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Full Name: Casey Ryback
Nationality: American
Organization: U.S. Navy
Occupation Other - Cook

Creator: J. F. Lawton
Time Span: 1992 - 1996


Casey Ryback is a cook.

That is the absolute truth and to most people's mind, that is all he is, except for being quite open about his thoughts and his attitudes towards people, especially dirtbags and most especially towards superior officers in the U.S. Navy that happen to be dirtbags. Ryback is serving as a cook aboard the USS Missouri (BB-63) when we first meet him, preparing to say farewell to both the ship as it begins it decommissioning process and to his captain with whom he has a storied history and considerable rapport.

Of course, we know without being told going into that first of two recorded adventures that there is considerably more to Ryback than just being a Chief Petty Officer in the galley of a warship.

Ryback had been a Navy SEAL, a decorated leader of SEAL Team Four for many years. He was ousted from that highly respected organization after an altercation with his commanding officer after a poor decision by that man, based on inaccurate and highly doubtful intel, botched a mission in Panama during the invasion of that nation to take down General Noriega; said mistake leading to the deaths of several of Ryback's men. No matter the provocation, striking a senior officer is forbidden and Ryback was lucky to be allowed to remain unincarcerated and in the Navy, albeit with a new rating of Cook.

We will learn as that initial adventure ends that the black mark on his record will be expunged and he will be either promoted to or returned to the rank of Lieutenant in the SEALs, able to wear that uniform complete with the impressive array of medals including the Navy Cross, Silver Star, and the Purple Heart with clusters.

It is as a cook, a major passion of Ryback's, that we first meet him and it is as a cook that in our second encounter with the man, he has left the Navy and gotten a job as such in a cafe in Denver. It is as a former SEAL still very capable of taking the fight to the enemy on their turf and still walking away the victor.


Number of Movies:2
First Appearance:1992
Last Appearance:1996

1 Under Siege Under Siege
Director: Andrew Davis
Writer: J. F. Lawton
Actors: Steven Seagal as Casey Ryback, Tommy Lee Jones as William Strannix, Gary Busey as Cdr. Krill, Patrick O'Neal as Captain Adams, Erika Eleniak as Jordan Tate, Glenn Morshower as Ensign Taylor
Released: 1992

Casey Ryback is serving as a culinary specialist (i.e., cook), ranked Chief Petty Officer, on a US Naval battleship set to be decommissioned. A team of highly trained terrorists/mercenaries lead by a former CIA agent attacks the ship to take possession of the missiles onboard.

2 Under Siege 2: Dark Territory Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
Director: Geoff Murphy
Writers: Richard Hatem, Matt Reeves
Actors: Steven Seagal as Casey Ryback, Eric Bogosian as Travis Dane, Everett McGill as Marcus Penn, Katherine Heigl as Sarah Ryback, Morris Chestnut as Bobby Zachs
Released: 1996

Casey Ryback is on a train in Colorado with his niece when terrorists attack the train to use it as a platform to take control of a top secret laser weapon on an orbiting satellite.


Back in the early 90's action star Steven Seagal was a hoot to watch in his relatively short string of men's adventure movies. His output would continue with a good number of direct-to-video movies (a couple of which I enjoyed) but his star power for the big screen went away when the decade came towards its end.

But though his list of terrific tales might not have been extensive, it still contained two adventures that I have watched many, many times and would gladly watch again and again; namely the two Under Siege movies with him as the awesomely kick-ass Casey Ryback!

And the fact that the second one also had a very young but obviously promising Katherine Heigl (for whom I continue to have considerable devotion), well, so much the more reason to watch it for the umpteenth time.


My Grade: B


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