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Full Name: Atticus Wolfe
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Dave Sinclair
Time Span: 2022 - 2022


Atticus Wolfe is an agent with MI6.

That is the MI6 of today, it is important to say. An MI6 where having agents of color is not a rarity. He is also, eventually, going to be an agent of this other MI6 but it will take some convincing. The other MI6 you ask? Well it is the one that existed in 1963 which is, by my math, technically the same organization but sixty years younger than the one that Wolfe is an agent with.

In the one he is familiar with, he is one of their top operatives though there are many who would like to stay mum about it (apparently there is not much use in arguing against it because he really is that good). He is also known to be a lone wolf who more often than not will go it alone so he could do things his own way. That will be sort of a good thing when he confronts a strange type of terrorist at the very beginning of the first recorded adventure and the man sets the device off and Wolfe awakens in a hospital with considerable injuries and eventually an astonishing realization.

The nurse treating him is dressed as Wolfe thinks is cosplay with her "bouffant hair, crisp white uniform, equally pallid shoes and a nurse's cap, like something out of The Flying Nun". The doctor finishing his examination is joyously puffing on a cigarette and pooh-poohing the "recent" report outline the dangers of nicotine. The only phone available for his use is the pay phone down the hall. And the newspaper there to read is one that went out of business a couple decades before Wolfe was born; the headline of which Assassinated! Kennedy shot dead in car!", date November 23, 1963.

The bomb that exploded around the terrorist and Wolfe did not blow them up so much as blew them back - back to the 60s where the terrorist feels was the best time in which to begin his scheme of changing how "the French and the English" would "make a mess out of the Middle East" through their meddling.

How it works is not something Wolfe would really have a chance of understanding but it did work and now Wolfe is back in that period, armed with a mission to somehow keep the terrorist from changing the future - Wolfe's past.

Wolfe is a black man now forced to operate in an England where people of color were only just beginning to be heard and seen. He is an employee of a government agency which was known to exist by just about everyone but which had not yet admitted its own existence. And he has to deal with the fact that as a man from 2024, he is very much a fish out of water, or in his case, a man of a different time.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2022
Last Appearance:2022

1 Out Of Time Out Of Time
Written by Dave Sinclair
Copyright: 2022

The date is November, 1963. Atticus Wolfe is having trouble coping in the era because he is from the 21st century. As he tries to track down the terrorist who was responsible for his going back in time, he is working with MI6 to bring down a Soviet agent active in England.
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2 It Takes A Spy It Takes A Spy
Written by Dave Sinclair
Copyright: 2022

The date is May, 1964. "Atticus Wolfe is on the trail of a Soviet spy set on a path to divert the course of history. He knows how history will play out and will do anything to ensure the USSR is victorious.
That’s not all Atticus is battling. He must confront the terrorist who sent him back sixty years, and he’s not quite the man Atticus remembers."
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3 The Coldest War The Coldest War
Written by Dave Sinclair
Copyright: 2022

The date is October, 1964. "While the Soviet Union and the USA prepare for an unthinkable war, Atticus must face the man responsible for swerving history from its path into all-out annihilation.
And that's not all he has to deal with. How do you fight a war when you can't even trust yourself? With every corrective action pushing the world closer to the brink, Atticus must work with friends and enemies alike to stave off Armageddon."
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I would like to think that the author had a really good time writing these stories because I had a really, really good time reading them and that would seem only fair.

The idea of a black man being thrown back in time to the early 60s a fascinating one as the poor chap would be so very much an anachronism in reverse. Watching him have to deal with the mores and prejudices of the time is a lot of fun, just as following him as he learns to deal with a world without the Web or cell phones or, well, lots and lots of things we take for granted.

Better him than me!! 


My Grade: B+


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