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Full Name: Guy Bowman
Nationality: British
Organization: The Bureau
Occupation Agent

Creator: J. S. Maine
Time Span: 2021 - 2022


Guy Bowman is a part-time agent with the Bureau.

When we meet him, the second time, he is a truck driver stopped at a Liverpool truck stop for a rest. It will be a short time thereafter before an old friend and former commander will ask him to give up his time behind the wheel for something a whole lot more dangerous; stepping back into the type of work he did for too many years before he had had enough.

I mention 'second time' because our initial view of him is a captured soldier being tortured for who knows how long by an unnamed enemy, his unforgiving abuser being a very nasty woman named Eva. That all was a flashback to 16 years before the main events but will give an idea of the danger and the troubles Bowman faced in his previous career.

In that earlier life, which the 35-ish-year-old Bowman had left three years before, he had worked mostly for a fellow named Captain Scott. This man, who refers to his small organization inside the British intelligence community as the Bureau (no relation to the American FBI), has an interesting take on the clandestine world he works in: "Intelligence security, at least as it's practiced by our existing agencies, is a busted flush. When I commission operations nowadays I use a modus-operandi outside anything MI6 or the CIA would likely sanction. Theirs is a blown world, fatally compromised. When everyone uses the same methods, the same protocols, the same people, it becomes wise to do something else. Play a longer game, as it were." He further adds this chilling aspect to the enemies he fights, "I'm running an operation that confronts an evil so malign it undermines what you and I consider the civilized world".

Bowman had worked in the shadowy black-ops world for well over a decade and had tired of the constantly fighting and killing and had said goodbye to it to find the much simpler and calmer work of cross-country trucking. He knew his days behind a big-rig wheel was over when Scott came calling.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2022

1 Hades Gate Hades Gate
Written by J. S. Maine
Copyright: 2021

"Bowman’s former commander – now head of a covert MI6 unit – taps him for a last-ditch, one-man rescue operation. High profile women are being wrenched from the streets of London and New York as if vanishing into air. Any agents sent to investigate turn up dead or missing. Bowman flat-out refuses the mission. Until . . . he learns the abducted women are slated for live-streamed torture and execution in a few days time: a grotesque ‘fundraiser’ for a sinister cadre known as Hades Gate."
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2 Skin In The Game Skin In The Game
Written by J. S. Maine
Copyright: 2022

"Returning home [from the HadesGate mission], Bowman’s hopes of living peacefully are explosively ripped apart. To save those he loves he’s forced to steal a deadly, ever-evolving AI entity and hand it over to enemies of the West. But Guy Bowman has different plans. Believing he’s been burned by British intelligence and working under constant threat, Bowman discovers once again that no one in the world of espionage is ever who––or what––they seem to be."
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I am not sure (my memory fails me) but I do not think I have entered into the compendium a series where the protagonist is a truck driver. I have a major soft spot in my heart because when I was a teenager, my parents owned and ran a moving company in South Dakota and I spent a good amount of time traveling around the Mid-West (I was the assistant - I did not do any of the driving).

That is as close as I get to being like Guy Bowman. This is especially true when he is asked to take time off to fight some really nasty guys. Me, I mostly unloaded household goods and ate in truck-stop diners (still have a special fondness for those). Good food and no one shooting at me.

Unlike Bowman where lots of people try to kill him.


My Grade: B+


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