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Full Name: Clemency White
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: K. T. Cavan
Time Span: 2022 - 2022


Clemency White is an agent for MI6.

The period of time for her adventures is the mid-60s, a time when the attitude by most men in the intelligence communities was that women were not really meant out in the field, all evidence from World War II apparently notwithstanding. 

Thanks to a briefing provided by White for a review of her activities [], White was born in Dorset in 1945, growing up in the country. One of the interesting things she learned in those early years was how to go into the woods and "move without making a sound", something "I never dreamt I'd be using those skills for Queen and Country". In 1962 at age 17, she moved to London where "a friend got me an interview with the Foreign Office, training as a cypher clerk. Six months late I was at the British Embassy in Berne. That's where I met Peter". The Peter named was Peter Aspinal, an agent for MI6 and the man who would need a cover, pick her apparently at random, and changed her life and career forever.

We meet her for the first time when she was a new guy at the Embassy in Switzerland, being the one who routinely pulled the late shifts and the weekend duty and all the lousy tasks that more senior people took delight in shuffing onto the juniors. She was so tasked with the dashing Major Peter Aspinall popped his head into the office she worked with her immediate supervisor and another worker; said Second Secretary for Cultural Affairs - aka MI6 resident agent - needed a bit of help in a cover and going out as a couple was less conspicuous that being alone and would Miss White be interested in getting out of the stuffy office for some fresh air.

She would, of course, and that is how this now 18-year old beauty with an impressive talent for languages found herself side-by-side with a genuine intelligence operative. It is also how, as that simple 'assignment' became more complicated and more of a mission, she got deeper involved in the cloak and dagger world. It is also how, when some things go very wrong, she finds she has to appeal to Aspinall's help and they respond with an offer for full-time employment.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2022
Last Appearance:2022

1 What About The Girl? What About The Girl?
Written by K. T. Cavan
Copyright: 2022

"Berne 1962. When Clemency is asked to help Peter Aspinal pick up some film from one of his agents, she jumps at the chance. It’s a welcome change from her routine desk job at the British Embassy. Peter himself is the kind of charming, cultured and slightly dangerous man a girl could fall for. But then the romance turns to terror as the KGB move in. Cut off from help in the Alps, Clemency finds she has hidden skills and courage. But will it be enough to save her and Peter from elimination by their ruthless opponents?"
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2 The Girl Knows Nothing The Girl Knows Nothing
Written by K. T. Cavan
Copyright: 2022

"Clemency flies to Argentina to help handsome and ruthless secret agent Hal Linklater track down three fugitive Nazis. But as their quest takes them from the tango bars of Buenos Aires to the wind-swept plains of Patagonia, Hal keeps Clemency in ignorance of the real reason why these three men matter so much. He says the less she knows, the safer she is. But as the hunters become the hunted, would knowing the truth help save her life? Or plunge her into greater danger?
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3 Come Spy With Me Come Spy With Me
Written by K. T. Cavan
Copyright: 2022

"The Emir of oil-rich Al-Kamat is in danger. His three sons are each conspiring to succeed him, and the Soviets are stirring up rebellion. Someone is plotting to hijack his plane, so Clemency goes undercover as a stewardess. But as they fly at 10,000 feet over the sandy wastes of the Empty Quarter, Clemency realises one of the crew is a traitor, and her life, and that of forty passengers, is at stake."
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I really enjoyed the way that the author transitioned Clemency White from cypher clerk having a blast living in a foreign country, especially a friendly one like Switzerland to being an operative for MI6.

Plausible? Well, kinda yes and kinda no and totally unimportant. It was very entertaining and the series stays that way. You have to root for Clemency, especially when things start to go wrong because you like her so much you just want things to stop messing up. Of course, if it did, the books would not be as enjoyable as they are.


My Grade: B+


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