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Full Name: Carson Jeffers
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other

Creator: Gary Cochran
Time Span: 2020 - 2020


Carson Jeffers is a CEO of Man-Tech, Inc.

That is described as a privately owned multi-national company that "was openly regarded in business circles as the 'solution source' for import-export questions. Once a problem was identified, ManTech went to work quantifying a rational approach for turning a business problem into an economic opportunity." To say that Jeffers was the man in charge in an understatement for in addition to being the Chief Executive, he was also the Chairman of the Board and the sole shareholder. Since the company was so successful, that made Jeffers a very wealthy and influential man.

None of which helps Jeffers, a sandy-haired 48 years old man, handle the unpleasant situation he is dealing with when we first meet him - a growing distance between he and his teenage son, Kelly, caused because neither the son nor the father "understood how to broach the topic of the death of a caring mother or a loving wife", said lady having passed three years prior. The two are returning from a skiing vacation meant to help breach the gap but sadly failing to do much.

While Jeffers is given sole title credit on this entry, Nicole Lewis had come very close to sharing that position for she plays a major role in both the adventures. Lewis is a very popular and attractive flight attendant for Omega Airlines, recently divorced from a short union that could not survive her frequent absences caused by her vocation. She had known that saving her marriage meant giving up her job but she loved her work and "after twelve years she didn't want to start all over again, especially at age thirty-four."

Jeffers and Lewis are thrown together, literally, when a terrorist on the ground near the airport fired a hand-held rocket at the plane holding over 200 people including the Jeffers' pair and Lewis just as the plane left the runway. There would be only a couple dozen survivors from the horrendous crash that followed. Carson Jeffers and Nichole Lewis were two of those. Young Kelly would not be.

That act of horror would change the direction of both Jeffers and Lewis forever as both would become involved in the hunt for those responsible, a South American ultra-leftist fringe group out to destroy the capitalist governments of the world and who best to target but its northern hated neighbor, the United States.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2020

1 Lethal Skies Lethal Skies
Written by Gary Cochran
Copyright: 2020

"A terrifying act of madness and stark terror awaits Carson Jefferson and his sixteen-year old son as they depart on a clear April night from Salt Lake International Airport. Minutes after take-off, the life of one of America’s most respected businessmen is changed forever, and the future of the United States hangs in the balance. Beginning with the crash of an Omega Airlines Boeing 767-300, Carson Jeffers is forced into a relentless race against time with the savage, but powerful terrorist, Esteban Moreno. Together with Nichole Lewis, an Omega Airlines flight attendant, Carson faces impossible odds as they struggle to stay alive. Left with no other choice, they are forced to unravel a plot so sinister it rips apart their very existence."
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2 Lethal Conflict Lethal Conflict
Written by Gary Cochran
Copyright: 2020

"Carson Jeffers and Nichole Lewis have been thrown into a battle for the survival of their lives. After surviving a deadly missile attack over Salt Lake and witnessing a devastating terrorist strike in Los Angeles, they are facing an additional lethal conflict. Deadly adversaries within the government of the United States are marching to destroy what’s left of Carson’s life. As Carson experiences the unimaginable terror rising from the depths of South America and the Middle East and falls desperately from the skies over western Montana, nothing prepares him for the dimensions of global intrigue, unequalled terror, and frightening conflict as America is held hostage by La Libertad Occidental."
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An important fact to remember when reading the as yet two adventures of Carson Jeffers and Nichole Lewis is that neither was seeking anything like the troubles they get thrown at them. They are both quite willing to stay in their set lanes and not have to deal with terrorists and enemies of the US government. They just do not get the chance to bow out.

These tales are well-crafted stories that were interesting and fun to read. For me Jeffers might have been the main character but it was Nichole Lewis who stole the show. If I were ever in such horrific situations as these two, it is she I want by my side. Okay, Jeffers would be needed, too, but make sure Lewis is there!


My Grade: B+


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