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Full Name: Nathan Monsarrat
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Michael A. Richards
Time Span: 2017 - 2020


Nathan Monsarrat is an agent with the CIA.

To ask him, he is an ex-agent and happy to be gone from the Agency but to ask them, he very much still is associated with them and at their call whenever they need him. Granted, they might need more than a little bit of persuasion when the call comes but they make sure that it is enough to get him to do what they need.

When we first meet Monsarrat, he is just being released after being held captive by Fighters Against Terror in Africa (FATA), a rebel group in the delta region of Niger River. FATA had been holding him for the past several months and that period had not passed well for the man, shown by him having lost sixty pounds and "now skeletal with dysentery, enervated by malaria, and beset by a gallimaufry of lesser jungle diseases". All of that sounds bad with some even worse.

Prior to his capture by FATA Monsarrat had been in impressive shape: "An inch over six feet, he possessed a thick mop of unruly, brown hair and weighed five pounds below two hundred. His unblemished skin shone with health, and his crisp, brown eyes flashed with energy. The muscles of his chest and arms were firm. His six pack rippled. He carried himself as if he were still a three-letter athlete at the university in his native Iowa, football in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring". Those college days had been fifteen years earlier, before he "exchanged his undergraduate innocence for the arrogance of the CIA".

His horrific experience with FATA cemented his growing desire to leave the Agency and he accomplished that, with some help, and just past his 40th birthday, we meet up with Monsarrat as he works as the Dean of Undergraduate Studies at Greylock College in western Massachusetts. His Agency days were behind him and his new simpler life was all he really wanted; at least as far as he was concerned. Unfortunately, many of those at Langley would find new things for him to do and new ways to force him to do them.

Good Lines:
- Regarding his joining the Agency, Monsarrat recalls how "fifteen years earlier, he exchanged his undergraduate innocence for the arrogance of the Central Intelligence Agency".


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2020

1 Choice Of Enemies Choice Of Enemies
Written by Michael A. Richards
Copyright: 2017

The delta region of the Niger has the potential for tremendous amounts of oil to be produced and a consortium of American oil companies, working closely with the CIA, want to control the government to control the flow. Nathan Monsarrat is extorted out of retirement to head there to help set up a coup or see the death of a woman who once saved his life.
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2 A Thousand Enemies A Thousand Enemies
Written by Michael A. Richards
Copyright: 2018

Nathan Monsarrat is again pressured by the Agency to work for them; this time to head to Moscow to eliminate a visiting future Secretary of State. He decides to not go through with it but then a bullet from a Mossad assassin does the job anyways. This results in Monsarrat being charged with the crime and from then on things get worse, including an order by Mossad to kill the CIA Director!
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3 A Certain Enemy A Certain Enemy
Written by Michael A. Richards
Copyright: 2020

Nathan Monsarrat again falls into a mess of trouble, this time simply by opening a letter from an old friend who is now working at the White House. Before long, Monsarrat will be charged with a major crime, hunted by several people who each want him dead, and perhaps even needing to bring down the current sitting President.
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From the time we first meet the main character, Nathan Monsarrat, we (i.e., I) really wished the nasty old government people would leave the poor fellow alone. I mean, he really has earned that the very, very hard way. Unfortunately for this fictional character (and my sometimes bleeding heart) but luckily for readers of highly enjoyable spy fiction (okay, that's me, too), the CIA knows a good asset when they see one.

As a result we get several exciting adventures to follow and maybe in the future some more. This fellow knows how to write.


My Grade: B+


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