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Full Name: Zeke the Sneak
Nationality: American
Organization: F.I.N.K.
Occupation Agent

Creator: Bill Kresse
Time Span: 1966 - 1966


Zeke the Sneak is an agent with F.I.N.K.

That acronym stands for the Fiendish Intelligence Network of Kids. It is not really much of an organization; even Zeke as its founder and first member is honest enough (which for Zeke is out of the ordinary) to tell us it was a "gang of teen spies" which he started while in high school. From the little information we have of it, though, it is likely comprised of just five members, each one a winner when it comes to being a loser.

By the appellation given above for Zeke, i.e., 'the Sneak', you can gather that we do not have a last name for this fellow. I am sure he has one but it is never told us. Well, at one time a client for Zeke's services does attract his attention with, "Hey, Ratfink!" but is it likely that is more of an observation than an actual surname.

Our first encounter with him, and we are pleased to report there are not many of those, he is monitoring a bug he put outside a young lady's window to eavesdrop on an upcoming date, all to sell that schedule to her rival for $1. Obviously Zeke in the beginning was a cheap sneak, though whether that is at all a virtue is debatable. He will advance enough in his vocation to be hated by everyone in the city he lived in but still was in demand for his services. That is when he is noticed by an actual spy organization other than one of his own creation and given a chance to attend a spy school.

We are shown a brief time in Zeke's life when the love of a wonderful woman almost took Zeke from his chosen path, ready to "renounce [his] dirty spy business forever". His conscience, in a strange twist, got the worse of him and reminded him that "once a ratfink, always a ratfink" so bye-bye to the love of his life and his sneaky spying days were back.


Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:1966
Last Appearance:1966

1 I Was A Teen-Age Spy I Was A Teen-Age Spy
Published by Archie Comics
Contributors: Bill Kresse (writer and artist)
Copyright: 1966

Printed in Archie's Madhouse #47 (June 1966) with 5 color pages.
Zeke remembers being a teenage spy that would steal others secrets and made still others pay for them.
Would love make him change his ways. The answer to this can be read!
Click here to read the story.

2 Spy Guy School Spy Guy School
Published by Archie Comics
Contributors: Bill Kresse (writer and artist)
Copyright: 1966

Printed in Archie's Madhouse #48 (August 1966) with 5 color pages.
Zeke the Sneak gets the chance to go to a school for spy guys and is given a scholarship to do so. Will he become a pro spy?
Click here to read the story.


I have in the past asked for forgiveness for a crazy new entry into this compendium. Whether those who follow these entries ever gave it is unknown. In the case of this entry, however, I do not bother to ask as I know it is deservedly not going to be granted. This is a silly, outrageous entry.

But it does point yet again to the immense popularity of spy stories in the mid-60s. Bond was hot. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. was hot. The Wild Wild West was hot. Get Smart was hot. Debonair police detective Amos Burke switched from being a cop to being a spy. Even Archie Andrews, whose magazines this two-adventure series showed up in, had a brief foray into the cloak and dagger world.

In 1966, when this came out, being a spy was hip, even for someone as despicable as Zeke the Sneak.


My Grade: C-


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