willing to shoot to kill, that will prove to be a challenge.
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2 I Can't Remember I Can't Remember
short story
Written by C. C. Blake
Copyright: 2012

Ty Haringa "has to tackle a mysterious field agent, a deadly terror cell and temporary amnesia".


I do not have much to say about this very short series comprised of two very short stories because there really is not much to say. Haringa (also spelled Harringa in the second tale) does not come across too favorably - and this is from a reader who is not much a PC-sort of guy.

The brief incident in the falafel shop was, well, odd. She is at work and he is a random customer and yet within a few minutes, she takes him in the back of the shop to get it on atop boxes of supplies. Why? Was he irresistibly handsome? Did he suddenly acquire sparkling repartee? It made no sense.

But it is indicative of this series.


My Grade: C+


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