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Full Name: Kyle & Jenny
Nationality: American
Organization: Montgomery Junior Spy School
Occupation Agent

Creator: Amma Lee
Time Span: 2015 - 2016


Kyle and Jenny are secret training.

That training takes place ad the Montgomery Junior Spy School, "one of the most prestigious spy schools in the country". Of course, I have no idea how many spy school are actually in the country so I do not have a number on how many are considered prestigious but taking the word of the author, Montgomery is one of them.

It is interesting that we only have the first names for either of these kids, or any of the other students they will join in training. Perhaps this is for security purposes, especially for the unnamed parents. Or maybe it is just because it really is not necessary to know what they are.

We meet both these twelve-year-old youngsters as they head to that facility on their first day, both excited about the chance to become true operatives. They have known each other virtually their whole lives, living next door to each other and always attending the same school. Jenny would readily admit to Kyle being her best friend. Kyle would agree if pressed.

While it is not possible to say which of them were more excited inside, Kyle is most definitely the more vocal of the two and the one more certain he was about to "pass spy school with flying colors"; he felt he was certain to because both his parents were spies for many years and had been training him his whole life, he felt. Not unexpectedly, brash and somewhat cocky Kyle is about to get a rude awakening.

Joining the two in their training, among the many others in this year's class, is another kid who hits it off well with them from the beginning, Paul. Together the three help each other because better than they thought they could be; good enough to actually become the spies they wanted to be.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2016

1 A Troubling First Day A Troubling First Day
Written by Amma Lee
Copyright: 2015

"Today is Kyle’s and Jenny’s first day at Montgomery Junior Spy School and they are ecstatic that they were accepted into this prestigious school. Kyle has been training all of his life to become a spy and he absolutely knew that he’d be the best in the class. However, Kyle learns the hard way that he wasn’t as great as he thought he was and was even bested by Jenny in class who had nowhere as much training as he did. However, when Kyle met Paul, he believed that along with Jenny, they’d help Kyle learn the true ways of how to be a real and successful spy."
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2 Rival School's Challenge Rival School's Challenge
Written by Amma Lee
Copyright: 2015

"When Kyle's, Jenny's, and Paul's school is challenged by an all-girls school and Kyle was made leader of his group, he knew he had to work hard to live up to their expectations, but sometimes Kyle's need to be the best gets the best of him and he begins to make mistakes. In "Rival School's Challenge," several new characters are introduced, skills are perfected, and lives are changed as the students' of Montgomery Junior Spy School takes on this new challenge."
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3 Competing For The Promotion Competing For The Promotion
Written by Amma Lee
Copyright: 2016

"When it was announced that their class would be competing with each other to change George back and the prize was a promotion, Kyle knew then that he’d help his team get the promotion. Big Larry, however, wasn’t trying to let that happened and tried to intimidate and sabotage Kyle’s plans. Will Big Larry best Kyle and his group, or will Kyle fight for what he truly believed belonged to them?"
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This series is designed for young readers, aged 9-12 years old, and is meant to entertain them, not really teach them the ins-and-outs and joys-and-heartaches of the spy business, or spy business reading in this case. Which is good because I for one want them to enjoy the subgenre so they will, as they grow, pick up series meant for older kids and then older teens and then adults. Keep the genre going for old guys like me!

This series does that pretty well. So well, in fact, that this old guy kinda enjoyed the adventures of Kyle and Jenny and Paul. If I still had 9-12 year old peoples in the house to hand books to for reading, I would hand them these.


My Grade: B


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